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Aug 11, 2021


In today’s episode, I speak with angel investor Jonathan Hung to discuss many of the inside tips and tricks of successful entrepreneurs. Jonathan highlights the importance not of the individual entrepreneur themselves, but of the team that ultimately must grow and evolve as the business does such. If you are interested in hearing about the development of startups, up and coming trends in tech, and the tools needed for you and your business to thrive, then tune in to today’s podcast.


-Jonathan is an angel investor and managing partner at Unicorn Venturing Partners
-From working in so many sectors, what is the biggest lesson you’ve learned? Jonathan says it’s not about one individual—it’s about the team. Jeff Bezos didn’t build Amazon by himself.
-Can you have a start-up company without a strong overarching personality that can turn your vision into a reality
-differences between public and private companies
-with private companies, who your leaders/executives are are so important
-The world is a big place with many people who like different things
-Hiring is an important skillset to have as an entrepreneur
-Leaders need to build a team; the team changes as the company grows
-Looking for business models that can scale to a larger level
-Entrepreneurs aren’t necessarily the smartest—they have grit and relentlessness
-What trends are emerging in tech? What companies are evolving to fit these trends?
-1/3 workers are looking to change jobs/transition
*Data mining
-How do you allocate valuation? It depends - services, tech, etc.
-Best way to dabble in angel investing - don’t do it by yourself. It’s also about networking and recognize that it’s okay not to be the smartest person and to seek out other expertise

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