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Jan 10, 2022

Do you ever wonder what happened to those that got into cryptocurrency—specifically Bitcoin—around ten years ago? I sit down and chat with Mark Basa, one of the crypto kings that set out to disrupt a centralized system in 2010. His current company (HOKK Finance) seeks to continue this decentralization, replicating a traditional bank that operates off of the innovations of the blockchain. Mark is a visionary who is thinking ahead to imagine the future of the economy in an age of intense digitization and exploration. Tune in to hear more about his current pursuits and ideas.

-Imagine if you had gotten into crypto/Bitcoin 10 years ago (and held onto some of it)
-Mark Basa is one of the crypto kings who no longer has to work and can live off of his crypto winnings
-Back in 2010/2011 when Mark Basa and his friends discovered crypto, they wanted to disrupt a centralized system
-They had a vision of what Bitcoin was going to do, and they pitched to a lot of traditional financial investors
-They are now rebuilding this concept with Ethereum
-There’s a lot of experimentation going on in the blockchain
-We don’t need all of the currencies, but a lot of them will stay because of the nature of people
-There are a few major chains that people are going to build decentralized applications on
-There is a scalability issue because so many people are using it
-Only a handful of chains will survive in the end
-When big tech creates their own coins/tokens, you have to look at what these companies are responsible for
-Blockchain is a cure and a disease to the centralized currency we have today
-Basa’s concern is how power is going to be shifted from centralized banks to blockchain
-At some point, there’s going to be a fall of power
-Bitcoin nodes are coming from a multitude of places, but China owns most of the world’s Bitcoin
-If the government tries to ban any of these currencies, people will find new ways to go about creating them
-HOKK Finance is building decentralized services that replicate a traditional bank
-NFTs are going to start to replace many things; one example is the contract

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