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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Aug 6, 2021


In today’s episode I speak with Crypto Professional Shahar Abrams about the basic fundamentals of cryptocurrency, its future, and why you should educate yourself on this increasingly prevalent industry. Shahar entered the crypto sphere in 2017 and has since become an expert on the digital revolution in value that is taking place. Crypto offers an amazing opportunity for passive income that you can’t make with traditional stocks, and is essentially the backbone for what is going to become the internet of value. Tune in to hear captivating stories from Shahar about his background, the future of crypto, and his online course where you can learn the inner-workings of cryptocurrency investing.


-What people think crypto is, what it really is, and why they should educate themselves

-Perhaps losing money is the best learning experience in the industry

-why it has a future, why you should be interested and perhaps even take a course

-started out consulting for IBM (data science track), dove into blockchain in 2017

-Interested in personal finance

-Rich Dad, Poor Dad

-Creating passive income streams and buying assets that put money in your pocket

-Bought in in 2017

-Felt like he was developing an edge in crypto - quit the corporate world and wants to now focus on education. There is a big educational gap, amongst investors—especially within crypto

-there is a big range of what crypto can be worth

-actual liquid market is a lot smaller than what people think

-Long-term/medium-term investing in crypto - best trade-off between financial benefit and stress levels

-Passive income you can’t make with stocks

-If you want to trade, carve out a bit of your portfolio, start small, and increase as fit

-goal of the course: predicated on view that this is a legitimate, maturing industry that will result in massive disruption to any industry that mediates value

-crypto is the backbone of what is going to become the internet of value

-we will be able to send value by way of crypto very regularly

-wants to push people to take the long-term view

-the best investors in the world don’t invest in something they don’t understand

-great opportunity whether you are more aggressive or passive - it is worth learning about so you can better assess risk and create a strategy to reach your goals

-crypto from the technical and market perspective


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