The U.S. economy showed much stronger-than-expected growth in the first quarter than previously thought.

GDP increased at a 2% annualized pace for the January-through-March period, up from the previous estimate of 1.3%.

The upward revision helps undercut widespread expectations that the U.S. is heading toward a recession but I am not so sure that is realistic if the Fed’s continue pushing rates higher.

We all know inflation has finally hit 4% according to the CPI but consumer spending, as gauged by personal consumption expenditures, rose 4.2%, the highest quarterly pace since the second quarter of 2021 and Core PCE prices rose 4.9% which will only fuel the Fed’s resolve to continue pushing rates higher to continue contracting the economy.

Interestingly we see that exports rose 7.8% after falling 3.7% in the fourth quarter of 2022 so demand seems to be healthy.

Though I think many investors are wanting to be bullish, now is not the time to embrace the market with both hands. 

Remember that as we begin entering earnings season many of these companies get to set their own bar, therefore it has been easier for them to look good when in reality there is underlying weakness in their earnings.

Be patient, focus on dividends (collect them or spend them) but be ready to buy as there’s likely to be more K-Mart Blue Light Specials coming.

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Jim Sheils and Kerry Lutz discussed the current state of the real estate and investment industry, focusing on the Florida market. They talked about the challenges of building affordable housing and the potential for growth in different areas of the state. Sheils provided an overview of her company's in-house financing program and the types of residential properties they focus on.

The conversation also touched on the impact of mortgage rates on investment opportunities and the scalability and desirability of new construction properties. Overall, the meeting provided valuable insights and strategies for anyone interested in real estate investing.

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Markets have been headed sideways for a while now. During Avi's last session on the show, he was of the belief that no market crash was coming in the near future. He was expecting the bounce that we eventually encountered. 

Now he believes that the market is at a turning point, either up or a significant move down. The future is always uncertain, but Avi uses his technical skills to try to get an edge. A few more market moves and he'll have a better idea. 

Let's see how it works out. 

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In a meeting between Rick Rule and Kerry Lutz, they discussed the resource sector and the upcoming  Rick Rule Symposium -- Natural Resource Investing. Rick noted that the market is bifurcating into two junior markets, with one market being populated mostly by the lame and the blind. He also predicted that the conventional energy sector will do well absent a real recession, and that the largest demand for coal was in 2022. They also discussed the global energy crisis and the need for more electricity, particularly in developing countries, and the importance of battery metals, such as lithium, in the transition to cleaner energy.

The conversation also touched on the complexities of government investment and permitting in the United States, particularly in the areas of electrification and battery metals. They explored the government's promises to invest in these areas, but also the challenges of obtaining exploration and operating permits. Additionally, they discussed the current state of the gold equity markets and how a bear market is like a sale. They emphasized the importance of attending the upcoming conference, which offers a range of speakers, living legends, and exhibitors who have built multi-billion dollar companies, and can be attended virtually or in person with access to conference recordings for six months.

Join us in Boca at the Symposium:

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Kerry and guest Charles Lubar discussed Lubar's journey from working for the IRS to representing celebrities and moving to Kenya to start a business. Lubar shared his fascination with music and his involvement with the 4th and 5th generations of Yo Hung Nepo M kmo. He also talked about his decision to leave the IRS and move to Kenya with his wife and daughter, the challenges they faced in building houses and getting into small-scale manufacturing, and the partner's sudden death that led to the government distributing the assets to miscellaneous African creditors. Despite the difficulties, Lubar believes that taking risks and experiencing new things made his journey exciting and worthwhile.

The conversation also touched on Lubar's work with foreign entertainers in London, his involvement with Michael Jackson's concert in the UK, and how he helped Michael Jackson acquire the Beatles catalog and other catalogs with pretax money. Lubar explained the technical details of the transaction and how it worked better for Michael than it would have for Paul McCartney. Additionally, he discussed the foreign side of creating partnership structures that worked better than corporate structures for Americans doing business outside the United States. The meeting also highlighted CGL's expertise in handling unique situations and their dedication to helping their clients.

