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Jul 20, 2020

Seven Reasons Why Americans Aren't Fighting Back And Turning A Blind Eye To Their Country’s Destruction
Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist, Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H., says, “Our forefathers are turning over in their graves, as they watch the America they dreamed of, fought for, and shed blood to create, turn from ‘America The Beautiful’ into ‘America The Desecrated and Demolished!’”
Dr. Carole warns, “There will be a greater rise in suicides due to people seeing their world destroyed than there was from coronavirus because people don’t want to live in this ’new normal’ of seemingly unstoppable violence.” 

Seven Reasons Why Americans Aren't Fighting Back And Turning A Blind Eye To Their Country’s Destruction
1. Fear
Many Americans are understandably: afraid of being injured or killed if they physically or verbally confront violent individuals or mobs who-up to now-have been unstoppable, and afraid of seeming racist or politically incorrect if they speak out, because they aren’t aware BLM has been infiltrated by several radical groups whose aim is to create anarchy.
2, Disempowerment
When police are told to stand down-because of mayors and governors who think that not stopping anarchists will appease them and they’ll go quietly away-it emasculates and disempowers them. So, too, everyday citizens. After all, if anarchists can loot, destroy police cars and statues, and perpetrate violence - and the police run away with their tails between their legs. How can an everyday citizen feel strong enough to take on the mobs?
The traumatic experiences of 2020 have caused many of us to develop PTSD. After 9/11, studies showed that people who watched TV images of the Twin Towers falling - again and again - developed PTSD, even though they were nowhere near NYC, DC or Pennsylvania. Many Americans have been similarly glued to TV news about coronavirus statistics and patients on ventilators. So, they developed PTSD, even if they don’t know anyone who got COVID-19. Indeed, it has triggered PTSD in people who have had it from 9/11, or from serving our country in the military. We are in shock. How did Norman Rockwell’s apple pie America turn into a war zone? 
4. Denial
Some people have buried their heads in the sand, after finding all of this too overwhelming, and have simply run off to the Hamptons or had parties, pretending that they were in no danger at all and that America wasn’t being turned into rubbish. 
5. Poor Education
While we were sleeping, college professors - even at fine universities - have been brainwashing our kids - rewriting history and teaching them to believe that socialism and communism are better than democracy and capitalism. These post-9/11 generations, raised by parents who suffer from PTSD from the terror attack, absorbed their parents’ sense of helplessness and now want government to feed and diaper them. Their education apparently also lacked reading assignments of Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm, or anything written by Ayn Rand. 
6. Disorientation
Studies show that when people are disoriented, they walk in a daze in circles. The events of 2020 - which could never have been imagined, except in dystopian novels or movies, have disoriented us. The disrespect and destruction of historical symbols: statues, our flag and national anthem, have left us in no-man’s land. This was foreshadowed by Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, in which the protagonist, Winston Smith, rewrites history at the Ministry of Truth. 
7. Self-Destructiveness
The painful incessant drumbeat of coronavirus, lockdowns, the 24/7 message: 
“We’re all gonna die!”, and increasingly divisive and aggressive politics, have made some of us self-destructive. Some have turned to alcohol or drugs, while others are unconsciously surrendering, allowing anarchists to do the deed for us. Some Americans are feeling like their death is imminent, so why fight it?
Three Ways To Restore Sanity and Save America
1. Call in the National Guard to support the police and put an immediate stop to the rioting, looting, statue toppling and home invasions.
2. Create more hotlines providing free or low-cost psychiatric treatment. 
3. Air more TV and radio programs dedicated to helping people with their mental health problems - and fewer programs that have gratuitous violence. This doesn’t mean cancel Paw-Patrol because one of the character is a police dog.