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May 31, 2018

TRUMP IS RIGHT TO SAVE ZTE Senators are lining up to tell Trump he shouldn't cut Chinese company ZTE
any slack. They're wrong. Trump is right. Here's why. 

Punishment should fit the crime
They're main argument is that the rule of law should not be intermingled with outside issues like trade negotiations. But within our system of law, "the punishment should fit the crime" is a well accepted principle. Plus, within our system, it is not unusual for the judge to have a certain amount of discretion when it comes to sentencing, including the ability to consider factors outside of the infraction at hand. This is what Trump is doing relative to ZTE.
An investigation concluded that ZTE had violated sanctions against countries like Iran and North Korea from 2011-16. ZTE has already paid a substantial fine and there are no new assertions relative to recent sanction violations. The additional penalty comes from ZTE not following through on all of its promised remedial actions, particularly dismissing employees who actually executed the violations. Because ZTE only completed part of its agreed
remedial actions, the Treasury Department decided to ban US companies from doing business with ZTE. Because so much of its key componentry comes from American companies, that punishment has an extremely severe impact on ZTE, almost a death penalty.