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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Apr 8, 2022

1. Markets rebounding. Dow and S&P 500 are up. Nasdaq is down. So far so good. As long as it ends green. 

2. How high can feds funds rate go. The quant says 1%. The dollar has been making new highs. Europe is in horrible shape. The FF rate should follow the 2 year treasury rate. We are looking at a market that is hooked on QE and money printing. Money has nowhere else to go. The DXY hit 100 and is now at resistance. Euro chart looks horrible. 

3. While the dollar is going higher, gold and commodities are holding prices. Will commodities control financials in the new paradigm. This proves the need for charts.

4. Implosion of the media is well underway. Stelter shows that everything is a narrative. The world is playing out to the 1984 script. Don’t let it happen. This is where we are at this stage of society. The consequences of every act are included in every act.

5. Inflation is all over and was well underway before the war began. Still lots of liquidity in the system.

6. We are being primed for a food shortage. It can be resolved quickly. Oil could be much cheaper if the market was allowed to work.

7. We are at a very pivotal time. Recovery is happening due to the money flow from Europe. War going on and a separation between East and West.