In this Triple Lutz Report, I focus on what has been an increasingly prevalent topic in today’s economy: non-transitory inflation. The fed has been telling us not to worry, but the current trends say otherwise. So many commodities have already shot up in price, and more are on their way up. Tune in to hear some analyses and predictions regarding the economy, and to get an idea of what to expect in the coming months and years.

-Non-transitory inflation is the subject: the fed has been telling us not to worry, but it looks as if the situation is not getting better
-Inflation never went away—we’ve had it since the federal reserve was created, after WWI, and after WWII
-In 2020, 38% of all NatGas used in the US went towards generating electricity
-We’re going to see higher electric prices soon
-Heat is also going to rise in price
-Your largest annual expenditure is taxes—especially with indirect taxes that are hidden from consumer view
-Costs of commodities are going to increase exponentially (i.e. appliances) and your choices are limited
-Food prices are also being driven higher—and the government excludes it from the consumer price index
-The fed will have to choose the economy or the currency
-Whoever has the gold makes the rules
-US sales of guns and ammunition have catapulted forward
-All of the low trends are coming to an end—it’s time to decide what you can do to protect yourself and your family

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David Morgan comes on the podcast to give us insight on the markets. We tackle inflation—which is not so transitory after all—the future of the dollar, the Chinese real estate debacle, and the precious metals market. A lot is changing and there will probably be many unintended consequences that our nation needs to prepare itself for. Tune in to find out more about what’s to come where the markets are headed.

-Inflation is not so transitory; what does this mean for the economy and your ability to accumulate wealth?
-By definition, inflation is an increase of the money supply. We’ve done this by about 20% since the new administration came into office—but it’s been this way for years
-The deficit keeps increasing
-If you don’t trust the dollar today, why would you trust the future dollar?
-When you control the price of money, you control everything
-If interest rates are near zero, this means that money has become less valuable
-There will probably be many unintended consequences with cryptocurrency and Chinese real estate
-The US market has not taken hold of these consequences yet
-Oil is reflecting what’s happening in the economy
-Platinum is going to go higher than Palladium
-The metals market in the worst of times will do well
-Must look at where the market is going with goods like electric cars
-China real estate is in big trouble

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John Rubino and I catch up on all things in the economy starting with false information in the media—we are not receiving honest commentary on inflation, which could lead to other problems down the road. Furthermore, we discuss some of the effects of inflation in sectors such as energy, and discuss issues surrounding the Chinese real estate market and what could potentially happen.

-Is gold going to have its rally? When is it going to happen?
-Joe Rogan exposed CNN for giving false information to adhere to their own agenda
-The mainstream media is losing popularity and credibility
-Attention is shifting from corporate networks to independent journalists
-The media has lied about inflation—these lies can be fatal
-$80+ per barrel oil
-Heating bills in American homes are predicted to rise
-The whole energy complex is in an inflationary spiral
-How long does this have to continue before we see it as a psychological market shift?
-People are buying things in fear of not being able to get them later at a reasonable price
-You need to hold assets that are going to go up
-It’s better to be a debtor in an inflationary period
-Developing countries are terrified of inflation in ways that we are not
-Labor has the power to start clawing back some of the wealth taken from it
-Renting is going to be a really difficult thing to do—they will be set by people charging as much as possible
-The Chinese real estate market is the largest asset class
-Chinese real estate and US treasury seem connected


John Rubino 10-18-21

Americans’ heating bills to soar up to 50% this winter
Oil is over $80 a barrel.

Labor flexes its muscle as leverage tips from employers to workers   (wage inflation) Labor unrest is making a comeback in the USA. Wages going up is a really bad thing as far as the Fed is concerned.

Emerging market central banks raising rates because inflation is deadly there (this is big)

Potemkin store shelves

Renters are getting squeezed. Hedge funds are buying up the available housing stock and will squeeze the renter class.

Chinese real estate bubble is bursting, perhaps the largest bubble in history and creation. 75% of household assets are wrapped up in real estate.

