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Mar 29, 2022

If you’ve been to supermarkets, the gas station, and any major stores, you’ve probably noticed the record high prices being implemented all over the United States. Brad Williams comes on the show to discuss the implications of these astronomical prices: they demand that we consider what we can live without, and what things can be temporarily swapped. Unfortunately, there are many things we cannot forgo in our day to day lives. Listen in to hear Brad and I discuss this further and unpack some of the major changes that accompany inflation.

-In consideration of the sky-rocketing prices, people are forced to decide what to cut out of their budget
-Some things cannot be substituted; gasoline is one of these things
-In the capitalist economy, people find their ways around things—but options are becoming somewhat limited
-Fossil fuels are the cheapest, most effective way to power an economy, which works against the intent of eco-friendly movements
-It’s a good time to add metals to your portfolio
-Looking at commodities may be a way to hedge up your portfolio
-We’re in a commodities super cycle

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