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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Sep 22, 2023

Kerry Lutz interviewed Zev Freidus, a former product marketing manager who transitioned into real estate and used technology to build a successful business. Freidus shared how he quit his day job to focus on real estate and used his background in technology to generate leads through a website and search engine optimization. They discussed the importance of using technology to reach a wider audience and revolutionize the real estate industry. They also discussed the differences in work ethic between New York and Florida, the current state of competition in the real estate industry, and the complexities of lead generation and monetization in the real estate industry.

Furthermore, Kerry and Zev delved into the complexities of the Florida real estate market, discussing the impact of high interest rates, low inventory, and the homestead laws. They also touched on the issue of insurance and the impact of taxes on people's decisions to move to Florida. Despite the challenges, they believe that Florida real estate is still more affordable than other major cities in the US, and that the lack of income tax is a major draw for many people. They also discussed the future of Florida's real estate market, with Kerry expressing concern about the potential limits to growth and Zev offering a more optimistic outlook.

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