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Apr 28, 2021

Jamie Keech is Founder of Resource Insider and a Partner at Inventa Capital. We sat down with him to get his latest take on resource investing. He is a copper super-bull.

Last time we spoke Jamie said to keep an eye on copper and here we are at 10 year highs. $6 copper is coming. Some analysts believe that it could go to $8-10 range. We have massively diminshed global supply and haven’t reinvested nearly enough. We’re going through the green revolution. The powers that be have made the decision to move towards green energy and away from petroleum. These transitions have taken place throughout history. They’ve always moved from less dense energy sources to more dense. Until now, we’re moving to a less dense form of energy. They’re not easy to store or transport.

You can’t  have any green transition without major increases in mining for the commodities. BC has a lot of copper. These mines are hydro-powered. Surge copper could be highly desirable, clean production, and will go for a premium.

Jamie recently joined Inventa Capital, which is designed to incubate new mining companies. It’s an extension to what he had been doing at Resource Insider, helping retail investors get into the game earlier. Platinum has been a very difficult play because the mines aren’t in particularly desireable areas of the world. These factors could be the very reasons that platinum continues its recent rise.