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Jun 1, 2012 presents:

Robert Ian, of, joined us to discuss the crumbling financial system. Recoveries come and go, but foreclosures are still going up and food stamp usage continues to climb. A debt jubilee is becoming more and more likely as the keepers of the status quo run out of options. This is great if you owe money, but not so great if you're one of those rare and endangered species known as a Saver. While the meek will eventually inherit the earth, right now the banksters and their hoard of parasites are in complete control. You'll know they've become irrelevant when you see the price of gold and silver shooting up to new heights. But don't think you'll be willing and able to buy at higher prices. The opportunity is now, but most will no doubt neglect it!

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over twelve years ago

Thanks for your input. Since I'm such a stupid right climate change ass wipe and you're such a brilliant highly educated and trained climatologist, why don't you call the show and lets have a debate.

In case you hadn't realized, I have a number of guests on who have differing opinions, which we explore. If you have a better idea of where the economy is heading, I'm sure my audience would love to hear about it and would greatly appreciate your input.

Not sure if you have an economics degree, but assuming that you probably don't, hyperinflation is actually deflation. Real money like gold and silver actually see their purchasing power increase. So effectively you have hyperinflaton, but you really have deflation as the supply of real money becomse extremely small.

Hope that's clear enough for you and we really look forward to having you on show.

Regards and keep listening.


over twelve years ago

You're such a moron. One day it's "hyperinflation is coming", then it's "I think it's deflation", and now we're back to "it's not great to be a Saver" (i.e. hyperinflation coming again).

Make up your mind, you right wing, climate change denying asswipe.