Kerry Lutz and James F Locke Jr discussed the banking sector and the Federal Reserve's role in it. They discussed the potential for a banking collapse and the implications of the Federal Reserve's decision to raise interest rates. They also discussed the potential for stagflation and the role of Congress in controlling spending. They concluded that the Federal Reserve will likely raise interest rates by a quarter point, but that the language used in the announcement will be important. They also discussed the possibility of the Federal Reserve cutting rates later in the year.

    • Key Points
    • Banking Failures
    • Dodd Frank Legislation
    • Federal Reserve's Unprecedented Raising of Interest Rates
    • Inflation and Economic Growth


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Esther Kuznetz and Kerry Lutz discussed financial health, which Esther defined as not having to worry about bills and having money in the bank for emergencies. They discussed how to measure financial health and how Esther helps her clients build their financial health. They also discussed how some people are in denial about their financial situation and how living beneath your means is the best way to build wealth.

Esther Kuznetz advises her clients to live beneath their means and save money for the future. She also warns against taking money out of 401Ks and suggests investing in stocks and bonds. She recommends being careful when investing and to look out for banks that may be at risk of collapse. Finally, she invites listeners to visit her website for more information.


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Joryn Jenkins is an attorney who specializes in family law and matrimonial law. She works to change the traditional system of divorce, which can be financially devastating, by advocating for collaborative divorce. She recounts a story of a client who spent over $250,000 in five years on legal fees and appeals, and emphasizes the importance of settling disputes to avoid litigation.

Joryn Jenkins and Kerry Lutz discussed the difficulties of litigation and the benefits of mediation and collaboration in resolving disputes. They also discussed the importance of finding a middle ground and the need for strong judges to help reduce the backlog of cases. They also discussed the importance of distressing people during the process and the need to remember happier times.

  • Changing the System of Divorce
  • The collaborative process of resolving disputes
  • Avoiding Litigation in Divorce Cases
  • The backlog of cases in the legal system

Important Links:


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Chris Vermeulen of Technical Trader Ltd. believes that the banking crisis is leading to dark times in the financial markets, with banking stocks collapsing and people moving their money into physical metals like gold and silver. He suggests that people invest in physical metals for long-term security, and that gold and silver could skyrocket if the banking system collapses and people lose trust in paper money.

Technical Trader Ltd. believes that a stage four decline is coming soon, which could pull precious metals down, but if gold and silver break out of their current resistance levels, they could experience a multi-year rally with huge returns. He recommends having both gold and silver as part of an investment portfolio to maximize potential returns.

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Paul Oster and Kerry Lutz discussed new scams and a new rule implemented by the current administration that will penalize creditworthy home buyers and reward dead beats. They discussed skimmers, shimmers, and cameras that are used to steal data from credit cards. They also discussed a proposal that will penalize creditworthy borrowers who are seeking FHA or federally backed mortgages. Paul suggested building new accounts and paying down credit card debt to raise credit scores.

Useful links

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Kerry Lutz and Craig Hemke discuss the effects of central bank digital currency, the importance of real interest rates in driving gold prices, and the lack of interest in mining shares over the past decade. They explain that negative real interest rates are beneficial for gold, and that the Fed is likely to cut rates, which will cause gold prices to break out. They also discuss how the Fed's rate cuts may not lead to lower mortgage rates, and how the mining sector has been underperforming for the past 12 years.

Key Links:


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Kerry Lutz and John Rubino discussed the current economic situation, which includes high unemployment, plunging lumber prices, and a shrinking money supply. They also discussed the possibility of a dollar shortage leading to deflation, and the potential for a cascade failure in the economy due to the tightening of monetary conditions. They also discussed the peculiar phenomenon of market crashes taking place during holidays.

John Rubino and Kerry Lutz discussed the consequences of Germany's decisions to open their borders and invest in renewable energy, as well as China's Belt and Road Initiative, which is a form of capital flight. They also discussed the potential of Rfk Junior challenging Biden in the upcoming election and the implications of Tucker Carlson's firing from Fox News.

More signs of a slowdown:

— Lenders are still tightening lending standards (Capital One, CarMax) 

— CRE is tanking.  Vornado Realty Trust stock at 27 year low

— Pending home sales fell for the first time since November lumber prices crashing.

— Layoffs all over the place Lyft, Disney, many more

— Oil prices skid

— M2 Money supply keeps going down


ECB set to raise rates again in early May. 

— Rates are already way up. Italy 10 year yield is 4.3%

— Is this a good time to short European stocks? 

Fed meets the same week. What happens if they both tighten?

Silver swung to a massive deficit in 2022. Is that the same thing as a "shortage" and does it mean higher prices?

RFK Jr is running against Biden, and has pretty good initial poll numbers. How will the Dems react? 

Does the Trump indictment guarantee him the nomination? 

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Dan Calandro suggests that anyone can make money on Wall Street without a broker by following his 15-stock portfolio strategy outlined in his book, "Lose Your Broker, Not Your Money". He explains that the portfolio is designed to outperform the market averages with less risk, and that it is comprised of stocks from the consumer staples and services industries.

Dan Calandro discussed his investment strategy of making decisions based on personal preferences and his example of replacing Exxon with The Southern Company. He also discussed the benefits of investing in electric utilities, particularly in the Southeast and Southwest, and recommended his book "Lose Your Broker, Not Your Money" which can be downloaded at:

Lose Your Broker


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Kerry Lutz and Dennis Tubbergen discussed the upcoming recession and the implications of the Fed's actions. They concluded that the trend of inflation will likely lead to a deflationary collapse, and that people should prepare for both inflationary and deflationary environments by investing in tangible assets such as gold and silver, and highly rated corporate bonds.

Kerry Lutz and Dennis Tubbergen discussed the effects of debt on prices and the potential for a harsh return to reality due to debt defaults. They also discussed the importance of taking control of one's own destiny and preparing for inflation and deflation. Lastly, they discussed the need to take precautions such as stocking up on food and silver coins in case of a financial system freeze up.

To get Dennis's free book go to

Visit our site

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