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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Nov 29, 2021

How do you make money in real estate, stocks, crypto, etc. and manage to minimize risks? I sit down and chat with Cody Yeh, who has been developing these strategies for years and advises others on this topic. He gives meaningful tips on how stocks move, the ideal times to buy and sell, and provides more useful knowledge to help you thrive in your investing. Tune in for more.

-There are a number of ways to make money including real estates, stocks, cryptos, etc.
-Risk is always a factor
-Cody Yeh has figured out a way to minimize risk and invest in worthy areas
-Yeh geared his efforts towards financial freedom and independence after graduating from university
-He had a full time job as well as a trading coach so he could participate in day trading
-With real estate investing in Canada, it’s hard to find cash flow
-With real estate and stocks, they want to be able to hold them for a long time and retain cash flow without having to sell
-Every time Tesla goes up, it then pulls back a bit
-The Tesla stock is very inflated, but the company collects major data and is in the pioneering space
-Most people want to chase the high stocks, but then panic and sell them, and this leads to people losing money—you shouldn’t just buy when something is marked at its highest level
-Focus on the top ten of the crypto
-How do you not become an options loser? You need to have the right mindset when you buy stocks—looking to make 1%-4%

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