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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Oct 26, 2023


  • Special Guest: Craig Cecilio, the dynamic Founder and CEO of DiversyFund.
  • Vision: Crafting a world where the American Dream isn't a privilege but a right for all.

Key Takeaways:

  1. DiversyFund’s Mission: Ensuring equal opportunities for everyone to build wealth, regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds.
  2. Craig Cecilio’s rich experience spanning over 25 years:
    • Proficiency in capital raising and deal structuring.
    • Successfully conducted over 1,000 transactions across varied verticals: residential, multifamily, and commercial asset classes.
  3. The Power of Distressed Multifamily Assets:
    • Introduction to DiversyFund’s newest investment offering tailor-made for distressed multifamily assets.
    • How economic downturns can be turned into growth opportunities by tapping into affordable pricing.
  4. Economic Turmoil = Wealth Transference:
    • Historical evidence pointing to significant wealth shifts during challenging economic times.
    • DiversyFund’s in-depth whitepaper dissecting this intriguing phenomenon.


Closing Thoughts:

  • The unmatched potential of strategic investments in multifamily properties.
  • Your ticket to transform market lows into phenomenal growth is here.
  • DiversyFund is excited and ready to guide you on this transformative wealth-building journey.

Connect with Us:

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