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Inflation is affecting many areas of the economy, so how do you ensure that it doesn’t affect your retirement plan? I interview Jim Sloan to discuss this topic so that you can live life your terms in these inflationary circumstances. It’s important to educate yourself on this topic and know the facts, and look into valuable retirement plans that will benefit you in the long run. Tune in to hear more from myself and Sloan on this topic.

-Will your retirement keep up with inflation? Even with a decent return, you may face problems
-How do you live life on your terms in inflationary circumstances? It’s important to become informed and make financial decisions based on logic and actual facts
-Many peoples’ incomes are not keeping up with inflationary factors
-Inflation will probably remain around 5% in most advanced economies
-We are having increased inflation, but people should not necessarily worry about hyper-inflation
-Old models cannot be used anymore
-Fixed annuities and index annuities are worth looking at
-Not many people want to plan their income based on a life insurance policy
-Almost every insurance policy is not designed or funded correctly
-Index annuity gives client the greater potential to earn the 5%
-This year, social security benefits are going up
-A lot of people don’t know the optimal age to take social security, and this is the most important component of social security

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Are you trying to be successful in real estate? In this episode, Douglas Beck shares his insights into the real estate market and valuable experiences that are relevant to those looking to grow within this market. It’s a tough time to try and do wholesale flips and fixing, but buying and holding will allow you to invest and build your portfolio. Tune in to hear more from myself and Beck on how you can navigate real estate in the current economy

-Douglas Beck started out in corporate IT and procurement, and then got into real estate
-He was always looking for a way to exit the corporate world, because it didn’t align with the entrepreneurial spirit he grew up around and possessed himself
-We discuss how to make money in the current market—it’s hard to do wholesale flips right now
-Beck’s company primarily focuses on renovation projects right now
-Flipping and fixing is a business, but buying and holding is an investment
-It’s a good idea to build up a good portfolio if you want to be successful in real estate
-If you’re buying right now, inflation could help you; interest rates are low
-Hedge funds are buying all over the place
-Follow the surges in activity—especially companies buying in bulk

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I sit down and chat with Mark Skousen about the Freedom Fest Conference as well as the economy and crypto to analyze the shifting market and what’s to come. The economy is picking up and we have been seeing an ongoing inflationary boom. The biggest anomaly, however, is that gold and silver haven’t moved. Could crypto and the digital currency revolution be a key player in the future of our economy? Tune in to find out more, and to hear about Freedom Fest and how you can get involved.

-Interest in Freedom Fest has increased significantly, especially since the pandemic has eased—they had a record crowd at the conference this year
-The economy is picking up
-There is an inflationary boom (labor shortages, supply chain problem, etc)
-Inflation is coming back with a vengeance
-Commodity prices are rising, shortages are developing, wages are going up, and people have more money in their pockets
-The biggest anomaly is that gold and silver haven’t moved
-The only thing that has changed is that crypto/Bitcoin have possibly replaced gold and silver
-Gold went up at the start of the pandemic, and now it’s retracing
-You can guess what is going to happen or when something is going to happen, but not both at once
-Can governments allow cryptos to remain unfettered? They’re probably here to stay
-You can’t eliminate deception and fraud in business, but you can minimize it
-There is regulation that’s coming with crypto because companies are coming out with ETFs and have to get approval

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I sit down and chat with the masterminds behind Infinite Making to get an idea of what this company is and how you can financially benefit from their services. There’s a lot of turmoil in the markets and it’s crucial to think about how to grow your money. Infinite Wealth combines various teachings and incorporates a specially designed life insurance policy so that you can see valuable results. Tune in to find out more about this growing company.

-There’s lots of turmoil in the markets, and we need to think about where to put our money and how to make it grow
-Infinite Wealth combines various teachings and incorporates a specially designed life insurance policy
-The product will get you 20% of your results, and the process will give you 80% of your results
-This is designed for cash value, for people that need a place to put their money
-Their purpose is to have as much cash as the IRS will allow
-You pay the same premium, but typical financial advisors get 2.5 times more commission
-They value transparency

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Central banks come and go; monetary systems go—but hopefully the US Dollar is forever…right? I sit down with Joseph Salerno to discuss some of the implications of federal spending—which has increased exponentially. It is ultimately essential that we take taxes off minor things in (gold, silver, bitcoin, etc.) just in case the Dollar does crash. Tune in to hear more insight about what’s to come with rates, inflation, and our currency.

