Jason's YouTube channel was growing very nicely and then all of a sudden it wasn't. Subscribers were being involuntarily unsubscribed and viewer counts were being downgraded. Adding insult to injury, they decided not to pay him any longer for his monetized videos. If this was only an isolated case we could chalk it up to a technical glitch, but it's happening more and more to conservative and libertarian minded content producers. Twitter has become a virtual censorship orgy. Where will it stop? Perhaps with a Gofundme campaign and a class-action lawsuit would help. 

Direct download: Jason_Burack_07.Mar.17.mp3
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Baby-boomers are ill prepared for their impending retirement. Therefore, it is urgent that they make major life-style changes as soon as possible. Aaron's upcoming book details a major life adjustment that will enable anyone to retire in comfort and happiness if they will take the plunge. However, time is running out and the sooner one makes the changes the better of they will be. 

Direct download: Aaron_Clarey_07.Mar.17.mp3
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The financial system has become a paradise for scammers, fraudsters and banksters and no one wants to stop the party. Let the good times roll and when they stop, the government will be there to bail everyone out. The price you pay for living in a perfect world. How did we get here and how will we ever move one? Can technology save us or will it just make things inevitably worse? Danielle has her opinion and we have ours. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_07.Mar.17.mp3
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Janet Yellen signals March rate hike is possible. David Scranton is concerned about the effect upon the stock market at this point in the rally/recovery. We've been in a recovery for many years, how much longer can it continue. What if the Trump Bump runs into trouble with delays in getting his agenda through the Congress, will the market react negatively. 

David Scranton, CEO and Founder of, Sound Income Strategies. Author of New Book; "Return on Principle: 7 Core Values to Help Protect Your Money in Good Times and Bad"

Maximize your retirement and focus on income and master the “inside game” armed with a fresh perspective of 200 years of stock market history tied to the exact lifecycle of the average investor.

Direct download: David_Scranton_07.Mar.17.mp3
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Craig Hemke a/k/a Turd Ferguson of TFMetalsReport.com joined us for a look at the latest state of the precious metals market. As usual the mining stocks broke down and gold/silver followed them. This has become a boring repetitious cycle that we've been seeing for years. The paper derivatives as usual are determining the physical price. But why would you expect anything else? It will continue on until it no longer works, it's the alchemy of synthetic gold. 

Direct download: Craig_Hemke_06.Mar.17.mp3
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Mark's co-host Scott Todd had a great job at a Fortune 300 company. Great pay, benefits and future. However, he saw the handwriting on the wall. He knew that his job was soon going to be outsourced to India. He met Mark and started buying land. When that fateful day finally arrived, he had replaced most of his income and was happy to take the golden handshake. Now he works a couple of hours per day from wherever he may be and he's never happier and he's never looked back. Sound impossible. Many of Mark's students have done the same and so can you.

Special Offer: Go to TheLandGeek.com/free-training/. Mention FSN to get $100 off your order.

Direct download: Mark_Podolsky_06.Mar.17.mp3
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March 15 is the Ides of March and the day the Debt Ceiling hits its limit. What will President Trump do? What will Congress do? What will investors do? What will you do? What should you do? Trump is a wild card, no pun intended. Precious metals seem to be under selling pressure presently but that could change very quickly as it has in the past. Don't second guess the market, it will show us the way. Keep your emotions out and keep your head. 

Direct download: David_Morgan_06.Mar.17.mp3
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Last week the state governors met with members of congress to discuss the fate of Obamacare. They were informed that the elimination of Obamacare would lead to disaster. States that participated in expanded Medicaid would lose billions in funding. Individuals who are receiving subsidies in the health insurance marketplace would wind up uninsured. Chaos would be the guaranteed result. In other words, the republican controlled congress putting its collective head together is unable to come up with anything better than Obamacare.

Was Trump really bugged? Odds are good he was. In fact we all are, Snowden told us that. So what else is new? Get used to it. And tell the Dems to stop bitching about the Russians. It's just another red herring. 

