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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jun 16, 2022


Markets are still down after a turbulent Monday, which leaves us with a lot of questions. Is the Fed going to do what they say, or will they be forced to back off? I have David Stryzewski on the show to discuss the Fed’s potential decisions in consideration of inflation and the markets. David emphasizes the importance of investment strategy amidst economic uncertainties, so be sure to listen to this episode for some valuable perspective.

-Inflation is at forty year record highs
-The Fed now has to raise rates even more
-Our economy is strongly based upon the housing market; housing is a lagging indicator of our economy’s direction
-A lot of the numbers we’re getting are 90 days in the rearview
-Hotter markets are seeing the benefits of the great migration
-Is this a better time or worse time for foreign treasuries to start purchasing US real estate? This puts the United States on sale for the rest of the world
-Look at buying cryptocurrency as purchasing technology, or an algorithm
-The world is moving towards decentralization and smart contracts, which the Web3 space enables
-A no-fossil response produces inflationary environments

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