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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jun 21, 2022

In this FSN interview, I chat with German blockchain expert Sergej Kunz—the co-founder of 1inch network—to unpack the latest happenings in cryptocurrency. We specifically focus our topic of conversation on NFTs, and discuss some of the various uses of these digital assets. They are digital works of art, but crypto experts are exploring how they could be used as passports, and for the tokenization of real assets such as apartments. Tune in for insight from a knowledgable figure who is helping to pave the future of tech and finance.

-The price of Bitcoin is at $20800
-The chart of Bitcoin for the year is nothing but red, and in the five year span it’s higher
-The blockchain will continue on, but there are still problems to solve with it
-This is the future—technology will be used more and more to exchange currency
-NFTs can be used in different ways; they are like art
-NFTs can also be used as a digital passport
-It’s important to be able to prove that a wallet is owned by you
-You can also tokenize real assets as NFTs, such as apartments
-Platforms can charge a fee for people to buy/sell NFTs on it
-It’s important to read and understand a smart contract before investing
-Digital assets are changing the world and making the financial system more efficient
-There’s a lot of busted trades on the market currently

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