Direct download: TLR_413_06.Mar.17.mp3
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By all rights the stock market advance should have come to its rightful conclusion. We're drowning in a sea of debt, both the debt we've acknowledged and the debt that we'll have to acknowledge when it comes due in the form of unfunded entitlements. It's just a matter of time. It looks like Trumphoria could be running out of steam. The only hope for the stock markets is if the Fed jumps in and starts buying stocks and at this point John believes anything is possible. Or perhaps a touch of hyperinflation, which has always sent the markets higher. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_06.Mar.16.mp3
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Arch Crawford joined us. With emotions running high in the political parties, a recent eclipse, the market is being tightly controlled. The Dow keeps going higher but the S&P isn't moving. What is going to happen to change things? Emotions are running high and yet it is having no effect on the market. Currencies are still unstable. Nothing is behaving as it they should be. It's all a mystery. 

Direct download: Arch_Crawford_27.Feb.17.mp3
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Another great month for stock markets with the Dow at new record levels. Metals did well as did the US Dollar. Oil was up, NatGas was down for the second month in a row. Interest rates were down slightly. Bitcoin was the stellar performer, with China's effort to cap the digital currency showing mixed results as it hit a new record. Uranium was doing well but wound up with a slight pull back. Copper is holding steady. Markets continue higher on Trumphoria. 

Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_01.Mar.17.mp3
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Larry Schweikart—historian and bestselling author—was a member of the “Renegade Deplorables”, a group of volunteer analysts who supplied the Trump campaign with data the mainstream pollsters completely missed.Joel Pollak—senior editor-at-large for Breitbart News—was an eye-witness to the election from his unique position as the only conservative reporter aboard the Trump press plane in the final weeks of the campaign. Together they explain how Trump really won. 

Direct download: Larry_Schwikart_01.Mar.17.mp3
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What's happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman

Today's article - the "strong dollar" Catch-22;

Cartel on the brink - gold and silver pushing up on 200 week moving averages;

Upcoming debt ceiling debacle, European elections, Fed meeting;

Trump's speech - ALL platitudes, no substance;

The upcoming Trump-flation crash;

Record high Bitcoin prices - which is exactly what PMs will do, once the Cartel is inevitably defeated.

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_01.Mar.17.mp3
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Trump's trade agenda may be hitting bumpy waters ahead. He's got enemies on the right and enemies on the left. Not to mention the globalists at the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board. The disclosure forms that are required these days are a big mess, but  we do need to know who our government officials have been in bed with. NAFTA has turned out to be a raw deal for the country. Trump is determined to turn it around. Stumo believes that he will turn it around. But there's much more to come. Michael believes that Trump will get much of his way. 

Direct download: Michael_Stumo_28.Feb.17.mp3
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Vincenzo Villamena is an American CPA and the Managing Partner of Online Taxman. He came on to discuss FATCA and other international tax issues. FATCA has placed an undue burden upon Americans doing business overseas making it difficult for them to open bank accounts and conduct financial business. It's also turned the world's banks into an international snitch network. Something needs to change but is it too late? 

Direct download: Vincenzo_Villamena_28.Feb.17.mp3
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Millennials (born between 1980 and 1994) are the most narcissistic - according to a study that consulted both millennials and their grandparents' generations. But there is one thing they disagree on: the extent of their narcissism. Older generations think millennials' narcissism goes beyond what millennials themselves will admit.

Millennials do view themselves as a bit more narcissistic than generations before them, but not to the extent that older generations do, according to new research presented Jan. 29 at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) in San Diego.

Direct download: Dr_John_Huber_28.Feb.17.mp3
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Jason Hartman is always on the cutting edge of investment trends. For so many years he's been espousing his unique successful investment philosophy. I've personally seen  dozens of people invest in single family homes for cash flow and build up incredible wealth using Jason's systems. Now, his investor group is actually financing these deals, which is an incredible opportunity. It enables you to bypass the bank and the lengthy loan review process. You simply find a property, put up your down payment and put in your loan request and meet a simplified loan criteria and it's done. Truly revolutionary. 

