-In spite of lower earnings, we’re getting a market bounce. Avi Gilbert comes on the show to give us an idea of what’s going to happen. Moving in the opposite direction of what was expected, we’re seeing a rally that could last a few more weeks. During a time like this, it’s easy to get swayed by the news, but Avi asserts that following charts and markets can help you pinpoint the highs/lows. Tune in for more insight on what’s to come.

-We’ve done the opposite of what everyone expected, and we could rally for a few more weeks
-Avi is watching how the rally takes shape in order to determine if we’ll see a higher high over 4800 or not
-Tune out of the news and listen to the charts and markets
-It’s the interpretation of the market participants that will drive what happens
-Silver possibly has a lesser potential for already hitting its low
-With energy, Avi is questioning if the low has already been struck
-Avi doesn’t believe that bonds are completely dead right now, but this is subject to change

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How much longer will we have to endure the treacherous economic waters? Adrian Reid comes on the show to give us some insight on the how these trends will play out in the near future, reminding us of some of the factors that contribute to a bear market. It’s more important than ever to study market history and know what the markets are capable of in these conditions. Tune in for more knowledge and tips from Adrian.

-We’re in a category five economic storm around the globe, creating treacherous waters for investors
-How much longer will this trend continue?
-If we don’t get inflation under control, bad things are going to happen
-The biggest up days and strongest rallies occur in bear markets. It’s important not to be fooled; be wary of jumping on board
-Many traders/investors lack patience, which is their biggest downfall. In the markets, you have to adopt a long-term view\
-Look for long-term change in a trend and lower volatility
-Market volatility remains high, but we’re not in a bull market
-Knowledge of market history is crucial. It’s important to look at charts (i.e. DOW, S&P) and study them at a granular level
-Eventually, we’re going to have to start looking for a bottom, but it’s important to be patient

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