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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

May 12, 2023


Former FBI Agent and #1 non-verbal communication expert in the world, Joe Navarro joined Kerry Lutz to discuss the importance of self-mastery. It includes the ability to fulfill obligations, focus on what needs to be done, moderate emotions, and be honest with oneself. They also discussed how failure can be used to learn and grow, and how it is important to be able to control emotions when dealing with difficult people.

They also discussed the importance of mastering oneself in order to effectively communicate with others. They covered the differences between men and women in terms of communication, and the importance of understanding the needs, wants, desires, and preferences of each individual. They also discussed the power of nonverbal communication and how it can be used to assess for danger and safety, as well as to communicate empathy.

Key Topics

  • Mastery of Self is the Key to Exceptionalism
  • Dealing with Difficult People Effectively
  • Dealing with Sociopaths and Narcissists
  • Exploring the Role of Nonverbal Communication in Interpersonal Relationships

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