-Central banks come and go; monetary systems go—hopefully the US dollar is forever, but we cannot be sure
-Federal spending is out of control—just in the last year, the fed has added $2.5 trillion dollars to the money supply
-This money doesn’t just drive up prices. It enters the economy and goes through Wall Street
-Interest rates are being pushed very low which allows the federal banks to run deficits
-Every time the alarms go off, we step back and don’t resist the tremendous increase in spending
-We need a competitive currency we can use in case the dollar collapses
-We need to take taxes off minor things (gold, silver, bitcoin)
-Congress debates are a rush for power, and economic issues have taken a backseat
-We’re in the midst of national emergency, so economics take a backseat
-The huge spending is hollowing out our economy, making it less productive in the future
-The government has shut down large parts of the production structure, and we are still seeing the effects of this
-If the fed raises interest rates in a serious way, we are going to have a collapse
-We have to stop increasing the money supply and bring spending down as much as possible
-The people who have been saving will benefit from this collapse, or the move back to more realistic pricing
-In this situation, you don’t know what’s happening until it’s too late

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The underlying theme of the current economic circumstance is that transitory inflation is not so transitory, and I sit down with Jim Welsh to chat about this ongoing phenomenon. It seems that inflation is either going to reach a higher level or plateau, and deflation is most likely going to be the even bigger risk at play. Listen in to hear more from myself and Welsh about what’s happening in the economy and what to expect during this tumultuous time.

-Transitory inflation seems to be yesterday’s meme or theme
-Now purported tapering and employment numbers have to fit within this
-It’s no coincidence that treasury yields are starting to head North
-People wanted to believe that inflation would be transitory
-Inflation is going to reach a higher level or plateau
-Deflation is probably the bigger risk—population growth and lack of productivity growth determine GDP
-We’re going to see a pop in the metals, and gold stocks will probably move higher in the next 3-5 weeks
-The economy at large is slowing
-People can’t spend their money because there is not enough supply to fulfill this

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It looks as if we had the shortest correction in history within the markets, and I sit down with financial expert Brad Williams to discuss some of these changes. Natural gas prices have gone up with the change in policy—and as a result we have seen increases in other areas as well. Williams advises that we look at the stock market from an investing standpoint rather than a trading standpoint and focus on things that generate income. Tune in to hear more useful tips and insights.

-It looks as if we had the shortest correction in history for the markets
-We are in for a tough winner with natural gas prices going up with the change in policy
-When fuel increases, the cost of everything else goes up
-Is the stock market just beginning to comprehend the disruptions?
-It seems like too many people are looking at the stock market from a trading standpoint and not an investing standpoint
-Un-sound economic policies have consequences
-It’s important to be defensive and look at things that generate income
-It’s hard to imagine what would happen if interest rates normalized at this point

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We are constantly wondering what’s next with crypto. I sit down and chat with Gabriele Musella to get some insights on where it’s headed, and some of the services available to allow you to have success with this market. Crypto is converging with the rest of the existing currencies, and is becoming increasingly prevalent as central banks reach the end of their primacy.

-What’s next with crypto? Bitcoin has jumped up to 57,000
-Crypto is heading towards natural convergence with the rest of the market
-Crypto will end up replacing other things within the market
-The US has decided to let the space flourish, whereas other places have been more wary
-Want balance between personal freedom and those that control currencies
-Central banks are perhaps coming to the end of their primacy, and we will see the democratization of currency

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I sit down with Joel Skousen to discuss international affairs—in light of recent events, people are wondering if China will invade Taiwan, and the global implications of these issues. There is little knowledge around precisely how many warheads China has, which poses a bit of a threat to the US especially. Tune in to listen to myself and Skousen discuss potential future scenarios, and to learn how you can take precautions in the event of widespread controversy.

