Jeff writes that trade data for November 2018 published by the Department of Commerce indicates that the Trump Administration’s tariffs may finally be improving our balance of trade. The November goods and services deficit came in at $49.3 billion, 11.5 percent better than October’s figure of $55.7 billion. Equally significant, the November figure was only a hair (0.7 percent to be exact) above the November 2017 deficit of $49.0B. Deficits in previous months in 2018 were typically 10 to 15 percent worse than the corresponding month in 2017. If November is now level-pegging 2017 figures, that is a healthy improvement over the earlier months of 2018. It appears that a final deal may be in the offing. Let's see what happens next. 

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John Grace believes the stock market won't keep returning the kinds of yearly gains investors have gotten used to. "Our expectations around U.S. equity markets is for about a 5 percent median, annualized return," says the fund group's CIO. The stock market won't keep returning the kinds of yearly gains investors have gotten used to since the financial crisis bottom in 2009, Vanguard's chief investment officer, Greg Davis, said. "If we look forward for the next 10 years, our expectations around U.S. equity markets is for about a 5 percent median annualized return," he told CNBC. This means investor expectations will have to come more in line with reality. 

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VA Gov. Ralph Northam Should Resign. In Jeff's new book, The Secret Life: A Book of Wisdom, he directly ties Maimonides’ teachings to the issue of whether Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam should resign. And yes, he should resign. They tell us that, on an interpersonal level, one should be quick to forgive someone who asks forgiveness. But full redemption is available only when one again finds himself in the same position but chooses to act differently the second time around. In Northam’s case, this would mean that in the 35 years since his blackface incident, he has worked to soothe racial tensions in this country and advance the cause of African-Americans, rather than do the opposite. But, indeed, he has done the opposite. And that's why he has to go. 

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The new tax law definitely put more money in most people's pockets. However, due to an anomaly of the tax tables and payroll tax computation software, many people have received smaller refunds. What they fail to understand is that they still ended up with more money and paid less taxes. Their overpayment to the IRS was smaller and therefore their refund was less. And that's actually a good thing, because overwithholding/overpaying the IRS is actually an interest free loan to the government. 

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Mike's progression to serial entrepreneur was part of a natural progress. He's developed a disciplined approach to choosing and marketing products.He wants it to be scalable and easy to demonstrate. Then he'll be able to make a quick instagram demo spot and sales will start coming in. Amazon is a must platform for aspiring entrepreneurs. If you don't put it out there, someone else will. If you have the drive then Mike says just start something, regardless how small it may be. Offer yourself for free to someone who you look up to and swing for the fences. Entrepreneurship is a representation of what makes America great. That's why it's so important that we keep fighting for it. 

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According to Lior Gantz the US Dollar is on a path of serious decline. More countries are de-dollarizing as China becomes the pre-eminent economy. Out of control deficits are another symptom of the problem. As the appetite for US Treasuries fades, the Fed will be left with no choice but to print up new dollars to finance the deficits. They're boxed in with very limited choices, none of them attractive. 

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What did we get from the partial governmental shutdown? David believes not very much. We'll see lower GDP growth and lower economic growth. The actual cost of the shutdown will cost more than many walls would have. It was all for naught. David believes that it would have been worth having a shutdown over the nation's burgeoning debt levels, instead of the border wall. Now it's likely there won't be another shutdown, for better or for worse. 

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EJ McMahon could be the last sane person still in New York, at least after I left. As research director at the Empire Center for Public Policy and an adjunct fellow at the Manhattan Institute, EJ fights a never ending battle against the economic insanity that passes for policy in my former home state. Unfortunately, it's been a uphill battle. With people like AOC, Comrade DeBlasio and Comrade Cuomo running things, it's almost impossible to maintain optimism and hope for the future. 

We discussed the impact of the new tax law on NYS, the further drain of high income earners to lower tax states, as well as mentally ill induced homelessness and NYS/NYC's crumbling infrastructure. There's a lot here that needs to be heard. 