Direct download: Charles_Lubar_23.Jun.23.mp3
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Martin Turenne, CEO of FPX Nickel (🇺🇸FPOCF -- 🇨🇦FPX) provided a sponsor update. The company is currently sitting on C$32 million with a good likelihood of more coming. C$16 million came in via an investment by giant European stainless producer Outokumpu. An additional C$2 million arrived via FPX’s confidential investor, to maintain its %9.9 FPX share.

Martin also discussed the significance of FPX’s newly formed global generative exploration alliance with Japan Organization for Metals and Security (“JOGMEC”), which aims to build on the successes of the Baptiste Nickel Project by identifying new large-scale awaruite nickel deposits worldwide. In furtherance of this agreement, Keith Patterson joined as VP of Exploration. He’s a seasoned mining company executive with vast exploration experience.

Martin had previously scoured the planet looking for awaruite deposits similar to Baptiste. These deposits are found in many countries; Martin has already identified the most promising targets for future acquisition. Now that FPX has proven that awaruite deposits are economically feasible, these projects have enormous upside potential.

FPX’s future is looking bright. Retail investors are starting to catch on as witnessed by the recent share appreciation. Interest among OEM’s and other nickel consumers is building. The company is moving to release its preliminary feasibility statement in September and this could well spark an explosive phase in the company’s growth.

Company website:

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During the meeting, Kerry Lutz interviewed Kevin Jefferson, a seasoned forex trading pro, who shared his success secret and how anyone can do forex trading and earn passive income. Jefferson's company, FM Trades Com, presented their passive cash flow creation system, which involves using prop trading firm capital and FMTrades' expertise as a trader to build cash flow for members without them having to invest their own capital or do the work themselves. Members pay an annual membership fee of $15,000 and receive about $6,000 to $7,000 a month in passive cash flow, with the goal of earning $50,000 to $60,000 a month in 18 to 24 months. FMTrades also discussed his trading philosophy and approach, where he is agnostic about the market and only looks for opportunities, trades only the British pound versus the Japanese yen, and is a discretionary trader who believes that the human element is important in trading.

Visit Kevin's Facebook here Kevin Jefferson

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The Fed "paused" but didn't stop? What does that mean? Are we there yet? Stocks tanked on Friday. Europe might be a big story in 2H. Recession, spiking interest rates, German deindustrialization. China meltdown continues, where will it end? San Francisco is failing, the laboratory of democracy. Violence over the weekend across the country was stupefying. Trump indictment backfires, majority of country see it as politically motivated.  The Biden recordings might be a huge deal. Or they might be buried by the MSM. The Rogan/Kennedy/Hotez thing is hilarious. 

John Rubino and Kerry Lutz discussed a range of topics, including the Fed's decision to pause interest rate hikes, Europe's financial crisis, China's real estate bubble, San Francisco's real estate market, endless war, Rfk Junior's popularity, and conspiracy theories surrounding JFK's assassination. They also shared personal updates and discussed future plans. John argued that the Fed's decision to pause interest rate hikes is not necessarily good news, and they analyzed Europe's financial crisis, including the new green deal and its potential consequences for the economy.

They also discussed China's real estate bubble, which is bigger than Japan's in the 90s and the US bubble in the 2000s, and the consequences of lockdowns in China. They touched on San Francisco's poor management and the issue of violence across the country. They reflected on the prevalence of war in US history and the potential for a nuclear war, as well as Rfk Junior's popularity and his take on vaccines and corruption within the healthcare establishment. Finally, they delved into conspiracy theories surrounding JFK's assassination. 

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Gerald Celente and Kerry Lutz discussed various topics, including the dangers of the military industrial complex, the negative consequences of US interventions in other countries, the state of the economy and real estate trends, and the JFK assassination. They criticized politicians on both sides for supporting war and sending money to Ukraine while the country's infrastructure is falling apart. Celente predicted that the equity markets would crash due to the building bust rate and high vacancy rates in office buildings, which would affect various financial institutions. They also discussed the need for diplomacy over military interventions and the lack of major peace movements in the country.