-Will China invade Taiwan?
-It seems that the US cannot be counted upon
-China has never had any arms control agreement with the West
-They keep saying they only have 375 warheads, but no one actually knows how many the Chinese have—which downplays Chinese threats
-There will most likely be a nuclear war
-Globalists have always used war to push into the goal of a militarized global government
-The US doesn’t have the best warhead advantage
-It might be smart to get out of Bitcoin for when the Internet does go out in a war situation
-The world will probably not knit back together in the same way
-Russia and China are intending to strike—and it will probably be ready towards the end of this decade

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Are we witnessing the shortest stock market correction in history, or is there more to come? I sit down with Avi Gilburt to discuss the correction as well as inflationary circumstances that have created a lot of economic speculation. We also talk about energy, which has had great returns, but is not necessarily indicative of the economic state. Tune in to hear more valuable insight on the economy and all of its happenings.

-Are we witnessing the shortest stock market correction in history? Or is there more to come? And what’s happening with inflation?
-We have hit the minimum target with the correction
-If the market doesn’t pull back correctively from the next high, this is going to put us back on track to looking at one more test before we try again
-A lot of this is speculation, and getting an edge
-Energy has had great returns
-We’re expecting more rally within energy
-The big energy issue lately has been natgas
-Some people think higher oil is indicative of the economy doing well, and others think the opposite
-The economy follows the market
-The stock market seems to have always been the leading indicator of the economy
-Inflation isn’t what everyone is making it out to be
-Prices are going up in certain aspects, but the purely economic definition of inflation says that all prices should be going up
-We have a large increase in the money supply, but no velocity of money
-We still have price displacement
-Disappointed with the action of gold
-The IWM is setting up to outperform again
-The dollar is going to be getting more of a rally

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I sit down to chat with Brian Lundin, who will be joining me on October 19th at the 2021 New Orleans Investment Conference. We talk all things economy—addressing the precious metals, China, digital currency, and more. Tune in if you want some insightful updates as well as more information on the upcoming conference.

-October 19th is the New Orleans Investment Conference
-Precious metals don’t appear to be behaving rationally—in the inflationary environment, you would expect to see increases in gold and silver
-Either gold is unresponsive or hyper-responsive
-We’ve seen a typical correction in gold based on history—it’s not out of the ordinary
-The fed is constrained on a lot of fronts, and gold is in a holding pattern right now to see what it can do
-Central bank digital currencies are on the way as a tool to be used for efficiency
-A lot of China’s economy is insulated from the West; there are a lot of western investors
-We haven’t seen things this interwoven before, but China has spread a lot of their economic effects across the rest of the world
-We could have a slow-down in the Chinese economy and it would have an effect on commodities
-The conference will be in-person and it will be like a homecoming for investors around the world
-There’s going to be a blockbuster event with a multitude of top-thinkers in the market

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The markets have hit some rough patches today, but this is ultimately inevitable. I sit down and speak with ___ to discuss these issues as well as how we can address them in a realistic and efficient manner. The economy moves in cycles and it’s important to be cautiously optimistic. If you can maximize opportunities no matter what position you are in, then you will see a great payoff. We are all in the same boat in terms of predicting what the economy is going to do, and it’s important to keep a well-informed, level perspective.

-The markets have hit a couple of rough patches lately—is this the start of the long-awaited correction?
-When markets go one way for too long, they reverse eventually
-The economy moves in cycles, and we are cautiously optimistic—which is normal when you’re investing
-It’s about maximizing opportunities in whatever position you’re in
-People have been generally rewarded for taking more risks in the market and being more aggressive, even though there have been pullbacks
-No one has a crystal ball, and we have to read the signs as best as we can
-The system will never be perfectly efficient; there’s no singular algorithm
-It’s never all on or all off. You need to find the balance based on what’s going on
-The key to taking advantage of volatility is having more capital to put down on the market
-It’s hard to get in at the bottom, and it’s hard to get out at the top
-Measuring success in the distribution phase is subjective. You must ask yourself if you’re reaching your specific goals—it’s going to be different for everyone
-You need to continually update your plans

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A budget proposal was just put out by the government, and Michael Busler comes on the podcast to walk us through this proposal and some of the implications that accompany it. The federal government has spent trillions more than they received in tax revenue during the last two years, which has called for a major tax increase for higher income individuals. While this benefits lower income earners, it ultimately reduces capital formation which is vital within our economy. Tune in to hear more from myself and Busler about what the proposal means and to increase your awareness of this topic.

