I sit down and chat with James West, who is currently writing about some of the effects on the price of gold—effects which all tie to the inflation our economy is undergoing. This is not a natural phenomenon by any means, and is ultimately tied to the decision to print more money as a method of quantitative easing. Tune in for more valuable insights.

-In Washington State, they’re running out of gas and expecting it to hit $10/gallon
-All commodities are going to face scarcities and shortages
-James West is writing an article oriented towards the price of gold
-It’s important to understand that the inflation we’re seeing right now is not occurring by natural means
-The main reason for stimulus is to generate fees and profits; it is for quantitative easing
-A good tip is to free yourself from bank oriented debt
-Futures have become a price leading mechanism; perceptions of the values of commodities are based on this

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Highly reputable author, attorney, speaker, and activist, Ellen Brown, joins us on this episode to touch on her solution to banking in the age of the Internet (described more in depth in her latest book linked below) which entails democratizing money and enabling the people in a digitized economy. Public information is extremely crucial to this solution in avoidance of a central bank currency where individuals’ money could be cut off at any time. Brown proposes ideas designated to rescue the future of economics amidst the prevalence of technology, so be sure to tune in to this episode for more valuable information.

-The great reset is on the way. The real question is: whose reset will line up with ours?
-The idea is that we’ll be part of a central bank currency where each person’s money can be cut off at any point
-The goal with Hamilton was productivity, development, and infrastructure. A current US bill wants to also use bonds for funding
-Public information is necessary, especially when it comes to economics

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Are markets returning back to normal, or are we in the eye of the storm? I sit down and chat with John Rubino about some of the latest happenings in the economy—some pointing to stability, and some alluding to the chaos to ensue. We discuss stablecoins, gas prices, and the most recent shifts in global currencies that present numerous potential outcomes for the markets. Tune in for more expert knowledge.

-NFTs don’t make a lot of sense from an investing standpoint
-Stablecoins are versions of Bitcoin; they are an asset that trade on the blockchain, but they represent something else; they were a vehicle for moving money all over the world
-One stablecoin blew up that was set up to maintain the value of the stablecoin at one dollar. A lot of Bitcoin was purchased to back it, but then it tanked
-The ‘everything bubble’ may be bursting; peripheral assets are behaving badly
-Think about what you own and how you can invest it; consider your gold and silver as money
-Gas prices hit record highs this week all over the country
-Taking out a mortgage to bet against the dollar is risky
-There is a big diesel shortage in the US; we don’t have enough diesel processing power, and can’t build new plants
-There is a lot more demand for Roubles in the global market, which is strengthening its exchange rate
-We will see energy prices spiking and interest rates being raised in Europe

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-It’s important to stay calm; the market is volatile and there’s a lot going on, but in the long term, the markets look positive
-Stocks in the S&P 500 should be doing well
-Blue chip stocks, Apple, and Intel look like they could go higher
-the Fed will keep tightening for the foreseeable future
-Do you buy the stocks that have held up, or the ones that have gotten beaten up and have potential?
-Some stocks have been punished but are great buys, and some that haven’t been beat up can quickly change

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-Michael Pento comes on the show to give us some insight regarding the Fed’s next move
-Everyone who was confident in January is now calling a bottom
-The market is going to bottom when the Fed changes their mind and stops trying to fight inflation
-Failure is getting rewarded rather than punished
-The Fed is still on course to hike interest rates 50 points in June and July
-Any high beta stock is going to suffer
-The decrease of growth creates a bad environment to own stocks that have little revenue
-Michael Pento is not ruling out the fact that Q2 could be negative

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-The past few days on Wall Street have been brutal, but this has been in store for months
-There are disruptions to the supply chain and lower standards of living in many countries
-His new book, The Money Revolution, took him 4 years to finish; he re-wrote certain chapters and added other ones in the process of seeing how things panned out
-The book talks about the history of money, the history of credit, and the lessons we can learn from these histories to make policy recommendations
-With creditism, the growth dynamic in our economy is based on credit creation; it must have credit growth to survive
-We discuss “the future” and why a large-scale Investment Program is urgently required
-Every generation is responsible for solving the problems it creates/inherits

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Richard Duncan

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Lawrence Lepard believes that at the base layer the monetary system we have is, is probably the largest single causation of the difficulties that we're facing as a society. And it's really getting obvious and clear right now, as we're seeing these markets blow up, you know, the bond market blow up the stock market, blow up the third bubble in 26 years.

Now we have housing. Now we've got the sovereign credit, everything bubble and it's blowing up and the reason it's blowing up as you can't taper a Ponzi and you know, the fed has created a Ponzi scheme with their paper. And they got to either keep printing, in which case it's going to become more worthless or they got to try and stop printing. Good luck on that. 

Lawrence shares much more wisdom in this interview and is a favored guest.

