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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Mar 29, 2022


If you owe money or are concerned about your credit score, then this episode will be of interest to you. Paul Oster has been helping people restore their credit for over a decade, and comes on the show to give great tips for keeping an eye on your credit score and managing bills that will greatly impact this. Medical bills are especially important to be attentive to; anything under $500 no longer incurs a penalty, but amounts above this will impact your credit significantly. Don’t forget to check your credit reports frequently, and tune in for more great insight on improving your credit.

-Some have stopped reporting certain medical collections
-You are still obligated to pay your medical bills
-For anything under $500, there is no longer a penalty if you haven’t paid it
-Average medical debt on credit reports is $500
-If you owe more, then it is important to figure this out so that your credit doesn’t suffer
-Remember that we can look at our credit reports every seven days for free (CARES Act)
-If you have medical bills that you are worried about paying, reach out to the creditors
-Oster helps people look for ways to correct

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