Ed Karr successful professional investor says always be humble. Be happy to pay taxes on your winnings. Losses aren’t taxable. Everyone misses opportunities when looking in the rearview mirror. In 2009 Ed had a tip on Bitcoin and blockchain. He purchased his first Bitcoin at less than $20 and sold it at 10x later for a stupendous profit, as it went to $65000. Ed admits that at times he’s taken profits too quickly. In 2004 Ed helped finance a Canadian Uranium producer that went sky high. He sold everything and the stock doubled again, but he still made a lot money. Trying to buy at the low and sell at the high is hard. Look at the company, is it the right structure at the right time? US Gold Corp is exactly the kind of company Ed is talking about. 7mm shares with a very small float. And it’s listed on the NASDAQ and highly liquid. And it’s got a great asset, the CK Gold project with a PEA and an upcoming PFS. And an amazing CEO - George Bee. $11 per share and $77 million market cap, with major assets on the books, means this could be a big winner. Know what you know and know what you don’t know and get the experts who do. 

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Stock markets were mixed in June: Dow was flat at 34503, S&P 500 added 2.3%, Nasdaq was up a huge 5.5%, Russell 2000 up 1.9%, TSX added 3.3% TSX.V up 2.2%. VIX down to a stable 15.65. Dollar reversed course and was up up an impressive 2.8% to 92.35 and Euro was down 3%. 10 Year is yielding 1.45%. Bitcoin was down another 5.3%. Gold was slammed 7.29% to 1770. Silver was off 7% to 26.10. Pt down a massive 9.8%. Pd was off slightly .6% for the month to 2712. Copper corrected 8% to $4.24, after hitting a 10 year high in May. Oil was up big, WTI up 10.8% to 73.47. Brent up 7.9% to 75.13. Natgas shot up another 22.1% to 3.65. Uranium rose 3.3% to $32.33, extending the up trend. 
Ratios:  Au:Ag normalizing at 67.8, Pt:Au .60, Pt:Pd .39 (going lower still) BRT:WTI 1.02, WTI:HH 20.1 and AU:WTI 24.1, getting back to it's historic levels.  
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We sat down with Pat Varas CEO of Norden Crown Metals (sponsor). He just completed a financing. We wanted to connect  with him to see where the company is heading. (We are shareholders)

Pat is optimistic about the world-class Gumsberg VMS project in the Bergslagen district. Norden Crown is focused on advancement of the multiple mineralized trends there. The project looks to be rich in zinc and silver. The application of modern mining techniques to this under-explored area will bring major results. It’s a broken hill type deposit, which means the deposit could be quite substantial. Since the 1200's, the area has had a long mining, prior to any uses for zinc. For theses reasons Pat says, “The prospectivity [is] fantastic.”

In Norway Norden is joint venturing on a very promising copper project. Due to the world’s quest for expanded electrification, increased copper demand is virtually assured, a major plus for the company.

Zinc is also a metal in tune with the electrification theme. Great progress been made in zinc-air battery development. It could eventually rival lithium, especially for large-scale storage batteries that will hold many mega-watts of electricity. 

As it happens, Scandanavia has a rich history of mining and their rules are quite favorable. The permit procedures in place allow an applicant to obtain permits in as little as 6 weeks. Infrastructure is high quality and there’s a sense of certainty in dealing with these countries, you just need to rigorously follow the rules. 

He expects to embark on an ambitious drill program this summer and is currently sourcing drilling equipment and expects a quick start. 

Pat has positioned Norden to Crown to take advantage of favorable metals market trends and lead the company forward to success. 

Company website: www.nordencrownmetals.com  Tickers: TSXV:NOCR - OTC:NOCRD - FRA:03E

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The more you can control your desires, the more you can control your financial life. Remote work opportunities give you the opportunity to live in lower cost areas and thereby improve your living standard and your ability to save. Good reliable talented people are harder than ever to find. And that means opportunity for people with a great work ethic and a desire to succeed. States that don’t levy an income tax can provide greater opportunities than other high tax states. Low/no tax states are seeing amazing growth and high job opportunities. Time to take ownership and responsiblity for your life, regardless what the government says or does. It’s the only route to long-term success. Jeff is a low-risk person. He’s invested in instruments based upon his needs, taking the least amount of risk to cover his needs. Zero interest rates are a real challenge to that effort. Energy, utilities, staples and other essentials are a good safe place to be. 25-75% in equities, using Benjamin Graham’s rule of thumb. 