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-Gold prices and stock prices are down
-Silver prices are decreasing as well
-We’re seeing the start of a potential significant bear market in stocks
-We’re setting up for a bounce in the S&P
-This could also be a 20-25% decline, pushing the recession out if the Fed reverses policy and congress decides to spend money again
-Silver has broken down, but has strong support
-Everything is oversold
-You can wait on silver/gold exploration stocks to see gold rise again

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-Markets have been on a rollercoaster ride downward
-Inflation is not slowing down
-Natgas threatens to get worse; inflationary pressures are concentrated in energy prices, but they’re easing a bit
-What’s happening in the markets is an unfolding disaster—especially in the housing market
-Interest rates are going up in mortgages
-There is a housing shortage in the US, and Octavio wouldn’t be surprised to see prices come down 25-35%

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I sit down and chat with Dr. Rufus Ranking, Tactical asset allocation expert, to discuss what you can do in consideration of the turmoil the markets have been facing over the last few weeks. This method is a variation on strategic allocation, but is a lot more adapted. Exposure is reduced as assets become more volatile, which increases chances for success. Tune in for more insight.

-There’s been dramatic market turmoil in the last few weeks. What could you have done in anticipation of this, and what can you do now?
-Tactical asset allocation is a variation on strategic allocation, but we’re more frequently updating our estimates on what the world looks like
-It’s a lot more adapted; most of these approaches reduce exposure to assets as they become more volatile and go into negative territory
-Most TAA approaches focus more on price/price-related data
-Focus on price levels, recent returns, volatility, etc.
-You get most of the upside and a lot less of the downside, and get the main trend right most of the time
-When things are risky, you can reduce your exposure
-Basic approach is to look at volatility in basic assets
-Most TAA approaches use relative strength and time series momentum
-Rufus has been applying these strategies for close to 20 years

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-We’re seeing financial ignorance in the country; financial illiteracy is dominant in the US
-Vince Shorb aims to increase financial literacy and combat financial ignorance
-A large obstacle within this pursuit is the educational system
-Financial habits form early; some studies point to them forming around age 7-9
-Part of financial literacy is career planning; this especially helps when people reach the university level
-Taking advanced placement courses in high school and enrolling in a community college during the summers decreases the financial burden faced after graduating from a university
-A lot of people don’t have access to a financial advisor

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-Markets continue to implode; the resource sector is getting completely slammed
-Is it time to liquidate your mining stocks, or should you be buying more?
-We’re seeing one of the big wealth transfers of our generation
-This is the real shake-up that needs to happen
-There is a drastic change in decision making across the western world that is going to trickle down into the entire commodities sector
-It’s really expensive to find/develop a nickel mine; it’s not the same as gold
-When the dust settles and capital is pulled out of the tech sector, a lot of it will probably go to gold

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Options expert joins for a discussion of the latest market turmoil. Markets have peaked and now it's a question of how far they have to drop or perhaps when they'll stop going down. We're at an inflection point. At some point there will be a relief rally. Where we go from there is the question. 

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How do you avoid sudden declines when volatility is increasing in the markets? I have Brent Kochuba on the show to talk about this, and his expertise with navigating options strategies is helpful in determining how to go about trading at this particular time. Tune in for tips on analyzing the markets and for predictions on what’s to come.

-Amazon lost 14% of its share value
-How do you avoid sudden declines amidst the increase in volatility in the markets?
-Brent Kochuba navigates options strategies
-Anytime people get nervous in the markets, they buy put options
-They look at people trading put options to predict volatility
-Now, individual stocks are getting hit hard
-Tesla took a hit
-One of the big worries of the market right now is how many times the Fed will raise rates; a lot of tech stocks are getting beat up
-With stagflation, the economy starts slowing down, unemployment rates go up, and there is high inflation

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Ken Van Liew and I sit down to discuss how interest rate increases affect the real estate market amongst other sectors that are greatly influenced by these changes. Even though this occurrence is unideal in many areas of our lives, opportunity for investing at this moment is still very strong and demands to be taken advantage of. Tune in for more insight.

-How do interest rate increases affect the real estate market?
-Real estate will most likely stay consistent and raise in value despite the circumstances
-With the change in the commercial work environment, people may be changing their housing strategies
-Lots of people are migrating around the United States
-Interest rates don’t make as much of an impact on real estate professionals selling in more popular areas
-Hotels have not gone up nearly as much as Airbnb prices
-Even though rates are going up, opportunities to make money have never been greater; it’s important to maintain a positive mindset

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Ken Van Liew

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I invite Wolf Richter to join us for this episode, and he gives a complete run-down on the housing market—which is up 20-30%, and subject to fluctuate even more due to interest rates. We’re seeing that the current inclination (from the perspective of the courts) is to not foreclose on a property. In consideration of how prices have changed the housing market, a relatively small number of mortgages are affected by the price increase. Tune in for more expert knowledge on what to expect in this sector.