-A budget proposal was put out, and Michael Busler is going to walk us through this
-The federal government spent $3 trillion more than they received in tax revenue last year, and they will do the same this year
-The plan that Biden puts out takes income away from those that earned it, and gives it to people that have not
-They’re going to provide lower cost/free healthcare, free education, and other benefits that would go to lower income Americans
-Biden says he’s going to tax those that make over $400k per year, but this is only about 1% of Americans—the average American will also see rising taxes
-He states that these plans will not cost anything, nor will they add anything to the debt
-By over-taxing the highest income earners, you reduce capital formation
-With income, you pay taxes, and then with your disposable income you spend or save it
-Most people spend most of their disposable income
-Wealthy income owners still have much income leftover to save and invest, which becomes new capital for the economy (which we need in our economy)
-This tax increase thus takes away from this new capital. This could lead to a capital shortage, which means businesses would have to raise prices
-This only helps the lowest income earners, and everyone else will feel the negative impacts of this plan
-They need to raise the debt ceiling relatively soon
-It will replace individual responsibility with social responsibility
-America became so prosperous because it encouraged individual freedom/responsibility as well as low taxation, and government role was very limited
-Biden’s current plan goes against those values

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Todd Bubba Horowitz and I catch up on all things economy, and address some of the negative changes that have incurred over time. Essentials such as energy are going up in cost, and water is also seeing a major price increase. We are facing a currency crisis as a result of the inflationary circumstances, and debt is bound to accrue in light of this. Tune in to hear more from Horowitz and myself, and get up to speed on the economic situation.

-Most things you do to survive requires energy, and energy costs are going up
-We are in the infancy of this mess; it can be fixed easily, but it will not go this way
-Water is also going to go up in price—we’ve had water shortages and will have to de-salinize
-As an America it is your duty to minimize your tax burden; there’s a difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance
-Many Americans only focus on being able to make monthly payments—not the bigger picture
-Replace appliances when you can—you never know what will happen with the supply chain
-The more governments try to prevent crypto-space, the more powerful it will become
-Don’t take all your money and put it into one thing—it’s good to have diversity. Gold, however, is critical
-We have a debt-based currency - “buy now, pay never” plan

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The supply chain has raised a lot of concerns, especially in consideration of the upcoming holiday season. Carl Gould comes on the podcast to talk about this, and to give advice on what we can do to compensate for these disruptions. If you see something that you know you’re going to need, it’s probably wise to get it now—especially if it’s trendy, or comes from a manufacturer overseas. Tune in to get advice on how to adjust to some of these changes in preparation for the coming months.

-The supply chain has been affecting all aspects of life lately—if you see something you want now, it’s best to go ahead and get it
-Especially in consideration of the holiday season, it’s important to start thinking about purchasing things soon since the supply chain is so far behind
-Popular and trendy items will be especially hard to get ahold of at this point
-The category of item will likely be available, but not the specific item itself
-We don’t have the labor force to load/unload ships and ships are leaving without being fully loaded
-Secondary markets are equally robust, and worth considering (i.e. Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, etc.)
-The supply chain disruption affects many areas of your life
-Anything coming from overseas, especially apparel, is going to require a long wait
-Europe is going to have disruptions as well
-It may be a good year to give things that are experiential rather than tangible

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Cryptos have become increasingly prevalent, but does this leave room for the precious metals? I sit down and talk to Joshua Scigala, who is very well versed in both digital and tangible modes of currency. Interestingly enough, Scigala says that the two can and should coexist. Fundamental changes in the banking system demand that we find new ways to cultivate value—this is where crypto becomes crucial. Tune in to hear about the interplay between differing currencies and how we can view them in sync.

