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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Mar 22, 2023

All successful leaders have one thing in common: a Great Aunt Edna. Mac McNeil— an author, former Military Intelligence Analyst, and leader in business—appears in this episode to talk about the ‘E.D.N.A.’ philosophy and why it is foundational to leadership. Mac was, in fact, inspired by his real Aunt Edna, but the acronym symbolizes a Leadership culture of Excellence, Doing Things the Right Way, No Shortcuts, and Accountability. The purpose of EDNA is to make people think about the culture they are fostering when managing others. As a leader, you may have moments where you are “in the wilderness,” or alone in your pursuit, but these moments can help you solidify your ‘why’ and grow stronger. Mac highlights how it looks to have an opportunity mindset—positioning clients for a successful future—and discusses the spirit of excellence that himself and his colleagues uphold. Tune in for more amazing insight from a key thought leader, and use the link below to pre-order Mac’s book. 

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