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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Dec 27, 2019

Auryn’s Sombrero project’s drill license should becoming any day now. When you’re dealing with governtment bureaucracies, even friendly ones, delays are inevitable. Ivan says they’re only a few weeks behind schedule. The drill plan is to commence in Q1 and they’re sticking to that schedule until further notice.  

Bonanza silver sample grades at the company’s Curibaya project have been nothing short of breathtaking. Permitting in Curibaya is far easier matter than Sombrero because of the desert like conditions and lower population density. Best of all, there’s water and electric nearby. Drilling could be right around the corner. 

Auryn is actually three companies in one, the Canadian projects, Sombrero and Curibaya, all with amazing potential. Things should really start heating up in 2020, hopefully taking the stock price with it. (In the interest of full disclosure, Auryn is an FSN sponsor and we like it so much we own the shares)