Direct download: Jason_Hartman_27.Feb.17.mp3
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According to Shawn Lee of Beacon Wealth Advisors 54% of the country is not invested in the stock market. That's pretty amazing when you consider how much it's gone up since the crash. Are they going to get in right when it turns again? Probably not. If they're not in now, they're not getting in. But what will they invest in? What about their retirements? These are pressing issues that they need to start thinking about immediately. 

Direct download: Shaw_Lee_27.Feb.17.mp3
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Lyn-Dee Eldridge defines herself as the Chief Happiness Officer of the Happiness Jungle. You may ask what is the Happiness Jungle and Lyn-Dee will tell you that it is a place that all happy people come to get de-stressed. Obviously it is a state of mind that all of us have access to if we will only allow ourselves to get there and that is what Lyn-Dee specializes in. 

Direct download: Lyn-Dee_Eldridge_27.Feb.17.mp3
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The news is slow. Not much coming out of Trump. Not much coming out of Europe. Outside of the Academy Awards debacle last night, there's not much going on. We're due for something to happen shortly. Could it be the calm before the storm? John believes that the currency crisis is just around the corner, the question is which corner? We've been waiting a long time for it. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_27.Feb.17.mp3
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Comrade Wilhelm Bill Nutz de Blasio is getting to the end of the road. He's facing multiple investigations and his time as mayor of the US's biggest city is coming to an inglorious end. His crimes are numerous, his intelligence isn't. Get ready for his indictment and replacement.

Check out my new book Viral Podcast. It's available right here on Amazon and it's my best work to date. 

Our website theme has changed. We've gone back to the old theme but made a number of improvements. Let us know what you think. 

What's going on with the Republicans? Can they do anything right? Being a member of a political party should be a jailable offense. 

I won't sell out and do a political show no matter how many views, clicks or downloads I might get. I hate politics, other than watching these guys like the Comrade get indicated. 


Direct download: TLR_412_22.Feb.17.mp3
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What's Going On Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Cartel rapidly losing strength, as too many catalysts (and crashing currencies) are thwarting it;

Imminent collapse of the Euro, and European Union;

Imminent Yuan devaluation?

Historically overvalued stocks and bonds, and historically undervalued PMs;

Surging Bitcoin;

The dying "Trump-flation" meme, as seen via the 2.5% cap on the 10-year Treasury yield.

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_22.Feb.17.mp3
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Ned Schmidt joined us today. Rates are going higher, but so are gold and silver, the metals as well as the stocks. Generally rising rates are bad for stocks, and Ned doesn't think it will be for them this time. Ned doesn't see a large amount of overhead supply coming in the market to keep prices down. The supply just isn't there according to the COT (commitment of traders report). Therefore, what appears to be overhead resistance isn't really strong resistance. Silver has been giving hints of higher prices all along. Someone major is long silver. It's leading gold. They're using it to hedge their stock portfolios. 18.25-18.50 intra is showing where the trend is heading. There's nothing that Trump can do to keep the market going higher forever, contrary popular opinion. 

Direct download: Ned_Schmidt_21.Feb.17.mp3
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Trump's tax plan is due any minute. It certainly can't be worse than what we have now. But how much good can it really do? Tax revenues have been falling since 2012. The odds are favoring a recession sooner rather than later. Will this time really be different? Can Trumponomics prevail? Danielle thinks not and believes that reversion to the mean will always win out. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_21.Feb.17.mp3
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Now that Trump is president he's beginning to clean house. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson purged the 7th Floor also known as the Deep State at the State Department. There's obviously lots more coming. Massive firings at the EPA, Department of Energy and other superfluous departments. Perhaps the moles will be identified and terminated with extreme prejudice at the intelligence agencies including the CIA, FBI and others. It's getting very interesting. A real fun time to be a Legacy Media Plant. 

Direct download: Trevor_Loudon_20.Feb.17.mp3
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