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What is The Investor Protector?
Forty years of work and a lifetime of savings. Many of us strive for these goals when we retire. No one can steal the years, but the money? The savings you earned to spend time with loved ones and live comfortably on your terms? Your savings could be gone instantly with one innocent error: trusting the wrong person to invest your money. It wasn’t until David Meyer took on his first investment fraud case at twenty-eight that he truly understood the decimation caused by devious financial advisors. After winning a record-breaking jury verdict, David has been battling fraudulent financial advisors for more than two decades. Now, in The Investor Protector, he shares the stories of good people enduring unthinkable loss. These are stories
of hard-earned success, unbelievable deceit, and avenging triumph. You’ll learn not only how David has helped his clients regain their savings and peace of mind, but what you can do to protect yourself—and those you love—so the future looks as bright as you planned it.

For more info go to www.InvestorClaims.com.


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Frank Bashore joined from ABR First Capital LLC, lends to small businesses working on Federal Government Contracts. There’s none of the traditional loan qualification process, it’s based strictly on invoices sent out for payment. 

They raise capital from individuals, accredited and non-accredited investors. They’ve filed with the SEC and have their regulatory ducks in a row. They are offering a 10 percent return to investors who put money in their company. They also fund city, state and federal contracts. There’s no write-offs on government contracts, even in the case of bankruptcy. Frank’s been in the business for over 20 years. Banks typically run the other way when it comes to small business. He saw what a great business it was and branched out on his own. Call him 833-845-4644. Cell number 915-478-2438. 

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Crosscurrents everywhere, nothing is clear. Is inflation really receding? 1970’s all over again. A lot of it was driven by commodity price inflation. We’re still going to see big inflation for years. 

— Inflation high but commodity price trends moderating (lumber, grains, some metals down in the past couple of months). Fed says don't worry, everything will even out. BofA says 4 years of hyperinflation.

— GDP growth is pretty high but jobs are disappointing and home sales falling. Are we overheating or rolling over? 

— Unemployment benefits running out and employment rising in states cancelled that cancelled the bonus benefits. The states that got rid of extended unemployment benefits first are seeing the strongest employment growth.

— Covid lockdowns ending but new variant causing trouble in other parts of the world. Is it over or is some new phase starting? Reporter writes about seeing families out shopping maskless, says it's like being in a horror movie. 

— Miami Beach Condo Collapse, an excuse for CNN to shift from Covid to climate change. How convenient. 

— Wuhan Lab theory is back in vogue. A lot of info points to the non-natural origins  of the Covid 19 virus. 

— Gold prices took a hit. Just a case of sell in May and go away? Mining stocks are down while the metals aren’t moving much. 

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Master of change and all around good person Robert Ian joined us after a long hiatus. Robert did a weekly commentary for Goldseek Radio from 2007 to 2020 that was followed by thousands. We discuss the the pandemic and how people's lives have forever changed. More importantly we discussed actions that individuals need to take to move ahead with their lives in the "new" normal. It was great to have Robert back on the show.  

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Jordan was unfazed by the recent decline in gold. He was looking for a pullback, although not to the extent of the recent decline. Silver had been leading but failed to breakout which was a sign of a decline. Jordan says we’ve been building a bullish cup and handle pattern and it continues unabated. It’s still in a super-bullish trend that will take time to build. How much longer is anyone’s guess. Jordan thinks we’re at least half way through this consolidation. It’s very frustrating because gold didn’t hold near its high. The recent decline defies comparison to other historic declines. Could this be a repeat of March 2020? Bob Hoye nailed the decline. 

At least precious metals haven’t been slammed like cryptos with an over 50 percent decline from recent highs. It was reminiscent of the dot com bust. Bitcoin could be dead money for several years. People are going to realize cryptos are not a replacement for precious metals. Bitcoin has performed the best when the stock market has trended much higher. Bitcoin has been lagging gold through several cycles. 