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Noted cycle analyst Eric Hadik joined us for a market overview. He believes the dollar will stay close to its current range for a protracted period of time. Interest rates have peaked and are heading lower, perhaps in anticipation of the coming election cycle. 

What affect this will have on housing is yet to be determined. Rates look like they are staying higher than they were during the housing bull market. 

Gold should have a pullback soon and then proceed higher. Depending upon the extent of the pullback, they could go substantially higher. 

Oil should see higher prices coming after its current consolidation. 

Bitcoin could see a major increase come July, if it manages to stay above the $25,000 range that it's currently occupying. 

A very interested and detailed look into the markets. 

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Federal Reserve – to hike or not to hike

Pause is expected – further notes after the release of the interest rate move

Bullish stocks, low bond yields and recovering housing market suggest interest rates aren’t that restrictive

The Fed’s mission has been to get interest rates high enough to slash inflation from its current 4% to 5% range to 2%, even if that means pushing the economy into recession and unemployment higher. If the Fed had succeeded, you probably wouldn’t be seeing these things: stocks entering a new bull market, a rebounding housing market or long-term Treasury yields well below the inflation rate.

Typically, when the Fed raises short-term rates, stock prices fall, and long-term bond yields and the dollar rise. That’s what happened for the first six months of Fed tightening in more or less textbook fashion.

But since October, all have changed direction. The S&P 500 is up 22% since last fall’s low. This reflects rising earnings forecasts and excitement about artificial intelligence

Behind the rally in stocks is a belief that inflation will soon plummet as pandemic-related distortions of prices for new and used cars, apartment rents and houses all reverse.  Then the economy will slow due to rate hikes and eventually the Fed will cut rates.

Banks are tightening lending – GDP grew 1.6% (lower then long term run rates) unemployment rose to 3.7%

Yet somehow we continue to see the economy moving forward.

Markets are pricing in a high probability that central bank policymakers will “skip” — an expression they generally prefer to “pause” — at this month’s meeting as they digest the impact of 5 percentage points worth of increases going back to March 2022.

Not an end

Inflation is dropping – good sign 4% y over y probably cemented the decision to pause

Stop to evaluate – what do the post meeting minutes say?  The details are important

Are they leaning towards raising rates further? – likely to see a rate hike in July 25-26 meeting.

What happens with GDP.  Continued improvement or a “shallow recession”.

A pause recognizes that there’s a lag between what we do and when it shows up in the economy and inflation.

What does Powell say at the press conference – probably committed to continued lowering inflation and keeping the hiking door open.  Most likely no comment about July move.

Finding the balance between enough aggression to bring down inflation while not tanking the economy is the Fed’s ultimate goal.

History suggests that central banks that pause usually commence hiking soon after they discover that inflation hasn’t been vanquished

 a recession remains the most likely case for most economists.

The risk in continuing to raise interest rates is something will break more structurally than it has so far

Then they would have to lower interest rates if they cause a recession. In the past, we’ve had very few periods where the fed funds rate went up then plateaued. Usually, the Fed overdoes it

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During the meeting, Kerry Lutz and Aaron Clary discussed the benefits of getting off the societal support and validation grid by building your own home. They argued that this approach could provide economic opportunities and valuable skills, and could be a solution to the housing crisis. They also discussed the potential mental benefits of opting-out of society and rediscovering oneself, but acknowledged that not everyone will participate in this trend.

Aaron suggested that young people should consider building their own homes instead of pursuing higher education, and mentioned the hurdles that come with this unconventional approach, such as the cost of land and the need for skills in carpentry and home repairs. Kerry shared a personal anecdote about fixing a toilet and encouraged listeners to take on household repairs themselves or find a handyman to save money. They also discussed the potential for creative financing, such as rent-to-own, and the availability of resources like YouTube for self-instruction.

In the wrap-up of their interview, Kerry and Aaron discussed where to find Aaron's work and had a brief personal chat about South Dakota and Aaron's personal life. The tone was friendly and casual, with both speakers expressing pleasure in talking to each other.

