We’ve had a rough few months as uncertainty has trickled into the markets—where do we go from here and what’s worth investing in with the current circumstances? Dutch Masters comes on the podcast to discuss some of the latest insights with the markets, and talks about 3 particular stocks worth considering going forward.

-It’s been a rough few months with the markets and a lot of uncertainty has trickled into the markets
-Tech stocks did very well when the pandemic hit because you didn’t have to go out
-DOW stocks are starting to move again
-Theres not a broad flow into the DOW stocks because people are unsure of what’s going to happen with the Fed
-You can’t tighten and withdraw tapering, run the virus narrative, and raise rates all at the same time
-Our economy is fragile
-Inflation is here to stay—some people are predicting 20-30 years of inflation
-The stocks that are going to work going forward may be a little more boring
-The administration hasn’t fixed the supply chain issues

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The stock market took a big hit last week. The real question is whether it’s going to come roaring back or not. I sit down and chat with Charles Nenner, an amazing forecaster of the markets, to discuss what’s happening with the markets and why. We’re expecting a few rallies with long term correction eventually, but for now we should expect to just see short term correction. The new bull markets in gold should come by the end of the year. Tune in to hear more about what’s to come.

-Nenner is a great forecaster of the markets
-Nenner was out of stocks prior to the correction
-There are a number of stocks/markets fluctuating due to the virus—especially in consideration of traveling
-The stock market took a big hit last week—is it going to come roaring back?
-They are expecting a few rallies, but it doesn’t look great in the long term. This is a short term correction that will eventually transition into a long term correction
-Some people are seeking the relative safety of the bond market
-Inflation is as high as 14% according to some
-Copper is the ultimate indicator of economic health and trends—it goes higher due to inflation
-The new bull markets in gold should come by the end of the year due to the perception that things are not as good as they seem
-A lot of these trends are noticeable at the wrong time
-The US hasn’t had the same parabolic move as Europe with gas and oil
-The weekly cycle of natgas is down
-We used to only look at oil, but natgas is a substitute for oil
-There may start to be some selling later next year within real estate

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It’s becoming extremely evident that inflation is not transitory, but permanent. I sit down and catch up with Andy Schectman to talk about how the government is ultimately destroy the currency to defend the markets, as the value of the dollar continually decreases. Wage and price controls are on their way as well as a number of other regulations that could surface very soon. Tune in to hear what to expect and how you can prepare for these shifts.

-The chairmen of the Federal Reserve found out that inflation is not so transitory, but rather, it’s permanent
-The term ‘transitory’ should have been replaced with ‘structural’ right away
-The government is destroying the currency to defend the markets
-Commodities go way up and get slammed down (i.e. oil last week)
-Wage and price controls are on their way
-There are more types of government regulations (i.e. rent control and interest rate control) that could surface
-Markets are ultimately being chosen over the dollar
-We’ve been seeing record prices of cars and real estate properties
-People have been buying cars a year in advance which demonstrates the unusual times we’re in
-As more and more companies start to accept crypto, more people flee to them
-A lot more people are starting to buy gold as well

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No matter what the Fed does in the current economic state, the market seems to act like a palindrome. I have Jeff Clark on the podcast to discuss what exactly is happening in the markets, and how deficits are playing into this. We address gold and silver as well to break down how mining companies are functioning at the moment, and how to effectively invest in this sector. Tune in for more.

-The market seems to act like a palindrome, no matter what the Fed does
-People in mining stocks had to show good performance in the market to their clients
-We’ve never seen money printing at the extent of what it’s at now
-The deficits are going to be running trillions of dollars for years to come
-In the past year, more money went into the stock market than in the last 20 years combined
-There will be another leg up in gold and silver
-The concern is that the next leg up could be bigger than is desired
-Debt levels are higher than ever
-The day for gold and silver is going to come—it’s almost inevitable
-We’re living in a circumstance where the more speculative something is, the more value it has
-Mid tier mining companies will probably get bought out by the minors
-The attractive deposits out there are the ones you want to hold on to
-Government policies are restricting supply while increasing demand

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How do we minimize the ever-increasing debt? I have Richard Vague on the podcast to talk about the pursuit of financial stability—which has become extremely difficult in our times. His mission as a public official is looking at debt and putting together strategies to remediate this.