-Cryptos have been very high—but the same is not the case for the precious metals
-What is the future of cryptos? It is extremely bright
-We have rare digital assets
-An unfortunate misunderstanding exists between gold and crypto enthusiasts
-Gold and crypto can work beautifully together
-Charging interest that doesn’t exist in the system is fundamentally corrupt
-Inflation steals everyone’s wealth
-The schooling system doesn’t address where money comes from, and the banking mechanism is fundamentally flawed
-There has been a fundamental change in what banking is
-Don’t fight the existing system; build something new
-Put your skepticism aside and consider whether the concept of a rare number could be real
-Digital files have never been good for anything rare
-Put a little bit of money in on a regular basis
-Governments will never completely agree on crypto

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As our economy drifts into bankruptcy and financial crisis, we are experiencing a widespread loss of trust. I sit down and chat with John Rubino to dissect this, and it seems that we are within a system and cycle that isn’t working so well anymore. We discuss tax changes, healthcare issues, debt, and some of the factors that are ultimately creating a larger controversy.

-There has been a major loss of trust—people are perceiving things as either dishonesty or incompetence as we drift into bankruptcy and financial crisis
-Don’t try to change the system; leave it
-The US and Europe are tax havens in some areas
-New York is letting go 70,000 unvaccinated healthcare workers, which is going to create a massive shortage in healthcare workers
-When interest rates goes up, that means that market participants demand them to go up before lending money to anyone
-The yields on US government debts are starting to rise in response to inflation
-Other countries have to pay more to borrow—dollar denominated debt
-Many small problems will eventually create a larger energy crisis
-Energy and food are quite closely related
-Water is also skyrocketing in price—requires energy to get delivered to your home

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‘Pandora papers’ reveal how world leaders dodge millions in taxes <>  

NY deploys National Guard to replace 70,000 unvaccinated health workers 
Facebook’s covid fact-checker is funded by vaccine lobby <> 

$2.2 million raised for Marine in brig after criticizing Afghan chaos <>

Look at all the millionaires in Congress <> (1% of Americans are millionaires, but 50% of congressmen are)

Fauci says ‘too early to tell’ if Americans can celebrate Christmas <>


If we have time ...
Specter of Treasury rout comes at grim time for emerging markets <>

Ford’s sales improving but still down by 27.4% in the third quarter <>

German power plant halted after it runs out of coal <>

Evergrande crisis drives China gold buying higher <> 

India’s gold imports surge as prices correct ahead of festivals <>


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Andy Schectman and I sit down to discuss the precious metals, inflation, and some of the recent shifts in the economy that have left people wondering what’s in store for us as a nation. It seems that transitory, in regard to inflation, has taken on a whole new meaning. We are not going to see inflation disappear eventually; rather, it is most likely structural, and will continue to increase. Furthermore, we look to the precious metals as a way to maintain a sense of privacy in a world where it seems to be dissipating—gold and silver seem to be the only dependable way to secure your wealth.

-The precious metal markets have not been behaving well—silver is under pressure right now
-Many things that are vitally important are not spoken about in the media; there’s a lack of honest reporting
-What does transitory even mean in light of the current inflation?
-The shift in inflation could be structural, and continue to increase
-The Chinese are on the path to taking over the reign of the economic powerhouse; wealth is moving eastward
-Our infrastructure bill will probably not even go towards infrastructure
-China is building relationships and assets that will allow them to transition
-The biggest thing in the tax bill is the proposal to monitor all gross in-flows and out0flows of money above $600 on all platforms (Venmo, PayPal, etc)
-Precious metals give a sense of privacy in a world where privacy seems to be dissipating
-The biggest problem will ultimately be people not being able to source anything
-There will most likely be higher premiums on gold and silver
-In regard to the supply chain, there are shortages of everything
-Keeping interest rates low is the only option
-You don’t buy gold and silver to get wealthy; it is wealth

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Websites are a great way to generate more revenue for businesses. In this episode, I consult Arthur Root on how one can optimize digital content and generate calls to action that are most effective for your website. Root says that machine-learning software is key; these programs operate like plugins and are easy to implement. The software determines what features will be most beneficial, and you can then integrate them within your site. Tune in to learn more about how you can make your website better and up your sales as a result.