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2018 is over and now the effects of the new tax law are starting to be take hold. Clearly the upper middle class and working rich have taken a major hit, especially those in high-tax states. While there were some benefits spread around, the loss of the State and Local Tax Deduction has cost select groups billions. This is leading to an exodus from these states to lower tax ones. You need only reside in a low tax state slightly more than half the year to take advantage of lower rates. Many people are starting to figure this out. Expect the trend to accelerate in the coming years. 

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Gold has been looking much brighter lately, but is it ready to shine? The declining global financial system has made many of us believe that gold would keep going up and up. But we've been wrong for years. Precious metals markets have been in a pronounced secular bear market, with lower lows and lower highs. Until now, perhaps. The key technical resistance point is $1350-$1363 per ounce. If it breaks through in the near term, we'll have our needed confirmation. However, it might not follow through, in which case we'll be looking towards a summer rally. Either way, it's entirely likely that the tide has turned. 

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Ivan Bebek's company Auryn Resources (AUG on the TSX and NYSE American-FSN Sponsor) is on the cusp of two major gold discoveries. Ivan with his team has already built and sold two successful exploration companies and Auryn could easily be the next. On this go 'round Ivan is using state of the art artificial intelligence (AI) to hone in on what could be massive deposits. The company has little concern about raising capital. It's one of the best capitalized juniors ever. Most people would be content to sell off one just one company to a major or to make just one world-class discovery, but not Ivan. He is used to reaching for the stars and finding major success. 

Direct download: Ivan_Bebek_13.Feb.19.mp3
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As we wrote recently, high tax states like NY, CA, CT, NJ, MA, IL and others are starting to feel the new tax law's impact. Governor Andy Cuomo went to the White House hat in hand to beg for the increasing of the SALT deduction (It was unlimited but the law reduced it to 10k per annum). He's looking at a $2.3 billion hole in his budget directly attributable to it. Good luck there. President Trump suggested he look at reducing high taxes, now there's a novel concept. 

We mourn the passing of Prince Leonard, who took on the Australian central government when they tried to put his farm out of business. He started the province Hutt River which the government refused to recognize. Once, for three days, he declared war on the state. Hopefully his spirit will carry on and a new generation of Aussies will continue the fight. 

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Ed Moya believes that the trade war will be ending soon. While Trump might not get everything he's looking for there will be substantial changes in the relationship that will be beneficial for the US. Look for higher ag and energy exports and perhaps some movement on IP and Tech as well. Of course there will be compromises but overall this should result in improved stock market performance. While earnings growth has headed downward recently, it could accelerate for certain sectors once a deal is completed. There won't be any more government shutdowns and let's see what happens with the next debt ceiling increase. 

Direct download: Ed_Moya_13.Feb.19.mp3
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2018 is the first year where the affects of the so-called tax reform act were experienced. It appears that some businesses are doing quite well. How many companies have just taken the money and bought their stock back is an issue. For individuals there are some high earner losers in high tax blue states (I repeat myself) and there's a lot in the middle who don't see much difference either way and then there's those at the bottom who've gotten some crumbs, as Nancy Pelosi would say. One thing that can't be disputed, employment demand has increased dramatically and wages have started to go higher. In the end it's a mixed bag. One thing is for certain, US Corporate tax rates were the highest in the world and needed a dramatic reduction. 

Direct download: Al_Caceido_12.Feb.19.mp3
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Chris Vermeulen is first and foremost a technical trader. Fundamentals hold little interest to him, probably because he can't make money off of them. He sees a big potential rally coming in gold, after one last round of weakness. He thinks it could be a considerable decline, which he welcomes, as it would provide confirmation to his theory. His other big play is NatGas - a/k/a the Widowmaker - as hit a 2.55 low, a point from which it quite often rallies. As I said on the show, I would never bet against Chris, because he's right so often. 

Direct download: Chris_Vermeullen_12.Feb.19.mp3
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Lisa Bradley was a military wife with too much time on her hands and not enough cash. She conceived of R. Riveter as means to earn some extra income, but more importantly to help other military spouses who were suffering a similar fate. She appeared on the television show Shark Tank and immediately achieved an offer from Mark Cuban. The company has taken off and she's employing more military spouses than ever. She is an amazing person and we wish her the best of luck. 