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Rich’s firm was founded during the 2008 financial collapse. He remembers it well along with a number of other crashes and bear markets over the years. He’s all about protecting wealth  and helping investors keep their hard won gains. While you may do well in the long run just staying the course, investors have difficulties watching their losses pile up. Rich says that new programs available to investors, you can get downside protection without sacrificing the  majority of the upside. At the end of the day, you give up very little upside. 

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Quit thinking about normal, think about life. You need to think differently or you’ll be stuck in the past. How it used to be is of no concern. Those who figure it out are going to be on easy street. Do you see opportunities or are you a victim of circumstances? Don’t spend time on conspiracy theories, you can’t do anything about it anyway. It’s time to move on. If your business went south, it’s time to put it behind you and get on with it. There are new rules. The saddest thing is that there are 330 million people constrained by new rules and regulations. Governments are hindering the gig economy but cannot stop it. We’re going to see lots more regs for the purposes of tracking people and their income. Corona really drove globalization. All over the world. Make it easier for your customers to do business with you. Avoid friction to maximize sales and revenue. 

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Zack went from washing windows to generating true wealth in real estate. Don’t get this wrong, he had a successful window washing business, but real estate is much better. He was a successful youtuber teaching people how to properly wash windows. However he was living paycheck to paycheck and had no net worth. He was inspired by Robert Kyasaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad book. In 2012 he was pre-approved for a $70,000 loan and bought a $55,000 duplex and did sweat equity to rehad it. He rented out half and lived in the other half. He was in his early 20’s at the time. He wanted to do more. He then learned about wholesaling. As a window cleaner, he didn’t have a solid balance sheet. He found off-market distressed properties, a business model which required little or no cash. His first deal netted $10,000 profit. He’s made over $800,000 in fees. He made $93k in Florida, starting with just $1000. The goal was just $40,000, so he more than doubled it. Now he’s on a mission. He wanted to show people that anyone could do it. He started doing driving for dollars, riding around his neighborhood looking for houses that were suffering from physical neglect. 

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James Stroud, the father of the Stealth crypto currency joined us for a discussion of Bitcoin and cryptos. We discussed the Bitcoin cycles and James attributes much of Bitcoin's recent losses to it's most recent halving, the process whereby production of new Bitcoins is decreased by 50 percent. All its prior declines have been followed by similar crashes. He's not sure that 65000 was the ultimate high from which it will crash.

He developed Stealth for rapid transactions, enhanced privacy and energy efficiency, exactly what Elon Musk is looking for. Let's see if it replaces Dogecoin as Musk's favorite crypto. 

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The “old” Normal was fun, but how fun was it really. The commute was a killer and took its toll on the family. We were all working harder and making less. Time was at a premium and so was spending time with your family. The focus on consumption was all enveloping. We now defend on many other countries for vital resources. Off-shoring had many destructive impacts upon our economy and your health. Unhealthy food is highly profitable. Now we can start eating real food. Local communities are encouraging local food production. Detroit is leading the way of urban healthy food production. 


The pandemic has shone a light on what was really happening to your health. Sick (health) care has been exposed for what it really is. Big pharma is going to take a hit. Now it’s no longer a matter of you being a captive big-pharma consumer, till death do you part. 

Same with lousy high-stress jobs. Another contributor to bad health and misery. It’s a net plus for the gig economy and the alternate economy From the 1970’s to the present $50 trillion transferred from labor to capital. Built-in obsolence could well be coming to an end. Witness Tesla and Apple. Appliances go bad in a few years, where they used to last decades. It’s an erosion of quality and durability. The global supply chain will never go back to normal, and that’s a good thing. 

Hopefully government regulations will foster in the new normal. Things like battery recycling and resource are the future. Growth doesn’t have to come from waste. 

What’s next for Charles, a labor backed crypto? 