-Richard preaches a messages of financial stability, which he represents in his books
-Perhaps a debt jubilee is what we need
-His mission as a public official is looking at debt and putting together strategies to deal with this
-Public and private sector debt are growing faster than GDP
-Anytime debt in a sector grows too rapidly, it means over-capacity is being created
-A debt boom creates illusory good times—jobs are being created, tax revenues at the government level are increasing, etc. Things appear to be really good
-It is only in the aftermath that we see desire to do something about it, and oftentimes capitalism gets blamed
-Vague puts out practical ideas for remediating debt that has been accumulated
-What incentives can the government put out to avoid these debt situations?
-The level of new homes being built right now are is below what it was in 2007
-Growth in debt has also come from lending standards/private equity lending
-They estimate that there are 90 million empty residences in China
-It used to be believed that credit creation went hand in hand with the increase of the money supply, but this is not necessarily the case
-Our country is not in an enviable position in terms of debt
-There is a mess coming down the road that will be hard to manage

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I sit down and catch up with Charlotte Dumford, who specializes in mobile home park investing. It has been a great yet challenging year for people in this industry, but mobile home parks have picked up great speed in 2021. Charlotte’s company is working on creating a monopoly within a niche, and the coming year looks very promising for this industry. Tune in for more.

-Charlotte Dunford specializes in mobile home park investing
-What can we learn from 2021 and how will it help you go into 2022? It has been great yet challenging for people in this industry especially due to the pandemic and issues in the economy
-They will be able to acquire more parks at a faster speed and get more business
-Mobile home parks have picked up speed in the last year, which has racked up prices
-They’re able to negotiate and get deals at higher cap rates
-Why is this sector overlooked? A lot of people want to get their money into the bigger stuff—it offers stability
-A business succeeds if they can create a monopoly within a niche—Charlotte’s company is putting this philosophy to work
-They’ve seen a lot of growth this year in the mobile home portfolio
-For 2022, they are ready to take the business to a new level and further diversify their portfolio
-Their top priority is creating a sense of community; proud ownership is the driving factor of stability in a park
-In 2021, they were focused not just on making the most capital, but on showing investors that this is a great choice

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 In November markets were making new highs all over the place until Thanksgiving Friday. That put a dagger in the hearts of stock markets and commodities alike. Dow off 3.7% 34484 and S&P 500 off .8% to 4567, Nasdaq held on to a .3%. Russell 2000 was slammed down 4.3%, TSX off 1.8%, and TSX.V posted a a 1.2% loss. VIX jacked up to 27.2 on the fear trade. The Dollar hit a multi-month high closing at 96.35 and the Euro was 2.2% to 1.13. 10 Year yield plunged  8.3% to 1.43. Bitcoin took a hit closing at 56974 down 6.1%.

Metals were doing well and that got major slammed. Gold was down .5% to 1775. Silver was 4.4% to 22.84. Pt was beat up losing 8.1% to 936. Pd was the big loser off 13.6% for the month to 1674. Copper off 2.6% to $4.35. WTI got creamed off 20.8% to 66.18. Brent followed suit off 16.4% to 70.57. Natgas skidded 15.8% to bring it to 4.57. Uranium pushed further higher by more Sprott buying up  6% to $45.60.

Ratios:  Au:Ag up 77.7, Pt:Au .53, Pt:Pd .56. BRT:WTI 1.07, WTI:HH 14.5, and AU:WTI 26.8.  

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Volume was up dramatically on Black Friday, which is incredibly interesting—I sit down and chat with Gil Baumgarten to discuss this as well as inflation, and trends in the stock market. In terms of buying stocks, Baumgarten’s company tends to look for lower yielding ones and has great technique for finding them. Tune in for more.

-We had a real Black Friday last Friday—volume was up dramatically
-All of the buys and sells are algorithmically generated
-The reality of inflation is starting to set in and people are becoming concerned
-It is always better to average up
-Baumgarten’s company would prefer to buy low yielding stocks
-Apple is not keeping up with inflation—it is yielding 2.2%
-Tesla is 5-10 years ahead of everyone else in terms of technology; it’s a computer on wheels
-Sometimes the price of the stock makes it not an investment but a gambler’s speculation
-Buying the VIX is a good idea, but don’t hang on to it for a long time

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Unsurprisingly, the markets experienced a major meltdown over Black Friday—is it time to flee the market, or is this just another variant of financial disruption? I sit down and chat with Jeffrey Small to get the full picture of why this happened, and its relevance to the current economy. Thankfully, this disruption will most likely not mean much, and we will probably bounce back from the extreme inflation in the coming year. Tune in to get more insight.

