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Kerry Lutz's--Financial Survival Network

Feb 29, 2012

Bob "The International Forecaster" Chapman is watching the precious metals raid and even he can't believe the depth and depravity of the efforts the Elite are using to stop gold and silver's rallies dead in their tracks. According to Bob, and we must agree, the raid will fail. It can't work in the long term, the underlying fundamentals show that fiat currencies are going the way of the buggy whip and the floppy disk. This is just another part of the concerted effort to try and undermine our faith in precious metals and jack up the confidence in paper currencies/ assets. But just like the London Gold Pool of the 1970's, you can't change the course of a market with platitudes. The market always speaks truth to power. 

The only way to stop the advance of precious metals, would be a massive increase in interest rates and a reversals of Quantitative Easing to Infinity. Realistically, what are the chances of this occurring? About the same as the United States and the World voluntarily going back on a gold standard. And while this may be the final result, there's a lot of manipulation and play that will take place before it happens. 

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