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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Sep 29, 2022

Gold and silver prices have gotten beaten up in the last few days/months. What is the reason for this? Todd “Bubba” Horwitz comes on the show to bring us up to speed with the precious metals, and emphasizes that we are not in the idea situation for gold at the moment. He advises buying it—but not with leveraged money. Moreover, it’s most crucial to focus on your own portfolio right now rather than getting lost in what’s happening with the rest of the markets. Tune in for more insight.

-Most investors try to make a winner out of a loser
-We have dramatic inflation and the dollar is exploding, but this isn’t the idea situation for gold
-It’s important, however, to focus on your own portfolio/finances. Not being a loser makes you a winner
-We’re coming into a major food shortage in the U.S. There are already food riots in the Middle East
-Food shortage has been underplayed/underreported in China. They now can’t buy enough food
-Todd believes in buying physical gold—as long as you’re not buying it with leveraged money
-Everyone should own a portion of precious metals—but not paper ones
-You lose your freedom if you become a victim of market volatility

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