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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Aug 19, 2021

Today, Mish walks us through some of the effects of the lockdowns and the variant on the economy. We talk about stimulus checks, and some of the negative impacts on businesses and the economy in turn—everything is down in the real economy at the moment. Mish also highlights the significance of inflation: the disruption in the supply chain is real and it’s affecting everything. We talk about some of the indicators of these phenomena, and other interesting insights that allow us to better understand the current obstacles in the market.

-Mish talks to us about what is happening with DOW and Nasdaq, and how the fed will do whatever it takes to ensure that the economy will not falter—which translates to buying stocks.
-Is the Delta variant going to bring down the stock market and economy?
-There could be more pressure in terms of proving that you’re vaccinated
-The market is dismissing the Delta variant because it is concerned with the fed
-In the real economy, everything is down, but the stimulus should bring it up
-With the iminent end of stimmies, will we see a rebound in hiring?
-Investing is something that people have become involved in during COVID in light of receiving stimulus
-September and October are dangerous months for the stock market
-Big banks want employees back; tech companies are okay with remote working
-People are still hiring with many incentives, and the labor shortage is still very much as play—especially in hospitality
-Inflation is still at play as well—the disruption in the supply chain is real and it’s affecting everything
-Mish uses sugar as a barometer for inflation—it is a lead indicator
-Inflation is something that people should not forget about, and the impact on the market could be more significant than anything
-Mish says Bitcoin and Ethereum are the grandma and grandpa of crypto, but that the whole space is going to continue to be exciting
-We have had seven crashes in Bitcoin, and we don’t know if this one is over or not

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