During the election, Dr. Ted Noel went from being an obscure Florida retired anesthesiologist to becoming a star citizen journalist, in just a few short months. His probing analytic youTube videos into Hillary Clinton's deteriorating health quickly went viral and were seen by millions. It got to the point that the Clinton Campaign altered her tv appearances to shield her health issues from Dr. Noel's probing eye and the television cameras.

As a retired doctor, he had little to lose, but his impact was huge. He searing analysis brought out the facts about Hillary's potential Parkinson's Disease and potentially cost her big at the polls. How big we'll never know, but it almost certainly had an electoral impact and for that we're extremely grateful to him and his tireless quest for the truth.  

Direct download: Dr._Ted_Noel_26.Dec.16.mp3
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Like it or not, Trump is going to be our president. Professor Sanders believes that the electoral college is somewhat outdated. He seems to think that the divisions that create our system are somewhat artificial. But isn't this exactly what the Founders had in mind? While the good Professor believes that people vote for the government, the plan was to avoid allowing any geographical region to dominate the vote. And much to the chagrin of California, New York and Illinois, this is exactly what happened. 

So how will Trump govern, through executive order or fiat, like his predecessors have increasingly relied upon, or in parternship with the Congress as the Founders intended? We'll know soon enough. Perhaps it's time for the legislative branch to step up to the plate and stop shirking its duties. Do we really get the government and policies we desire as a nation and a people? The Professor believes that we usually do, but we wonder if that's always the case. 

Direct download: Alain_Sanders_20.Dec.16.mp3
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If you haven't figured it out already, the government is not going to save you and that safety net has a lot of holes in it. The middle class needs a safety net, but they're going to have to do more on their own to insure that it exists. They need to make better choices and plan better for their retirements. Also, they need to make better career decisions and perhaps deal more intelligently with their income choices. If they don't start soon it will be too late. 

Direct download: Brad_William_20.Dec.16.mp3
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The year is almost over but there's still things you can do to save on your taxes now. If you have losses, and you're the right age it can pay to take them now and reduce your social security income subject to taxes. That's just one thing that can save you real money on this year's taxes. Andrew's got some other great ideas that can help you save big time. It's almost but not quite too late. 

Direct download: Andrew_Agemy_16.Dec.16.mp3
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Gordon T. Long joined us for an interesting discussion about where we're heading next as a nation. After going through economic instability it's looking more and more like political instability is next. The underpinnings of society have quietly melted away. The presidential election was a mere foreshadowing of things to come. 

Direct download: Gordon_T_Long_19.Dec.16.mp3
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Chris Martenson believes that the mainstream legacy media is finished after their abysmal performance in the 2016 elections. It's gotten to the point that you can't believe anything they tell you. Fortunately you now have the ability to fact check the media every step of the way, if you choose to do so. It's easy and it's very necessary. Sometimes it's very difficult to cut through the lies, but it can be done. Turn off your TV! Then only read your news. You'll find you're much less emotional and more clear-headed about things. Try it for a month and see what happens. 

Direct download: Chris_Martenson_19.Dec.16.mp3
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Kevin Bupp is a serial entrepreneur who's been involved in all types of real investing. But the best one by far has been investing in Trailer Parks. We're not talking about the types that house felons and other undesirables. His are much more upscale, where working class people can own their own homes. The returns can be dramatic and the risk is extremely manageable. It's definitely worth a look.  

Direct download: Kevin_Bupp_19.Dec.16.mp3
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Jason Hartman has a unique perspective on the coming Trump Administration. Because Trump is a real estate mogul and has vowed to eliminate the hated Dodd Frank law, Jason believes this will free-up hundreds of billions in funds that have been sitting on the sidelines just waiting for an excuse to be invested in real estate. Dodd-Frank kept a huge number of investors from putting money into the market and now they'll all come rushing into it. Jason believes it's going to be yuuuuge! 

Trump Inauguration Prize give-away! Two free tickets to Jason's annual Meet the Masters! For everyone else a yuuuuuge discount. Click here!

Direct download: Jason_Hartman_16.Dec.16.mp3
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What's happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Historic Western equity and base metal bubble - and precious metals "anti-bubble<https://www.milesfranklin.com/historys-largest-bubble-and-anti-bubble/>"

Dramatic physical PM premiums and declining production<https://www.milesfranklin.com/the-most-important-and-bullish-gold-chart-youll-ever-see/> highlight heightened market tightness

2017 - the year of money printing<https://www.milesfranklin.com/2017-the-year-of-money-printing/> and draconian government actions<https://www.milesfranklin.com/money-printing-and-draconian-government-actions-will-define-2017/>

Italian bailout, Dutch election, and countless other "PM bullish, everything-else-bearish" headlines

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_20.Dec.16.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:19pm EDT

* Founder of the John Ford Insurance Agency
* Creator of The Ford20 Insurance
* Medical Marijuana Insurance Specialist
* Cannabis Expert
* Former Photographer at U.S. Navy

Direct download: john_Ford_19.Dec.16.mp3
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Shawn Lee uses a holistic planning approach by blending conservative income portfolios and advanced risk management techniques. He strives to enhance return potential while minimizing risk. He realized the value of independence early in his career. Working for one of the “Big Box” financial firms was not an option as the only way to truly serve his clients was to be independent. His investment licensing holds him to a strict fiduciary standard, “Always put the client’s interests first”.

