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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Sep 10, 2021

The supply chain is not what it used to be—resources and labor are in high demand and we are seeing lots of negative effects as a result. Aaron Clarey comes on the podcast today to talk about some of these effects—especially within the housing industry—and what the future may look like as a result.

-The supply chain is like a plastic band about to snap
-Clarey recently built a house and purchased furniture/materials for it well in advance, acknowledging some of the issues in the supply chain
-People’s houses recently have not been getting done, which requires banks to reset interest rates (which are going up) which creates even more of a rush to get things delivered
-The American dining experience is over—we see long lines, poor service, and lower quality
-Standards of living go down as quality of work declines—you need to learn to do things yourself
-It’s a smart idea to buy things now because of the projection of inflation
-Prices of basic staples (i.e. gasoline) are up astronomically

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