-Housing prices are up 20-30%; will interest rates destroy the housing market?
-When you look at prices, it’s always a look back—it doesn’t mean that they will stay the same way
-Mortgage applications for purchases are down 17% from a year ago
-There’s going to eventually be fewer potential buyers
-The inclination now is to not foreclose on a property; people get away with this by selling their property for a higher price
-A relatively small number of mortgages are affected by the price increase
-Rents are a much more liquid measure—especially asking rents

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Stagflation is here: GDP is shrinking while prices continue to rise.  Fed has no choice but to keep raising rates and stocks are responding normally to this, by tanking (Friday was brutal). The FAANG stocks in particular have stopped propping up the market. They led the market up and now they’re leading it down. The sign of a true leader. Housing affordability is at the worst level ever. Higher rates and higher prices must cause the housing market to slow down. The recession is already here. The understating of the inflation rate has hidden real negative GDP growth over the past 2-3 quarters. US government responds to Musk buying Twitter by launching a Ministry of Truth -- housed in Homeland Security and run by a cartoon villain.  Russia/Ukraine war is settling into a quagmire AND getting even more dangerous as Nato sends more weapons. This is clearly a Nato operation to weaken Russia.  But it might backfire on the dollar.

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I sit down with Rick Rule to discuss metals prices, the issue of permitting, and the National Defense Authorization Act—all of which are throwing the economy/nation for a loop. We kick off by discussing Elon Musk and the Biden administration, and talk about what we can expect in the near future, and recap what’s been happening in the precious metals sector. Tune in for more insight.

-What can we learn from Elon Musk? Rick admires his public utterances
-A proliferation of platforms owned by people with different points of view is the greatest freedom of speech we will ever have—giving value to Twitter
-Musk understands the latent values of social media that has the ability to monetize things
-Just because you have subsidies, doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful
-The Biden administration recently invoked the National Defense Authorization Act
-The Biden administration is concerned about the security of their material wealth

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-Markets are getting slammed again; what should we do in terms of alternative investing right now?
-Stefan got into alternative investing through website investing
-You can buy cash flowing websites for 3-5x annual profit
-Music rights are a great alternative investment class; streaming is incredibly consistent
-Under IRS rules, you can use cost recovery and get cash flow from day one is a good place to start for buying/selling websites

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-Markets have been going crazy—how do you make money when there’s blood in the streets?
-They’ve been buying inverse ETFs
-As the markets have been going down, they’ve been purchasing SPXUs
-They’re taking a hit today because markets are rising; the DOW and NASDAQ are up
-How do you know when to exit? It’s hard to know which factor is going to be the one that brings everything down
-China is singlehandedly locking up the supply chain again, which will cause a global slow-down
-We are already seeing the rationing of things like electricity in some places

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-You would think real estate prices are going up, but supply and demand are not in equilibrium
-The New York market is seeing low inventory, and lower offers than they were six months ago
-Mortgage rates will be a large factor in determining purchase prices
-Judges are less likely to sign foreclosure orders right now, so investors are trying to be cautious
-Rental income drives real estate

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-Gold, Bitcoin, and the markets have gotten hit
-The break above $6.49/46 in natural gas took the market out of a range it had been in since 2008
-The energies are all bullish, but heat has been leading the move-up recently
-Ask questions about the funds that you’re in to assess if your equity is at risk
-Gold was in a big consolidation phase from August 2020-February 2022, but we are no longer in this consolidation

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We sat down with Trillion Energy’s CEO Arthur Halleran for a long-awaited sponsor update. Trillion’s Black Sea drill program has been funded via a recent oversubscribed C$18mm placement. The drill rig is on order and all necessary equipment and materials are paid for. Art anticipates spudding of the first well in July and he’s to have 17 producing wells in place. There’s also upside exploration potential as well, but Trillion is focusing on the proven reserves and production first.

Some dilution resulted from the required financing. However, unlike most such stories, the increased shares have been more than offset by the $18 (per thousand cubic feet) price they're getting, nearly triple last year's price. With recent geopolitical issues, there’s little chance that Natgas’s price will decline in the foreseeable future. Thus, the potential payoff to shareholders is substantial.

We also covered the company’s Bulgarian project. Art estimates there's 1 trillion cubic feet in this coal bed methane project. Bulgaria's Natgas price stands at a record high $27. The drilling technology to capture this gas is available and Art knows how to get it done.

The past pandemic year has been a difficult one for Trillion. Financing became difficult to finalize, but Art never lost faith. Now the road ahead is looking better than ever, which is why this company remains our largest holding. Ticker Symbols OTC: TRLEF — CSE: TCF

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-Markets and the precious metals sector are taking quite a hit; what is in store?
-Several months ago, the markets were looking good, but then we had a failed rally
-Silver is showing weakness after showing relative strength for a couple months
-We’re probably going to get a bounce in Gold around 1950/1920
-The Dollar is a safe haven currency for a reason
-Whenever there is chaos in the market, it hits the metals and mining stocks
-8.5% drastically understates the real rate of inflation
-Export driven economies crumble when inflation goes up extremely
-The Keynesian model is collapsing
-The Internet hyper-charged global growth

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