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May 16, 2012 presents:

Eric Sprott had just finished his keynote address at the Hard Assets investment conference in NYC when he took a few minutes from his busy schedule to speak with FSN. While being rational about the recent decline, he was no happier about it than anyone else. Eric understands these markets better than almost, and he's built his fortune and reputation on the sector. Through his ETF's, his various investment and financing vehicles, he's a dominant figure in the industry. Eric says he has no intentions of selling. He made some very poignant points about numerous countries facing their Minsky Moments, the time when the government concludes it can no longer service its debt, let alone pay it off. The number of countries arriving at this crucial event is rising dramatically. So all any of us can do is simply wait and see. If you're confident in your decisions and understand the system is in a full-scale existential crisis, there's really nothing else you can do. 

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