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Dec 29, 2021

When we experience things like inflation, people tend to try and live in the moment—enjoying time away from work and stimulus checks. This cannot last forever, and today I chat with John Rubino to discuss what these inflationary circumstances mean for the future. It seems that the stock market is precariously over-valued, and will probably not thrive in 2022; gold, on the other hand, does well in these circumstances. Digital assets are also becoming increasingly prominent, which causes us to question how we view wealth and assets in general. Tune in for more.

-During the Great Depression, especially in Paris, people started living in the moment rather than merely striving for success
-This attitude is cyclical in human society
-A lot of people don’t want to return to work after having been out of the workforce for so long
-The one part of inflation that may not be transitory is wages—they’ll inevitably go up
-The metaverse is definitely a trend for the coming year
-In these circumstances, gold goes up and stocks go down
-The stock market is precariously over-valued right now
-Stocks probably won’t have a great year in 2022, but gold does well in an inflationary environment
-Assets are going digital. According to Rubino, the people investing in digital assets right now already have their physical needs taken care of. When this becomes compromised, people start re-focusing on the real
-RV sales have also been setting records every month all 2021
-Booming RV sales used to be a crash signal
-Wage and price controls are also showing through with commodities

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