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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

May 9, 2022

How do you avoid sudden declines when volatility is increasing in the markets? I have Brent Kochuba on the show to talk about this, and his expertise with navigating options strategies is helpful in determining how to go about trading at this particular time. Tune in for tips on analyzing the markets and for predictions on what’s to come.

-Amazon lost 14% of its share value
-How do you avoid sudden declines amidst the increase in volatility in the markets?
-Brent Kochuba navigates options strategies
-Anytime people get nervous in the markets, they buy put options
-They look at people trading put options to predict volatility
-Now, individual stocks are getting hit hard
-Tesla took a hit
-One of the big worries of the market right now is how many times the Fed will raise rates; a lot of tech stocks are getting beat up
-With stagflation, the economy starts slowing down, unemployment rates go up, and there is high inflation

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