-The market’s reaction on Friday was a knee-jerk reaction to the unknown
-Markets don’t like uncertainty
-This disruption probably won’t mean very much in consideration of the virus we’ve been living with for a while
-Inflation does create earnings growth, which is good for the market
-Investors need to buy companies that they know will have earnings growth
-The inflation we’re having now is excessive and will hurt the GDP growth
-Once we get past the holiday season, things will deflate and people won’t be spending as much on goods
-There is no reason as to why oil should be priced how it is today
-The government is directly responsible for oil trading at a high
-Are the tech stocks defensive? The Tesla stock is somewhat of a trend

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The markets were down on Black Friday, and I sit down with John Rubino to discuss this phenomenon along with all of the other driving factors in the economy that led to this decline. The markets seemed to be a bit spooked, and they’re back up now, but we could be in for a volatile year. Tune in for more.

-In terms of the market, everything was down on Black Friday
-The ferocity of the decline was quite intense. When a market is this overvalued, however, falls like that are expected
-There was a cause for the market tanking, and it was the announcement of the new variant of the virus. This spooked the markets
-The markets are back up today
-This could be a choppy, volatile year, and Friday’s action seems like it could be the new normal
-Germany’s inflation is at a modern record high. The question is, how much further does this have to go for them to make a major decision going forward?
-Used cars have become relatively more valuable, and people are feeling pressured to buy houses
-The inflationary psychology is turning into an inflationary pathology
-When people start to think that the world is inflationary, they start to buy precious metals
-Inflation is now as high as it was in the 70s
-As we broaden our understanding of crypto and metals, we’ll realize that they’re similar and on the same side of history, but they are not the same asset

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Lack of financial education creates some of the most pressing problems that people face in their lives. I sit down with bestselling author and financial expert John MacGregor to discuss how to tackle this, and what you can do to get on the right track. When it comes to finances, it can be helpful to learn from the mistakes of others and look for advice on how to avoid financial mistakes. Tune in to hear more on the philosophy behind better financial decision making and to learn how you can change your mindset and practices.

-Lack of financial education is causing a lot of problems amongst individuals
-The percentage of people living paycheck to paycheck has gone up significantly
-Many people know what to do with their money but don’t do it—it’s more of a behavioral problem
-Learning from people’s mistakes is genius—it’s important to learn why people suffer financially and how to avoid this
-There are many underlying beliefs that make us form bad spending habits, and it causes people to get stuck in a bad cycle
-Other aspects of your life improve as well when you improve your financial habits and mindset
-“Above the line, below the line” is a mentality that helps
-Many people think that there is a quick fix to your financial problems—or hope in a box
-Small things you do on a daily basis can transcend your entire life
-Be, do, and have—it’s important to do all of these things
-For many people, it’s not enough of a priority to make the changes they need to make until it’s too late
-It’s important to understand what drives people to make specific financial decisions, and what their beliefs are
-There’s a direct correlation between financial disorganization and financial destruction
-Hope is not a retirement strategy—it’s important to start thinking and planning now for your future

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Wall Street is Gambling with Your 401(k) – Robert Kiyosaki, Ted Siedle, and John MacGregor

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How do you make money in real estate, stocks, crypto, etc. and manage to minimize risks? I sit down and chat with Cody Yeh, who has been developing these strategies for years and advises others on this topic. He gives meaningful tips on how stocks move, the ideal times to buy and sell, and provides more useful knowledge to help you thrive in your investing. Tune in for more.

-There are a number of ways to make money including real estates, stocks, cryptos, etc.
-Risk is always a factor
-Cody Yeh has figured out a way to minimize risk and invest in worthy areas
-Yeh geared his efforts towards financial freedom and independence after graduating from university
-He had a full time job as well as a trading coach so he could participate in day trading
-With real estate investing in Canada, it’s hard to find cash flow
-With real estate and stocks, they want to be able to hold them for a long time and retain cash flow without having to sell
-Every time Tesla goes up, it then pulls back a bit
-The Tesla stock is very inflated, but the company collects major data and is in the pioneering space
-Most people want to chase the high stocks, but then panic and sell them, and this leads to people losing money—you shouldn’t just buy when something is marked at its highest level
-Focus on the top ten of the crypto
-How do you not become an options loser? You need to have the right mindset when you buy stocks—looking to make 1%-4%

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I sit down and chat with Jerry Fetta—who started his career in mainstream financial services and now helps people gain financial education and achieve financial freedom. We discuss life insurance, the precious metals, cryptocurrency, and inflation to grasp the current economy and pinpoint what you can do to invest efficiently. Tune in to hear more.

