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Apr 27, 2012 presents:

We sat down with Ty Andros today. We're both travelling so forgive the less than stellar audio quality. Even though the government would like you to believe there's nothing's happening here, just move along please. First, and most importantly, when Congress last moved to increase the deficit, they thought it would carry them till after the election. However, they were off by several months, so around 60 days before the election, they'll have to go back to an issue that is as radioactive as Fukushima. We'll see if they can put the genie back in the bottle till after the election, but it's doubtful. The implosion of Europe is moving right along and picking up steam as we speak. Freedom continues to be abolished in the US with the nearing passage of the internet security act, which of course is all for your benefit and safety. The charts continue to tell the true story of the economy, gold, and the dollar. Ignore them at your peril and always remember that with every crisis comes great opportunity. 

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