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Kerry Lutz and Eddie Gifford analyzed the latest CPI and PPI numbers, highlighting the potential for stagflation and its impact on the markets. They also discussed the ongoing FOMC meeting and the possibility of a hawkish stance from the Fed. The role of AI in investment portfolios was explored, with an emphasis on the need for interpretation of AI-generated inputs. Additionally, the importance of having a well-defined investment strategy with an exit plan and risk management in place was emphasized. They suggested dollar-cost averaging and building a position over the next 12-18 months, with profit targets and stops in place. The current state of the market was also discussed, with the suggestion that volatility is around the corner, making it important to have a plan in place.

Direct download: EddyGifford_12.Jun.23.mp3
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During the meeting, Kerry Lutz interviewed Joseph Gradante, the Founder of Allio Finance, about the company's mission to democratize access to sophisticated investing strategies. Alio Finance uses an AI-powered investment engine that utilizes machine learning and future forecasting to optimize portfolios, providing users with a flexible and affordable investment experience. The interview covered the technology behind the engine, the cost to users, and the potential impact on the market, as well as the importance of financial literacy and taking ownership of one's financial future.


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Economic historian extraordinaire is with us today to explain the credit bust, where it's heading, where we're going, and put it in historical perspective as well. As Bob explains, this credit/economic bust is just like all the others, only potentially much worse. This is great news for the US Dollar and eventually gold. But it's bad news for tech stocks and the rest of the economy. Bob believes that this ultimate credit bust will lead the world to head back to a gold stand and that's a good thing. Gone will be the days of financial engineering by the world's inept conflicted and compromised central bankers. Sound money is just a digital printing press away. 

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During the meeting, Kerry Lutz and Eddie Seidel discussed the recent job numbers and consumer credit. Eddie pointed out that the added jobs are lower paying and without benefits, and they discussed the potential impact of high levels of consumer credit on the economy. Eddie suggested being cautious with investments and hedging in sectors such as manufacturing, energy, and utilities. They also touched on the narrowness of the market and the potential for a come-to-Jesus moment with valuations. Eddie suggested that the economy may not be as strong as people are touting it to be, and that the feds may take a pause or skip an interest rate increase. They also discussed the potential impact of inflation and the importance of being cautiously optimistic.

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During the meeting, Kerry Lutz and John Rubino discussed various economic and political issues. They talked about the possibility of Europe being in recession due to revised data and how it could affect the ECB's policies. They also discussed the potential triggers for the next recession, such as the student loan crisis and predatory practices of credit card companies. The real estate bubble in China and the impending crisis that is likely to occur due to massive youth unemployment and defaults on mortgages was also highlighted, along with the potential impact on the global economy.

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Addison Wiggin was with Kerry to discuss a broad range of topics related to finance and economics. They talked about the importance of understanding big trends and positioning personal money accordingly, as well as the mistakes made during the boom and the importance of good investment practices. They also discussed the causes of inflation and how it is impacted by the reserve currency of the world, arguing that inflation is primarily a monetary phenomenon and that the Federal Reserve's policies have a global impact.

The speakers also discussed the problems with cryptocurrencies, including the collapse of FTX and the involvement of the SEC in investigating crypto fraud. They agreed that cryptocurrencies lack many of the principles of currency and are not a medium of exchange per se'. Additionally, they talked about the psychology of financial markets and the importance of self-regulation, noting that the dopamine rush that comes with boom profits in financial markets makes it very difficult to self-regulate, especially for inexperienced investors.

Free Report Anatomy of a Bust:

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Bob is an experienced franchise consultant who provides personalized guidance and support to clients throughout the entire process of Franchise evaluation, financing, and acquisition. Having spent over 30 years in franchise development and consulting, Bob has a deep understanding of the industry and is committed to helping people achieve their personal and financial goals through franchise ownership.

Bob’s expertise includes identifying his clients’ goals and preferences, researching and selecting the right franchise opportunity, helping with financing options, and navigating the legal and operational aspects of franchise ownership.

