It's official, Daniel Ameduri is now a published author. Now he's on a mission to help millennials to realize their full potential. Dan eschews the traditional notion of going out into the work force and praying that your 401k will be enough to meet your needs after 20-30 years in the work force. There has to be a better and Dan believes he's found it. His story begins in 2008 when he's way over-leveraged and contemplating bankruptcy. From there, he and his wife completely change their financial lives and eventually become financially independent. It's a great read. 

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Just over two weeks ago, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon upheld a Trump administration rule that expands access to short-term, limited duration health plans. The ruling represents a major victory for those in need of affordable health coverage. But the plaintiffs are appealing the ruling. And many states have already implemented rules restricting, if not banning outright, short-term plans. They're more interested in protecting Obamacare than in ensuring that consumers have access to affordable health coverage.

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Adam Andrzekewski of shows how the SBA (Small Business Administration) is becoming the Big Business Admin or the Swamp Business Administration. They're making billions in loans to Beverly Hills billionaires and country clubs. They're financing high end jewelry stores that sell rolexes to the wealthy. For some reason, this seems like a perversion of the SBA's role to help small businesses get financed and grow. And the default rate is through the roof.This can't continue on.  

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The trade war continues. China and the US are at an impasse. Regardless who's right or wrong, a resolution is elusive. China is making a big bet that President Trump will be defeated. That's what their election analysis team is telling them. If Joe Biden's president they will obviously get a better deal. But this strategy comes with a risk, they may be wrong. And then the stakes will go much higher. Trump will up his demands and China will be left in a real pickle. Maybe the tariffs will go up to 50%. 

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Economic historian par excellence Bob Hoye joined us. Often the answer to what will happen next is found in the past. Bob believes that another credit bust is coming this fall to a financial center near you. That will be good for the US Dollar and gold. We're seeing the flow of funds heading towards highly liquid assets now. And there are no more liquid assets than US Dollars, Treasury Debt and gold. How bad will it get? Bob doesn't know for sure, but believes we could be facing a virtual Twilight Zone. And that means you need to prepare now. Fall is just around the corner. 

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Nick appeared on the show on June 24, 2019. At that time he was calling for $1420, when it was around $1350. He came on a month later and made another call that gold was going up, but taking a breather in the interim. The action in the yellow was so strong that that breather only lasted for a few days. As he said, you saw the chart lead the news. Lower interest rates are on the way and so is higher stock market volatility. And continued US Dollar strength. What else do you need.

$1485 gold represented a 50 percent retracement from gold's previous high. Now it's getting up to 60% and if it hits that number and keeps, it's Katey bar the door. 

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It happened! Finally someone has called out all the poverty pimps, race hustlers and crooked politicians who have made Baltimore a living hell. Of course when President Trump took this action and specifically called out Congressman Ellijah Cummings, he was immediately denounced as a racist. In the left's lexicon of political terminology Truth=Racism. With rats scurrying about and tens of billions in taxpayer dollars wasted, who's telling it like it is? Obviously not the corrupt Baltimore politicians who've been stealing a fortune for decades. More here as well, we talk about leftist tech giants who've finally fallen into the trap. And there's a bit about spy gate and where that's heading. 

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In case you were wondering, yes there's been major real estate appreciation since the Great Recession, but no, not everything is overpriced. Buck Joffrey has still been finding plenty of undervalued/underappreciated projects to put his investors' money into. It takes a little patience and a lot of review to find these gems but they exist. And Buch has helped many investors find them. 

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I receive so many general business type inquiries from FSN Community members. That has led to me to start mentoring and coaching a number of people recently. It has been a wonderful experience and I'd like to offer you the opportunity to learn from my experience. Just send me an email to and I'll do a free consultation with you and see if we can grow together. I've had a wealth of business and legal experience. I've made and learned from so many of my mistakes and you'll have the opportunity to avoid them in your own business. I can show you how to legally reduce your tax bill and get your kids through college debt-free. So just email me and together we can take your company to the next level. 

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It's beginning to look a lot like recession. Inverted yield curve, stock market declines, lower rates. What's an investor to do? Sam says it's time to reassess your risk tolerance and your goals. If you're later in your career and can't afford to take the hit, then maybe it's time to reduce your holdings. Otherwise, younger investors can stay the course and perhaps realign their portfolios and take a more defensive posture. Either way, we are in very dangerous waters and you need to be proactive. 

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No one is less surprised about gold's recent rise than Eric Hadik. He's been calling for higher gold prices for a while now. The surprise is the rally's intensity in light of weak seasonal factors. Does this set the stage for a major 4th Quarter advance? Eric thinks yes. And this can can happen while the stock market and the dollar go higher.

Past Interviews

Eric Hadik – Latest Forecasts

Eric Hadik – Sideways Markets

Eric Hadik – As Promised Q4 Gold Rally

Eric Hadik – Gold Poised to Go Higher in Q4

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National bestselling author Stephen Coonts is at it again!

In The Russia Account (Regnery Fiction; August 13, 2019) Tommy Carmellini and Jake Grafton return for their ninth adventure together and unravel an international financial conspiracy that ties directly to Vladmir Putin and Russia. As the narrative unfolds the characters discover that money is being funneled all over the world with a bulk of it ending up in American accounts (many of which are registered to political campaigns). Sound familiar?

While The Russia Account is a work of fiction, it tackles real concerns that Americans are being faced with today. The 2016 presidential elections sparked a lot of worries around Russian election meddling, collusion, and voter fraud, which remain prominent fears ahead of the 2020 presidential elections. However, if you thought those concerns were bad then think about how bad a real financial money-laundering crisis would be. Financial terrorism serves as the central theme of this book and should be a truly daunting concern for Americans.