-Jerry started his career in mainstream financial services
-As he learned more about macroeconomics, his business evolved tremendously
-He helps people gain financial education and achieve financial freedom
-Family offices have also played into financial success
-There is bank owned and corporate owned life insurance; it serves as a tier one reserve pool
-Everyone should look into life insurance to set cash aside
-Precious metals haven’t behaved well since hitting their all time high in August of 2020
-The value of gold is intrinsic and does not dictate the price—other factors within the market do
-Gold always mirrors inflation and is based on consumer emotion
-People are in denial of inflation, but once they come to terms with it, gold prices will probably shoot up
-Crypto needs intrinsic value to be able to promise earnings; it does, however, have extrinsic value
-The intrinsic value also needs to be higher than the extrinsic value
-With inflation, there is the expansion of the money supply as well as price increase

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Kenneth Rapoza started out in financial services selling the usual products. After speaking with his best friend's father, he had an epiphany. This guy never seemed to have a job and yet the family always did well. Much like Robert Kiyasaki, his friend's rich dad taught him the ropes of successful investing. Kenneth is bullish on precious metals and believes that the proper life insurance policy can pay huge dividends.

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We sat down with Jamie Keech to discuss inflation and inflation hedges. Jamie is of the opinion that inflation is here to stay and that factors are making commodities such as Uranium and battery metals better hedges than the traditional one of precious metals. Perhaps this is a sign that when even the most stalwart supporters start looking elsewhere, gold and silver are getting ready for the big move. Time will tell. 

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If you’re looking at investments that will keep up and stay ahead of inflation, you have to look at real estate and understand the market. Andrew Ragusa comes on the show to tell us about real estate in the Northeast and what’s happening in the market. Properties are selling for around $30k higher than their asking price, which is a trend that will probably stick around for a bit. Tune in to hear about where the market is going, and what to expect in this industry in 2022.

-Andrew Ragusa unpacks what’s happening with real estate in the Northeast
-Houses are selling, on average, $30k over asking price
-Some people are trying to list their houses at very high prices just to see what happens, but they end up just sitting on the market
-Properties around the $400k price point go extremely fast
-Zillow was relying on the zestimate model, which is no longer very accurate
-There is not enough data to figure out the exact estimate for every property
-Real estate will probably remain somewhat stabilized in terms of slightly higher asking prices
-Some people are waiting because they think the market is going to crash
-On a nationwide level, people are hesitant about where to go once they do sell their property
-For 2022, more inventory will probably show up
-Changes in representation in the Northeast will probably cause more people to leave and different people to come in—the political landscape is shifting
-Interest rates are lower at the moment

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Real Estate Market Innovators

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It seems as if everything we’ve worked for in Western civilization is crumbling, and I have Doug Casey on the show to talk about some of the economic catastrophes that have been unfolding. As time passes, we’re seeing more shortages, increased prices, and intensifying inflation. With the government putting out unreliable figures and doing the opposite of what should be done to resolve inflation, things seem to be headed downhill quickly.

-We’re seeing shortages, increasing prices, and inflation
-The figures the government is putting out are not completely reliable
-The collapse of Western civilization seems to be upon us
-In an advanced industrial society, supply chains are complex, and the people in charge are doing the opposite of what actually should be done
-International air travel is down 80%
-The world is tipping towards collectivism
-The digitization of the US dollar is also bringing large changes
-The government may opt to put out wage and price controls
-Who is going to collapse the old economy and move towards the free economy? It seems that no one is willing to take this step
-During the next 3-4 years, we are in for rough times in the US

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What’s going on with the price of gold, and has it bottomed? I sit down and chat with David Erfle, a self-taught mining sector investor, to discuss what’s happening with this portion of the precious metals sector. On the last day of the quarter, gold had a huge reversal, and its price hasn’t looked back since. Erfle advises us to expect the unexpected, and not to rule anything out wen it comes to this sector.