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I missed an important anniversary, FSN's 10th! Hard to believe I've been doing this for 10 years now, over 7000 episodes later. Not many podcasters have been around as long as I have and fewer still have done that many shows. I only have you to thank. It's been an amazing ride, with amazing friends, some of whom I consider among my closest. I have met so many people that I would have never come into contact with in my old life. It has been an amazing decade and I'm not about to slow down now. In fact, I'm going to pick up the pace and improve the show. There's nothing else in the world I'd rather be doing than this. Special thanks to my producer Melissa for being there all these years. Here's to the next 10 years!

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Justin Huhn runs Uranium Insider and a new guest. He’s looking for a new bull market in Uranium. Since Sprott has taken over the Uranium Participation Corporation, spot deliveries will now have to take place in a much shorter time frame, whereas they used to take place in a 12 month time period. This should have very bullish consequences. Uranium prices must double to make many producers economically viable again. New York State aside, demand will increase as will nuclear power plant demand. Nuclear power is the safest form of energy ever produced. The newest generation of small modular nuclear power plants are virtually foolproof. Nuclear energy is also the answer to carbon emissions. The green left is starting come around to embrace nuclear power and that’s a big positive surprise. 54 reactors are currently being built around the world, mostly in China. Over 400 projects are under active consideration. 2-4 years is the timetable, when things will really heat up, so better to be poised for the inevitable run up in prices. 

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Life is transitory. Inflation, not so much, contrary to what the Fed may say. The pandemic greatly boosted savings and now consumers want to spend it. The banks have huge reserves and eventually they’ll be boosting lending. Quanity of money and increased demand which will lead to higher prices. Hotel and AirBNB prices have escalated. Octavio is saying  inflation is here to stay. The Fed is trying to manage inflationnary expectations with tepid reassurances. Can we afford to have interest rates in to 20’s like Paul Volker did in the 1980’s? Certainly the equities markets are going to tank. There’s fear in Jay Powell’s eyes. Do we need Federal Reserve Branch Banks anymore? What purpose do they really serve? Commodities, cryptos and gold/silver. Cryptos looked like a gold replacement until recently. The Fed has demonstrated a lot of antipathy towards competition/cryptos. Could be death by a thousand cuts. Gold has been underperforming with the lowest price increases over the past several years, but that could be about to change. 

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Mish is very upbeat on XRP, a/k/a Ripple. It’s got a number of investment uses and great tech applications. Mish likes being able to chart the cryptos and their buy patterns. Are cryptos just another Nifty 50 stock type boom? Should you HODL? Mish explains how to trade parabolic moves. Get in early on a chart signal and a strong fundamental argument. Keep risk minimal. Then as it goes parabolic, take profits on the up move. Once the public gets sucked in it’s already time to get out.

Just when you thought it was safe to swipe your credit card, Inflation has come roaring back. Paul Tudor Jones came out saying inflation is here to stay. It’s going to be a factor and a threat to fiat currency, especially because of Bitcoin. Mish’s take is that gold and silver are going to much higher in the near future. It’s going to follow commodities and could go parabolic. The gold to silver ratio has flipped. What will the Fed do? Raising rates will kill the economy, keeping them low will threaten the dollar. Where’s the growth going to come from? It’s gotta come from somewhere, but no one knows where right now. 

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Jobs picture improvement is slowing down. There have been two misses in a row. Jobs recovery is much slower than expected. It will take months to achieve the pre-pandemic. Gold and silver should see improvement as the economic numbers lag. Phil is expecting a rise over $30  but he’s not seeing it rising to new highs. He’s been buying March options utilizing calculated risk, taking a small risk for a large potential gain. He’s helping people actually take delivery on the Comex. He’s looking for corrections to then acquire and exercise to take delivery. Usually they get out of the contract the day before expiration. It’s a good way to acquire commodities at or near spot. Copper has been the best performing commodity during the pandemic, especially in light of recent supply disruptions. It’s all about China’s economic numbers. Phil believes that copper could well run into shortages, not to mention inflation reawakening. As long as there are supply chain disruptions, copper is at risk. Lumber prices are coming down, demand has already receding. Homebuilders were hedging their position earlier on to lock in profits. Make sure you subscribe to Blue Line Futures morning report. It’s a great overview of the economy and commodities. 

