Ken Van Liew and I sit down to discuss how interest rate increases affect the real estate market amongst other sectors that are greatly influenced by these changes. Even though this occurrence is unideal in many areas of our lives, opportunity for investing at this moment is still very strong and demands to be taken advantage of. Tune in for more insight.

-How do interest rate increases affect the real estate market?
-Real estate will most likely stay consistent and raise in value despite the circumstances
-With the change in the commercial work environment, people may be changing their housing strategies
-Lots of people are migrating around the United States
-Interest rates don’t make as much of an impact on real estate professionals selling in more popular areas
-Hotels have not gone up nearly as much as Airbnb prices
-Even though rates are going up, opportunities to make money have never been greater; it’s important to maintain a positive mindset

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I invite Wolf Richter to join us for this episode, and he gives a complete run-down on the housing market—which is up 20-30%, and subject to fluctuate even more due to interest rates. We’re seeing that the current inclination (from the perspective of the courts) is to not foreclose on a property. In consideration of how prices have changed the housing market, a relatively small number of mortgages are affected by the price increase. Tune in for more expert knowledge on what to expect in this sector.

-Housing prices are up 20-30%; will interest rates destroy the housing market?
-When you look at prices, it’s always a look back—it doesn’t mean that they will stay the same way
-Mortgage applications for purchases are down 17% from a year ago
-There’s going to eventually be fewer potential buyers
-The inclination now is to not foreclose on a property; people get away with this by selling their property for a higher price
-A relatively small number of mortgages are affected by the price increase
-Rents are a much more liquid measure—especially asking rents

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Stagflation is here: GDP is shrinking while prices continue to rise.  Fed has no choice but to keep raising rates and stocks are responding normally to this, by tanking (Friday was brutal). The FAANG stocks in particular have stopped propping up the market. They led the market up and now they’re leading it down. The sign of a true leader. Housing affordability is at the worst level ever. Higher rates and higher prices must cause the housing market to slow down. The recession is already here. The understating of the inflation rate has hidden real negative GDP growth over the past 2-3 quarters. US government responds to Musk buying Twitter by launching a Ministry of Truth -- housed in Homeland Security and run by a cartoon villain.  Russia/Ukraine war is settling into a quagmire AND getting even more dangerous as Nato sends more weapons. This is clearly a Nato operation to weaken Russia.  But it might backfire on the dollar.

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-Markets are getting slammed again; what should we do in terms of alternative investing right now?
-Stefan got into alternative investing through website investing
-You can buy cash flowing websites for 3-5x annual profit
-Music rights are a great alternative investment class; streaming is incredibly consistent
-Under IRS rules, you can use cost recovery and get cash flow from day one is a good place to start for buying/selling websites

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I sit down with Rick Rule to discuss metals prices, the issue of permitting, and the National Defense Authorization Act—all of which are throwing the economy/nation for a loop. We kick off by discussing Elon Musk and the Biden administration, and talk about what we can expect in the near future, and recap what’s been happening in the precious metals sector. Tune in for more insight.

-What can we learn from Elon Musk? Rick admires his public utterances
-A proliferation of platforms owned by people with different points of view is the greatest freedom of speech we will ever have—giving value to Twitter
-Musk understands the latent values of social media that has the ability to monetize things
-Just because you have subsidies, doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful
-The Biden administration recently invoked the National Defense Authorization Act
-The Biden administration is concerned about the security of their material wealth

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-Markets have been going crazy—how do you make money when there’s blood in the streets?
-They’ve been buying inverse ETFs
-As the markets have been going down, they’ve been purchasing SPXUs
-They’re taking a hit today because markets are rising; the DOW and NASDAQ are up
-How do you know when to exit? It’s hard to know which factor is going to be the one that brings everything down
-China is singlehandedly locking up the supply chain again, which will cause a global slow-down
-We are already seeing the rationing of things like electricity in some places

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