Direct download: Lisa_Bradley_11.Feb.19.mp3
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Recently public rental bicycles have appeared in many large cities, to much popular acclaim. Anwar Sukkarie believes it's time for a public electric sit-down scooter revolution. His company Loop Share Ltd. (FSN sponsor), has already placed scooters in Beirut Lebanon and has more cities on its list. The concept is simple, provide the public with economical electric, environmentally safe scooters with a driving range up to 40 miles and watch drivers give up their cars. And it's safety first, the scooters come with a helmet which must be worn before starting. There are other companies with similar goals, but Loop has just purchased the IP for lower speed scooters that could further revolutionize personal mobility as we know it. It's a giant step forward in Micro-Mobility. 

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Much like the soldier during the Vietnam War who notably quipped - We had to kill the village to save it, Paul Krugman probably believes that we need to kill the economy before it can be saved. He should be thrilled with the Trump Admin's debt on steroids policy. After all Krugman was always saying the answer to what ails the economy is debt and more debt. Predictably Krugman is calling for a recession later this year. So much for the stock market's January effect. 

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What's happening in the economy? Where's the price of gold heading? Should you be worried about an economic decline. What's going to happen in 2019. Our round table answers these questions and many more. We answer some listener questions and let you know where we think things are heading. An important conversation that you need to hear. 

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David Morgan is one of the most knowledgeable precious metals authority on the planet. He's been doing it for 40 years. We had a wide ranging discussion covering the folly of the Fed, why precious metals are the ultimate hedge and how you can make up for a lot of bad investment decisions with just one right one. A look at the world economic situation shows at some point precious metals could very well be the answer to global chaos. Precious metals will once again become very important and relevant. 

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Imagine going into your bank to apply for a loan, having all of your documents perfectly organized and one sheet summarizing the important points of your loan request. John Matheson has developed a cloud based solution that will allow you to meet your loan officer and get treated as an equal. It all comes down to preparation and experience. John will help prepare and make the experience a positive one. 

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Financial advisor Dee Carter lives in the midst of the booming Permian Basin in Texas. They keep producing more and more oil and keep discovering new fields. The world may indeed go green one day, but it's going to need petroleum to get there. And for the foreseeable future, there's nothing else that is going to power the transportation of people and goods better than petroleum based fuels. It's nice to dream about an all electric future, but for now it's just that - a dream. 

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The State of the Union isn't as great as some would have you believe. Interest payments have hit $400 billion per year. Trump taking ownership of the economy is a mistake because it could come tumbling down at any time. Daniel believes the Dems are too self-interested in their own power and have given up any semblance of caring for the people. Identity politics and slash and burn is what they're all about. Perhaps the debt will get taken care of when it becomes a major crisis. The Fed rules!

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CEO Dan Anglin was recently named to High Times's list of 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis. He's an FSN show sponsor and he's been involved in the Cannabis industry from the beginning. It is still a nascent industry and no one knows exactly where it's heading. However, Dan is charting a course to become a branding powerhouse and licensing operator. In the end, it's all about the brand. He's built a team that's got major Cannabis experience and is rapidly moving ahead. The company is publicly traded on the CSE: CANA and the OTCQB: CNNXT. It's well capitalized and upon completion of its current raise, it will be debt free. While no one knows when Washington DC will legalize Cannabis, it's a pretty good bet they will at some point. But when the government gives you something, it always comes with strings. And no one knows what those strings will be. 

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Just when you thought the market for Cannabis had peaked, major consumer product companies have started discovering the space. Altria (formerly known as Phillip Morris) has made a large investment. Same with Heineken Brewers and others. More and more jurisdictions are looking at cannabis legalization to increase government tax revenues and to lower law enforcement expenditures. Eventually it's going to turn into a branding contest. Hopefully small, craft oriented growers will be able to remain competitive, but make no mistake, it's going to be a huge global industry. 

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