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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Feb 11, 2015

Whatever it Takes Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:


                -today's Eurogroup emergency meeting

                -yesterday's lie of bailout extension, not happening

                -Russia to rescue?  


Euro       -Grexit will NOT be good for Euro, will destroy it

                -explosion of Syriza-like parties in PIIGS

                -all will want secession from Euro, debt writeoffs



                -Getting rid of all tariffs


Baltic Index

                -all  time low today


Oil prices

                -plunging again, after failed deadcat bounce

                -NFP report had just 1,900 energy job losses!  Need to discuss this ridiculous report



                -all goes back to 4/11/13 Obama/TBTF meeting

                                -claim employment and inflation are key goals (as well as stock market, of course)

                                -fake data, rig markets, and of course attack gold

                                -no correlation with reality, such as tomorrow's expected negative retail sales number                  


Mining Armageddon

                -KGC got ball rolling last night with catastrophic report

                -by next week, nearly all PM majors will report

                -production will collapse