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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Nov 30, 2011

Last night I was fortunate to see Rush Limbaugh Live. The show started late due to the Occupying Wall Street folks demonstrating across the street from the theatre. But then the rain came and they left. Rush later commented that, "It was good that they were here tonight, since they finally got a shower." When the show finally started, the Maja Rushie arrived to a standing ovation and wild applause. He proceeded to launch into his usual litany of liberal bashing, which never seems to get old. He expressed true concern and a bit of fear for the United State's future.

Rush is the master of the medium. He is the undisputed king of talk radio and for good reason. Every day millions of people listen intently while he explores that latest developments on the political landscape. He is poised, has incredible mastery of the spoken word, is funny and an amazing storyteller. These qualities have garnered him great success in life, for which he should be applauded by all. His standing in the media is no accident and is certainly not due to his audience's lack of intelligence or their impressionability. He entertains without being an entertainer, a difficult feat at best. He is all-American and believes passionately in American Exceptionalism and the American Dream.

While we all know that he is sincere in his beliefs, I believe he has missed a deeper problem in society and the world at large. The lack of sound money and the corrupt fiat monetary aristocracy. But at some point he will see the light and we look forward to that day.