Through his decades of experience, Bob has developed strong relationships with both franchisors and franchisees, and he is known for his exceptional service and commitment to helping his clients make informed decisions that align with their unique goals and aspirations.

Whether you’re looking to exit your corporate life or explore semi-passive franchise opportunities, Bob is here to help you find your perfect match and create a brighter future for you and your family. With his guidance and support, you can achieve the greatest level of satisfaction and success through franchise ownership.



Meet Bob, one of the nation’s top franchise consultants, who is passionate about helping people achieve the greatest level of satisfaction and success through franchise ownership. With years of experience guiding clients toward top-performing franchise brands, Bob provides personalized guidance and support throughout the entire process of franchise exploration. Whether you’re looking for an exit strategy from corporate life or a semi-passive opportunity, Bob is here to help you find your perfect match and create a brighter future.


  • Why Investing in Franchises Outperforms Real Estate Investment

  • Top Franchise Opportunities That Generate Lucrative Returns for Under 200K

  • Part-Time Wealth Building with Semi-Passive Franchise Investments

  • How To Find The Perfect Franchise Fit

  • Can You Sell Your Job?

  • Insider Secrets of Successful Franchise Investors

  • Franchise Scaling Strategies for Creating Multi-Generational Wealth

  • Email:
    Phone: (610)506-0002 

           Linkedin:  in/robert-bernotas-a62290102


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Jim Masiello, the founder of insurance giant SIAA, had banks and the IRS come after him for tens of millions of dollars. He fought them for two years and was able to negotiate a deal with the IRS to pay $400 a month for ten years, which ended up being $48,000. He learned that hard work and persistence can pay off and that it is important to build relationships in business.

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Dave Dubeau helps real estate investors access private capital to grow their portfolios. He recommends bringing on a joint venture partner to share in the risks and rewards of a deal, and suggests getting featured on podcasts to show their network that they know their stuff. He also advises to keep deals simple and to educate their network about the benefits of investing in real estate.

Dave Dubeau recommends real estate investing as a long-term investment, citing its many benefits such as cash flow, mortgage pay down, forced depreciation, and multiple exit strategies. He also warns against making mistakes such as showing off the best deal ever and soliciting capital online, which can be illegal. He suggests getting an expression of interest from potential investors to increase the chances of them investing.

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Kerry Lutz and Jeremy Cordon discussed Gold Backs, a form of commodity money that is split into a thousand pieces and wrapped in a protective layer to make it nearly impossible to counterfeit. Nearly half of all small businesses approached are interested in accepting Gold Backs. Since 2019, they have become the most successful local currency in American history. They are worth four dollars each and have a 5% spread on them, tighter than silver.

Gold Back Inc. has created a product that is a series of local currencies that are tied to the Uniform Commercial Code and are exchangeable for a gold eagle. It has been sold on every continent except Antarctica and has added three quarters of a million people to the gold market in the past few years. It is sold by big metals dealers and online retailers, and more information can be found at

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Russell Stone discussed the current state of the economy with Kerry Lutz on the Financial Survival Network. He believes that the Consumer Confidence Index is a hiccup and that the market is trending down due to the decrease in used car prices, real estate prices, and unemployment. He suggests that people should have a base of their portfolio in precious metals and money market accounts that only buy T-bills. He believes that the US government is in trouble due to its debt and unfunded liabilities and that the day of reckoning is coming. He suggests that people should pull out unnecessary money from the market, buy low and high, and pay off debt. He believes that the deflationary cycle is underway and that the government will have to write off some debt in order to get the economy going.

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Roei Ganzarski's company Alithieon has developed a technology that enables authentication and verification of items without the need for etching, serial numbers, or any other form of identification. This technology uses a feature print to identify items with just a camera. BMW is the lead investor in the company, which has over 45 patents and is already being used in five distinct segments, including luxury goods, collectibles, transportation, DOD, and pharmaceuticals. The technology is robust enough to identify items even after they have been altered or scratched, and can even identify counterfeit items. The company is currently privately held, but hopes to go public in the next 24 months.

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