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There’s a new way for foreign entrepreneurs to obtain at least temporary residency in the US, the Start-up Visa. If you’re a foreign entrepreneur and have obtained investor backing, this program could be for you. As with everything having to do with immigration, the rules are complicated, but the intent is to attract foreign entrepreneurs to the United States and have them build successful businesses. This new program which was instituted by rulemaking authority could be a net positive to the country and certainly those taking advantage of it. It’s ashamed that Congress can’t get this done on its own, but so goes modern America and its failed politics.

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George’s contribution to restoring normalcy is his Rebel Capitalist Live taking place in Miami. It’s happening on June 11-13. It’s great for people to be getting together and to connect fact-to-face. There’s something about meeting personally and looking them in the eye and talk one on one. The dystopian world is shaping up before our very eyes. What is wealth? It’s not what’s in your bank account, which is simply a bank’s liablity. Currency units do not equal wealth, otherwise Venezuela would be one of the wealthiest countries in history. It’s all about what money or currency can buy. We can see the damage that stimulus and government have inflicted. Will it create an environment where more goods and services are created and sold, or less? They’ve created a major labor shortage because people are staying home and getting paid more for doing nothing. Over the long run does this create wealth? Obviously the answer is no. Which means higher consumer prices making people poorer in the long run.

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Our next guest is someone you’re probably familiar. He started life in the polio ward at Belview hosp in NY. Became a courrier for mob boss Frank Costello, had a hot torrid affair with Marilyn Monroe, a close personal friendship with Frank Sinatora, knew the Kennedys and has kept popping in history much like Forest Gump, whenever something major was happening. But you probably know him best as Carlo Rizzi in the Godfather, Gianni Russo is here with us now. Sorry Gianni, I can’t even begin to do your story justice in such a short period of time. Gianni is the author of Hollywood Godfather, a multi-year bestseller.

We explore his early beginnings in a New York City polio ward, his association with mob chieftain Frank Costello, his involvement in the JFK assassination, his torrid affair with Marilyn Monroe and her untimely suspicious death. Gianni goes into what happed with the RFK assassination and Sirhan Sirhan’s, brainwashing. And his run in with Narco Terrorist Pablo Escobar and how he managed to escape certain death at his hands.

Truly a fascinating life and one that Gianni says he has no regrets about.

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The Fed’s efforts to create inflation have succeeded beyond their wildest expectations. They’ve created $4 trillion and their balance sheet is $8 trillion. We had tremendous amounts of helicopter money raising stock prices and home prices. Enhanced unemployment, mortgage and rent forebearance, student loan deferrment are all coming to an end. That’s the fiscal cliff. The monetary cliff is already happening. Tapering will resume with the end of bond purchases, probably starting in October. Imagine when the consumer starts having to actually pay their mortgages, credit card bills, etc. The economy is reopening, leisure and hospitality will boom. People got more money for staying home than they would have gotten were they working. It’s all coming to an end in 2022. 

Michael is a self-proclaimed gold bug, inflationista and a dollar bear. Major inflationnary booms followed by deflationary busts. There’s no taking away the punch bowl. What is the Fed going to do now? You better have a long-term inflation strategy. We’re at peak growth and peak inflation now. But that will change shortly. Odds are good for a major credit crisis and repo meltdown is coming. You can’t trust the Fed. 

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Get ready for 3 percent inflation. According to Jim Welsh we’re going to see treasury yields sink, along with gold and silver, commodities and then we’re going to see them go higher. S&P will be vulnerable to a 10 percent pullback and then comes another rally. Look forward to another dollar rally. It’s now completing an A-B-C pullback and then we’re going to see it improve. Rates go up in 2022, maybe two hikes. Yuan is getting ready for a pullback. China doesn’t want a strong Yuan. And Bitcoin will drop to $28k. And then it will go up and make another high, so be prepared. 

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The rise of the retail investor during the course of the pandemic has led to rising Meme Stock prices. Small investors have banded through Reddit and other message boards to take on the short sellers. These types of things have happened before and will again. There’s a lot of momentum behind these stocks. For now, small investors rule. 2022 will be tech a year. Value stocks have been doing well and should continue for a while. They’ve been out of favor for many years and now they’re back. 

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