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Aug 27, 2021

Where is money flowing from, and where is it going? Today, Jerry Robinson and I get on the podcast to address this question in regard to foreign affairs, cryptocurrency, and the precious metals. Robinson and I discuss some of our most universal pointers for building wealth, which at its core is achieved by diversifying your investments. Tune in to hear specific examples of how this sort of investing looks on a larger scale, and to learn how you can acquire more information and resources on this topic.

-Where is the money flowing from, and where is it going?
-Understanding money flow allows you to view the world from another perspective
-China’s fortunes have shifted recently. For years, they have outsmarted the US and have been underestimated by Washington
-The top media outlets spent five whole minutes talking about Afghanistan last year. This year, there is breathless reporting on Afghanistan
-The US has miscalculated China’s ambitions, as well as in other military missions around the world
-China is negotiating new deals with Afghanistan, and using their soft power to do so
-Immanuel Kant’s saying that ‘commerce prevents war’ is relevant in this circumstance
-China is using economics, while the US is using brute force and creating more enemies
-China is a producer, while the US is an expert consumer. We need to get ready to call ourselves #2 in reference to them
-Robinson’s outlook on crypto is that it is an asset class. If you’re going to be in the asset class—which you should—you should be limited in how much you expose yourself to
-Social media presents a full blown display of the ignorance around investing
-People often look at asset classes and think they are only going up; thus, they opt to go all in, which isn’t necessarily a good idea.
-Put a nickel out of every dollar into the best cryptocurrencies every two weeks
-We expect Bitcoin to reach a new high by the end of the year, because Bitcoin plays out according to a cycle—which is quite discernible
-It will probably fizzle out between Q1 and Q2 in 2022
-Gold and silver remain in long term up-trends
-New long term down trends arise for SIL and GBX
-In times of mass inflation, gold and silver are the hedges
-Gold and silver have not lost their inflationary statuses, but this year has produced a bit of an unpredictable outcome
-Follow the trends/money/in-flows, and prioritize these above mere opinion
-There used to be a connection between inflation and interest rates
-Rising prices are most likely going to accelerate over the next 50 years, so it is necessary to take action now to protect your finances. Washington is not changing their thinking, so we must change ours
-The only way to protect yourself is to have a financial plan rooted not in opinion, but in real logic and history
-Don’t go all in on one thing—the government can alter rules at any time, so it is important to diversify your investments

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