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Sep 24, 2021

High returns on investments are being seen with mobile home parks, and today Charlotte Dunford comes on the show to talk about this sector of real estate. Her area of focus is Johns Creek, and their niche is small to medium mobile home parks—which are often overlooked but do extremely well. This is a great area to invest in due to the fact that there is always going to be a need for affordable housing, and the demand is ever-growing.

-How do you get a higher return on your investment? This can come from investing in mobile home parks
-John's Creek Capital is an area of focus
-They are actively sourcing deals and investing in this market
-Their niche is small to medium mobile home parks, which they get at incredible cap rates—this niche is often overlooked
-Focused on the midwest and southeast
-There is a lot of room to grow
-Once the mom and pop mobile home parks are consolidated, there is not much money left
-There is always going to be a need for affordable housing
-The supply of mobile home parks is fixed, which means the demand is ever-growing
-They grew through the pandemic—there has been a halt on evictions
-Government agencies have been issuing a lot of rental assistance to tenants
-The mobile home park industry is somewhat protected
-They don’t own the homes; they own the parking lot
-The screening process for tenants is very rigorous
-The mobile home part tenant is like a stakeholder in your business

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