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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Sep 22, 2022

Craig Hemke comes on the show to give a comprehensive update on precious metals—which have been sinking. Craig says that it’s remarkable that they’re not even more down based on interest rates, the stock market, and the Fed’s recent decisions. There seems to be a sense of complacency with the Fed, but it’s time to acknowledge that they can’t fix everything, and many of their recent moves have worsened the problems we’re currently facing. Listen in for more insight from myself and Craig.

-Precious metals have been sinking
-Gold and silver are down, but it’s remarkable that they’re not down more in consideration of interest rates, the stock market, and the Fed’s moves
-Silver is closer to/has already seen its lows
-Craig is more worried about gold, running its stops
-The Fed needs to make a choice between letting the dollar go to nothing, or killing the economy/stock market
-People are viewing the Fed as an omnipotent force with full control over currency
-There is complacency across the markets, but this is not a sustainable way of thinking

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