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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Jun 16, 2021

Life is transitory. Inflation, not so much, contrary to what the Fed may say. The pandemic greatly boosted savings and now consumers want to spend it. The banks have huge reserves and eventually they’ll be boosting lending. Quanity of money and increased demand which will lead to higher prices. Hotel and AirBNB prices have escalated. Octavio is saying  inflation is here to stay. The Fed is trying to manage inflationnary expectations with tepid reassurances. Can we afford to have interest rates in to 20’s like Paul Volker did in the 1980’s? Certainly the equities markets are going to tank. There’s fear in Jay Powell’s eyes. Do we need Federal Reserve Branch Banks anymore? What purpose do they really serve? Commodities, cryptos and gold/silver. Cryptos looked like a gold replacement until recently. The Fed has demonstrated a lot of antipathy towards competition/cryptos. Could be death by a thousand cuts. Gold has been underperforming with the lowest price increases over the past several years, but that could be about to change.