-How do you turn your website into a money machine? Root has a lot of insight on this
-There are so many possible combinations of content/calls to action you can try out
-First, create your content. Then, start to use advanced tools to focus on creating content, and let the machine to determine what calls to action will be most effective
-Machine-learning based solutions are most efficient
-You can focus the machine-learning software on the designated money making pages
-Look at for software provider to do this
-You can integrate the software like a plugin
-Run analyses after users visit the website
-This is relatively inexpensive, and you can make up the cost for it when you generate extra sales
-You can implement the software in about an hour
-Focusing on page load speed time can also help your website
-Taking time off loading speed increases revenue

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For September and the quarter, markets were down across the board. Dow down 4.3% 333844 and S&P 500 off 4.8% to 4308, Nasdaq of a larger 5.9%. Russell 2000 down less 3.0% to 2204, TSX off a minor 2.5%, and TSX.V slammed for another 4.2% decline. VIX took off at 23.10. The Dollar went up another 2.0% to 94.20 and the Euro was off another 2%. 10 Year yield kept going up - 16.9% to 1.52. Bitcoin was slammed 6.6% to 43836. Gold kept losing ground off 3.3% to 1755. Silver was off another 7.5% to 22.11. Pt off 4,8% to 960. Pd crashed 23.5% for the month to 1840, under 2000. Copper lost 5.4% to $4.06. WTI rose 9.5% to 75.030. Brent up 7.7% to 78.52. Natgas had a parabolic move adding another 34% to bring it to 5.87. Uranium also went parabolic adding 22.7% to $42.50, thanks to the Sprott Uranium Trust. 

Ratios:  Au:Ag rose to 79.4, Pt:Au .55, Pt:Pd .52. BRT:WTI 1.05, WTI:HH 12.8, and AU:WTI 23.4.  

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Are you wondering where gold and silver prices are headed? In this episode I speak with David Erfle, who has been spot on about prices for a long time. In our conversation we break down some of the underlying factors that have affected prices—specifically corrections and the imminent quarter close. We also discuss inflation, which has played a large role in some of these fluctuations. Tune in to hear more from myself and Erfle, and get the full picture of what’s happening with the metals market.

-Where are gold and silver prices headed?
-David Erfle has been spot on about prices for a long time
-Perception is the buzz word with precious metals
-There could be a bounce before the quarter close—it’s over-sold on the short term
-Premiums have come down a bit, but in light of the last decline, they will probably shoot back up
-The stock market is due for a correction
-Gold stocks have gone from being hated, to investors being apathetic
-In instances like this, you want to still be leveraged with stocks and still have a large cash position
-The catalyst to push gold prices higher could be an official taper announcement at the next Fed meeting
-Gold price will get hit more with a mediocre NFP
-Everything is going up in price—commodities, natgas, etc.
-Real inflation is here to stay
-We are trying to solve a sovereign debt crisis with more debt
-Insurance is on sale; the insurance is gold

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To catch up on economic trends, I sit down with Gordon T. Long and talk all things economy including the precious metals, inflation, and the supply chain. There are problems ahead as we have said before, and we’re seeing some of these now in equity markets. Some of the latest concerns include liquidity shock, global growth shock, supply shock, and Chinese credit. Tune in to hear more from myself and Long about how these debacles came about, and what to expect in the coming months.

-What are the economic trends?
-Long states that there are problems ahead—we’re seeing these now in equity markets
-Silver is getting crushed; gold has hardly moved
-Silver is so prevalent in electronics
-Silver dropping means that there is a global growth concern since the dollar is spiking in parallel
-We are seeing a liquidity shock, global growth shock, supply shock/demand shock, and Chinese credit
-We are seeing higher commodity prices/higher consumer prices
-If all money is going into buying assets, it’s not turning money
-Inflation is looming
-Labor costs are going up—there is a shortage of workers
-There is a downside on precious metals before we hit the bottom

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