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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Dec 8, 2023

The meeting discussed the benefits of cost segregation studies for real estate investors looking to save money on taxes. Joseph Viery from US Tax Advisors Group explained that the study identifies shorter life assets of a property and calculates the correct cost to them, which can be written off against taxes. Viery provided an example of how a $250,000 cost segregation study can cut a $500,000 taxable income in half.

He also explained that the study is an engineering-based process that calculates how much accelerated depreciation the taxpayer is entitled to. The meeting also discussed how the process has become much easier and doesn't require an on-site review, and that they provide a no-cost estimate for the process.

The meeting also discussed how cost segregation studies can benefit condo owners, although the process is slightly different and costs $100 more. Viery emphasized that tax savings can be used to improve properties or buy more property, and that the investment is recommended if it can save investors 10 times his fee. Overall, the meeting provided valuable information for investors looking to save on taxes through cost segregation, including the fact that the IRS guarantees the process and that they offer a free estimate of potential savings.