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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Mar 16, 2021

All Roads Lead To Precious Metals 

Never fear more stimulus is on the way. Reddit/Robinhood are getting their checks and don’t forget the infrastructure program that’s on the way. $4 trillion coming into the market. Very stimulative and inflationary too. Cities and states are having their debts paid off by the government. Is the stimulus uneccesary? Will it be more harmful than beneficial. Lumber, copper, everything is going up. Maybe Dr. Copper is right after all. Watch out for inflation. The perception of an inflationary economy is here. What if it doesn’t work? We already have an overleveraged economy with adjustable rates. Higher rates might well slow down the economy. 

Higher rates equal lower bond prices. Real estate could take a hit from higher rates. The amount of currency in the world dwarfs the quantity of precious metals.