Direct download: Shawn_Lee_19.Dec.16.mp3
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While Trumphoria has taken off caution is the byword. These are dangerous times. With the new administration taking office in the next month it's hard to know what's going to happen in the markets. Right now the rally is looking very promising but don't count on it staying around. 

Direct download: Arch_Crawford_06.Dec.16.mp3
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It's that special time of year again, yes the holidays are here and that means watch out for identity thieves. It's not like they ever really go away. But because there's so many people out shopping as well as online, you tend to let down your guard and then it's all over. Heather gives common sense tips to stop you from becoming a victim. 

Direct download: Heather_Wagenhals_14.Dec.16.mp3
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David's new book Second Chance: How to Make and Keep Big Money from the Coming Gold and Silver Shock Wave empowers you to step onto the investment battlefield and leave it a winner. Many people will make fortunes during the coming years. On paper. But, when all is said and done, as the great speculator Jesse Livermore declared, “On paper it will remain.” David Morgan’s research shows decisively that as much as “90% of the profit potential becomes available during the last 10% of the entire bull run" - if you avoid what he calls “the amateur’s mindset.” 


Direct download: David_Morgan_14.Dec.16.mp3
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What's happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Fed meeting today - beginning of the end of "history's largest bubble, and anti-bubble<https://www.milesfranklin.com/historys-largest-bubble-and-anti-bubble/>?"

Today's article, "2017 will be defined by money printing and draconian government actions" - such as the exploding war on cash

Yesterday's article re: plunging gold supply for years to come, "the most important, and gold bullish, chart ever<https://www.milesfranklin.com/the-most-important-and-bullish-gold-chart-youll-ever-see/>"

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_14.Dec.16.mp3
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For some low-income workers, retirement is only a dream

It was a striking image. A photo of an 89-year-old man hunched over, struggling to push his cart with frozen treats. Fidencio Sanchez works long hours every day selling the treats because he couldn't afford to retire. The photo and his story went viral and thousands of people donated more than $384,000 for his retirement.

His story is a window into a dark reality: Many low-wage workers say they can't afford to retire. With no money saved for retirement, home care worker Gwen Strowbridge, 71, of Deerfield, Florida, plans to stay on the job until she can't physically work anymore.

"I can't see it in the future. I'll stop working if my health won't allow me to keep working," said Strowbridge. Now 71, she works six days per week caring for a 100-year-old woman in Florida.

Studies have found that about one-third of low wage workers like Strawbridge say they'll never be able to afford retirement. The problem is particularly acute among minority women.

A 2016 study by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that one-quarter of workers 50 and older say they won't retire. Among low wage workers, earning less than $50,000 a year, it was 33 percent.

Strowbridge's first job, in the 1960s, paid 98 cents an hour, setting her out on a path of low-wage jobs that stretched across five decades. She raised three sons with her husband, Roy, a dock attendant who unloaded cargo from boats. The couple was forced to use the little money they had saved for retirement on family medical issues.

Strowbridge stopped working briefly after she turned 63 to care for her husband, who had quadruple bypass heart surgery. Their Social Security benefits weren't enough to cover medical expenses, rent, utilities and food. When he died, she went back to work.

Jacquelyn B. James, co-director of Boston College's Center on Aging and Work, said it is common for low-wage workers to stay on the job, with no plans for retirement. "It is really easy for them to say 'I'm going to work forever' but things happen," said James. Among those things: health issues. A 2016 report by the nonpartisan research nonprofit National Institute on Retirement Security shows that many black, Latina and Asian women have to work past retirement age to be able to afford basic expenses. Women were 80 percent more likely than men to be impoverished.

The research showed that for men between 70 and 74, about 19 percent of their income comes from wages. For women, it's about 15 percent. "You couldn't put nothing in the bank because I was always underpaid," Strowbridge said. "I just didn't make enough to save.” Januario Salgado's financial situation mirrors Strowbridge's. He never saved for retirement. He is 64 years old and doesn't plan to retire. He works 10 hours, six days per week in a grocery store in a suburb outside Chicago. "I couldn't save," Salgado said in Spanish. "I worked a lot to help my family. I used to send money to my parents in Mexico.” While caring for elderly parents is a norm in Mexican culture, many of the children don't think it's their responsibility, said Salgado, who came to the United States 40 years ago. His sons are among them. Salgado plans to start collecting Social Security benefits when he turns 65 but he will continue to work as long as he is physically able. He doesn't want to become a burden to his children. For Esther Bolanos, 64, the situation is even more difficult. A domestic worker, she has been able to save some money for retirement but said it is not enough. She won't be able to receive Social Security benefits because she doesn't have legal status. "It's sad to think about my situation. I was forced to close my business and leave the economic stability I had in my country to come here," Bolanos said in Spanish. "I left everything behind because of the violence."

