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Nov 8, 2021

Do you want to educate your children on how the economy works? Connor Boynack sits down with me to talk about the books he has written over the last several years that expose children to the benefits of personal freedom and free markets in a way that they can comprehend. A Dad himself, Boyack wants to give young minds access to the knowledge that extends beyond what children learn in school, and he provides the perfect tools to do so. Tune in to hear more about these great resources.

-Boyack writes books that expose children to the benefits of personal freedom and free markets
-He started in 2014 and has sold 3 million copies of these books
-He is a Dad and owns a think tank that deals with policy reform
-He wanted his children to understand the concepts that he deals with on a daily basis
-The first book was successful and the demand for these resources has been increasingly strong in the last few years
-The books are story-based and fully illustrated
-Their model is directed at families trying to educate their children—whether they are homeschooled or enrolled in school
-Children are pretty good at understanding complex topics, and this has been a thrilling aspect of Boyack’s publishing
-These children are ultimately going to help run our nation one day—it’s important to talk about these ideas because you don’t know what type of positive impact you could have

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