This new book raises alarming concern from Putin and Russia involving:
Financial Terrorism - Often overlooked and the most concerning threat to America today!
Russian Election Meddling
Russian Hacking
Voter Fraud

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Joel Salomon has done it again. The hedge fund manager turned financial coach has just released his second book. It gives you a step by step plan for building and maintaining wealth. Joel is big proponent of focusing your investing on several concepts and watching them like a hawk. That way if the gains are huge you'll be sure to reap the rewards. Diversification for diversification's sake is not a roadmap to prosperity, it's a way to achieve mediocre returns. 

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Jim Welsh believes we're in the midst of an economic slow down, but he's not ready to call it a recession. Global manufacturing has been slowing down for the past year, in large measure due to tariffs. But the service economy is another story. In the US, Europe and China this sector has been quite strong and resilient. Jim thinks we're going to start seeing weakness in services soon, but we'll have to see. The future is always uncertain!

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Barry Suppler has been selling bullion for decades. That's why when he speaks, we listen. When he says that business is booming then we know something is a foot. As a survivor in a very tough environment for the past 8 years, Barry has never given up. Now that the market has so clearly turned, he'll be one of the winners in the next round. Make sure you order his annual gold report. 

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Poor Jeffrey Epstein. While very few people are mourning his death, everyone is suspicious. His passing was extremely convenient for many of the world's most wealthy and powerful individuals. Kind of like a Lee Harvey Oswald moment in history.

10 year treasury yields have fallen below 2 percent. It's a neon sign flashing recession. And that could happen very quickly. But at least if you're a borrower it's great news.

Investing is tricky business. It's said the worst thing you can do is be right at the wrong time. And the past 8 years for precious metals was clearly the wrong time. But now, this time is different. Precious metals are taking off and there's many reasons. 

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There's obviously something going on in the world economy that's causing gold (and lately silver) to rapidly advance. Leading bullion dealer Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin has seen sales accelerate, but it's the high net worth sophisticated investors who are buying the bulk of it. Joe Six Pack is as usual late joining the party. Andy believes it's de-dollarization that's been causing the run-up, but of course there are other factors at play. Euro-zone weakness, impending Brexit, Chinese Economic weakening and much more. But bullion sales are up and for a good reason. 

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When we last spoke with Charles Nenner, back in mid-June, he was calling for higher gold prices. Almost as if on cue, gold is up over $150 and there's more to come, after the current short-term top. Interest rates have plunged and Charles believes that recession, or worse, is on its way. But somehow the world will survive, maybe with a new global economic system in place. News for stocks is bad, the dollar and treasuries will continue on their current economic path. Oil has a potential bottom of $36. Natgas could well drop below $2 after a slight bump up. It's all in the hands of the cycles. Let's see where the war cycle will take us next. 

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Trump was true to his word, he imposed a 10 percent tariff on the remaining $300 billion of Chinese imports. The stock market took an immediate hit and gold/silver shot significantly higher. This installment takes place on September 1, 2019, but Trump is promising to take the tariffs up to 25% shortly thereafter. Michael Stumo believes that the US is winning the trade war and that it's in the process of decoupling from the Chinese Economy. There's enough sources of low cost Asian goods to allow the strategy to work. However, whenever you go stirring up the world economy there's always a risk of unintended consequences. 

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Danielle Park has been waiting for this moment. And it may well be here now. The end of the global stock bull market. Is it upon us? One day does not a trend make. However, this bull has been living on borrowed time and borrowed money for too long. Resource based economies have taken a hit and will continue too. That means Canada and Australia are in for hard time. As are the rest of the over indebted countries. The time of reckoning is quickly closing in. 

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According to Tony Hayes, gold is worth at least $1900 the ounce. However, what it's selling for is another matter. Tony bases his calculations on the Monetary Base (M0) and the money supply measurement M1.  HIs formulas have closely coincided with gold prices in the past and he's of the belief they will again. The big shocker is that according to Tony's work, the Dow is worth 60,000. Even higher than Martin Armstrong's Dow 35k. Amazing. 

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Once upon a time people looked up to the Fed and believed that they had the power to determine the future. There are still those true believers, who think the Fed can do no wrong. But history has taught us otherwise. While the rest of the world has been opening the monetary spigot at full blast, the Fed was tightening. Now that's all changed. And watch gold and silver continue to thrust forward. $1500 is right around the corner!

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Nichole Stohler had a good job working for a tech company. She and her husband Mike got into real estate investing for the usual reasons, to build wealth and passive income. However, they bought properties for no money down and in less desirable areas. They got in over their heads and wound up giving their properties back. They started over again, but this time Mike got a job as a property manager and they learned the business from the ground up. Now they're successful real estate investors and Nichole teaches others how to do it and has a new real estate podcast. It just shows the value of persistence. 

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President Trump did the unthinkable, he increased China Tariffs and the market may never be the same. According to Jeff Ferry, companies are abandoning China like the plague and the US is decoupling its economy from China. Wages have been booming and the employment numbers are still strong. Turns out wages have been growing at a 5 percent annual clip. Growth industries are essential to the country's economic growth. And this is great news for America!

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RC Peck is a pragmatic investor. He believes in letting the market tell you the truth, rather than trying to find it on a financial tv show or website. He's observed that escalating gold prices are trying to tell us something. We may not be able to figure it out right now, as sometimes history is the best judge. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be paying attention. He's of the opinion that the recent price rises reflect growing investor nervousness with the status quo. In addition, there are fundamental market changes taking place. The US dollar increasing along with gold prices, the breakout from 6 years resistance, etc. All things considered, when the signs are so strong you need to pay attention!

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