Bolanos owned a successful cheese factory in Mexico City, but success made her a target, she said. Her husband was killed and she was robbed at gunpoint twice. After the last robbery, she decided to migrate north.

"I told my daughter, I'm going to take you to a safe place" even if I have to work cleaning houses, she said. If Bolanos had stayed in Mexico City, she would be retired. But now that she's in the U.S., she doesn't think she ever will. "I don't think about retirement," she said. "I think about what would happen to me if I get sick."

Direct download: MIchael_Eastham_13.Dec.16.mp3
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Eddie Gabhour believes that Trump's current proposals are very pr0-business, but he has several caveats. 

1. The current trump administration proposal of tax reform, infrastructure spending , and easing up on some regulations is very pro-business.

2. The stock market should still thrive if these policies actually pass

3. This environment is not good for bond portfolios.

4. The component that no one knows is what type of economic growth this will bring to pay the debt.

5. Before jumping to conclusions we have to see what type of strategy they have in place to pay the debt this is going to cause.

6. If the debt strategy is kick the can down the road then it is a ticking time bomb that will eventually put us in a situation like 2008.

Direct download: Eddie_Ghabour_13.Dec.16.mp3
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Donald Trump's administration is facing a host of problems. And Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff has the answers. From healthcare to taxes to social security and you name it, the good professor has written the book. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, academics get ignored. Are his plans workable? Take a look at his website and decide for yourself. 

Direct download: Larry_Kotlikoff_12.Dec.16.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:20pm EDT

Andrew MoneyBallEconomics Zatlin sees that the economy is slowing down but doesn't see a catastrophe coming. Companies have positioned themselves for the inevitable. And history has shown that after every two term president, there's a recession. Will Donald Trump buck the system? 

Direct download: Anddrew_Zatlin_12.Dec.16.mp3
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The handwriting is on the wall. America has reached its breaking point. A global economic catastrophe is now virtually locked in ... and America will soon fall. Everyone - regardless of your age, your job, where you live, how much money you make, or how much you pay in taxes - is at risk. In fact, those with any measure of wealth, savings, or assets may be hit the hardest. The challenge now for hard-working Americans is: How do we save ourselves? To help you answer that question, you need to read outspoken economist James Dale Davidson's brand new book, The Breaking Point: Profit from the Coming Money Cataclysm.

Direct download: James_Dale_Davidson_12.Dec.16.mp3
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Italian banks are ready to take a dive and no one knows what to do about it and how to stop it. Can you spell bail-in?  The models have stopped working and the central bankers don't have a clue. It's armageddon for central bankers. They inherited a system that was functioning quite well and turned it into a dystopian nightmare. Where's John Maynard Keynes when you need him? We've taken on so much debt now, that society is so over indebted we can't get out of our own way. What's next?  

Direct download: John_Rubino_12.Dec.16.mp3
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Bix joined us for another mind bending interview. It's coming, you can be certain of that. Just how much chaos is humanity capable of withstanding? We'll know the answer soon enough. Will it shift us all to a higher state of consciousness? We can only hope. Bix believes that it's probably going to happen after Trump is in inaugurated. Mnuchin, incoming Treasury Sec is just a sacrificial lamb. It's gonna get interesting real fast! Buckle you seat belts!

Direct download: Bix_Weir_07.Dec.16.mp3
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What's Happening Wednesdays with Andrew Hoffman:

Today's article, "2017, the Year of Money Printing"; 
Italian referendum ramifications;
ECB tomorrow, Fed next week;
Massive disparity in East/West physical prices, as demand surges;
Yesterday's article, "silver fundamentals versus the base metal bubble."

Direct download: Andy_Hoffman_07.Dec.16.mp3
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Danielle joined us for a discussion of the world's debt ills today. BMW was just slammed in Australia for the equivalent of predatory lending. In the US the trillion dollar college debt bubble is teetering. And US subprime auto lending isn't doing to well either. No doubt there's plenty of other debt bubbles just waiting their turn, or perhaps they'll all go at once. One thing is for certain, no one is addressing the problem and today's lax lending standards are just compounding the problem. At some point the debt edifice is going to come crashing down. 

Direct download: Danielle_Park_06.Dec.16.mp3
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Mark W. Shaw has just written his 25th book, The Reporter Who Knew Too Much. It deals with the mysterious death of investigative reporter Dorothy Kilgallen. She was hot on the trail of the JFK Assassination story, having interviewed Jack Ruby (Lee Harvey Oswald's Killer) twice. Then she turned up dead in her hotel room, the victim of an alcohol and drug overdose. However, new evidence shows that she had three different types of barbiturates in her blood stream. A cover-up seems apparent. Mark believes that it's time for the truth to come out. 

Direct download: Mark_Shaw_06.Dec.16.mp3
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