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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Oct 30, 2020


Government agencies say this evening that Iran and Russia have taken actions to influence public opinion in the run up to the U-S presidential election.

The director of National Intelligence says some voter registration information was obtained by both countries while they believe Iran has sent out emails designed to intimidate voters.

But it appears that Facebook and Twitter are far more dangerous. Their behavior is the exact thing that happened in Venezuela. Failing to cover the Biden corruption stories, which detail legendary corruption by the Biden Crime Family, could be construed as an act of treason.

Long term politicians can't help but be criminals in their careers. Some states are worse than others, but Delaware has always been corruption central. 

Trump's release of transcripts during the Ukrainian brought Barisma to the public's attention and paved the way for the Biden Scandal. 

FBI refusal to pursue the laptop was completely corrupt. Wray is a passive leader and he clearly has no control. The FBI had it and he had an obligation to disclose it to AG Barr. 

The censorship backlash created a firestorm and are now going to be held to account. The debate truly did air the dirty laundry. It was truly a turning point. Anyone watching had to know that Trump was the winner. 

Now on to the election.