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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Dec 6, 2023

Derek Mazzarella, a CFP, discussed his core satellite approach to investing, which involves blending other asset classes around core holdings like the S&P 500 to help clients avoid emotional investing during volatile markets. He also shared his theories on why the market has rallied, including positive inflation numbers and above-average earnings, but noted potential risks ahead, such as unemployment and interest rates, which could impact the market. Mazzarella also discussed the impact of national debt and spending on taxes, highlighting the need to keep an eye on the amount of debt the country has and how it will impact spending in the future. Finally, Mazzarella discussed investment strategies for the new year amidst market uncertainty, suggesting investing in fixed investments like bonds for short-term investments and quality stocks for long-term investments, and paying attention to tax moves like tax lost harvesting and making gifts before the end of the year.

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