-What’s going on with the price of gold? Has it bottomed?
-You can never leave certain price points off the table in the gold sector
-On the very last day of the quarter, gold had a huge reversal and the price hasn’t looked back since
-You have to be mindful of resistance points
-Before gold started going up, the stocks started leading again
-Volume on up days has been higher than volume on down days, which is a sign of accumulation
-The upward moves with gold need to happen slowly in case anything happens
-Inflation is probably not coming down any time soon

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Where Are Gold and Silver Prices Headed? with David Erfle

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Tier One Silver released some highly positive news from their Curibaya Project in Peru. CEO Peter Dembicki explaind that, “[Drill] Hole #6 is the first plus-kilogram intercept at Curibaya on a feeder vein that may host the extensive high-grade silver on surface, which gives us the confidence that we are in the infancy of a new silver discovery. Drilling along structures that have yielded positive channel sample results is proving to be a sound strategy as the Company looks to realize the vast potential of the property indicated through high-grade silver mineralization on surface.“

Senior VP of Exploration David Smithson, speaking to us from the core shack at Curibaya, further clarified, “The positive results from hole 6 represent a major advancement in our understanding of the controls on high-grade mineralization within the project. The combination of alteration vectoring, targeting the margins of high chargeability anomalies and surface geochemical channel sampling is paying dividends with the drill. These results continue to support our view that Curibaya has the potential for a major discovery.”

Clearly these results are a major milestone in Tier One’s advancement towards a major discovery. Smithson suspects that there are a number of similar structures throughout their extensive land package and the team believes that their thesis has been further validated. Results are due in for 9 more holes. Dembicki is expecting more good news. As shareholders we’re excitedly looking forward to the next release.


Ticker Symbols: OTCQB: TSLVF — TSX-V: TSLV

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Will the Fed kill the market or the currency? It seems that it could come down to having to choose between the two, and I talk with Anthony Saccaro to unpack this tricky situation. With low unemployment and high inflation, the Fed is forced to raise interest rates. No matter what they do, it’s going to be bad on the market. To find out what’s happening with this situation and how to prepare, listen in because you won’t want to miss it.

-Will the Fed kill the market or the currency? It could come down to a choice between the two
-The Fed is in a precarious position
-The unemployment rate was doing well for a number of years pre-covid, and they hadn’t raised interest rates in a long time
-Now, unemployment is low and there is high inflation—and they are forced to raise interest rates
-They’re in a position where no matter what they do, it’s going to be bad on the market
-The worse of the evils at this point is letting inflation continue to run
-The question is whether inflation is temporary or transitory—or if it’s going to be long term
-There aren’t enough workers to unload ships, which is causing issues on the supply side
-Any inflation we have is going to be permanent, but going forward it will hopefully settle off at a lower level
-With the stimulus, people had more money, but less goods and services available
-People begin to expect prices to go higher
-The government is building an economy based on printing money
-If you’re still in the accumulation phase of life, continue with your stocks
-Focus on dividend paying stocks
-If you’re in the older phase of life, you need to be more cautious
-Focus on investments that are going to protect your principles
-Dividend paying stocks fluctuate a lot less than non-dividend paying stocks

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Providence Financial Inc.

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I sit down and catch up with Octavio Marenzi, who has a lot of insight on why exactly inflation comes about, what price trends look like, and what is being done to fix this phenomenon. Price increases across the board are the result of monetary policy, and we keep seeing this more and more. Tune in to hear more from Octavio and myself.

-The President has ordered the FDC to immediately probe illegal conduct by oil and gas companies
-Are price controls inevitable?
-When there are supply shortages, certain prices go up
-When you see prices up across the board, this is the result of monetary policy
-There was a tremendous demand for cash. As things return to normalcy, people begin to spend this money, and there are supply chain issues
-Speculators are important for stabilizing prices
-Everything being done about inflation is exacerbating the problem
-Government cannot improve the standard of living overall
-Wage/price controls come from the same political ideas

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The world is becoming more digital in a multitude of ways—one of the most prevalent being with money transactions. I sit down and speak with best selling author Richard Turrin about what some of these changes look like, and why this is a game changer for the big economies—starting with China. Tune in for more, and visit the links below to access Richard Turrin’s main website and book.

-Everyone seems to be getting into crypto
-There are very few cash transactions taking place in China
-Are digital currencies going to completely replace cash/standard currency?
-China is a cashless society in the big cities
-China is launching the world’s first central bank digital currency (CBDC) for a major economy
-A CBDC is not a cryptocurrency; it is a digital representation of paper money
-These transactions are free
-This also gets rid of the middle man—no credit processing needs to be done
-central digital currencies can be built on blockchain, but blockchain usually can’t sustain them in a large economy
-Central bank digital currency is issued by the central banks
-Stable coins are a cryptocurrency and they are a special kind of cryptocurrency that is tied to the value of the dollar
-There will be stable coin companies that are regulated similarly to banks
-With a lot of crypto coins, an unlimited amount can be created
-The new version of stable coins will be great

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Rich Turrin
Cashless: China’s Digital Currency Revolution by Richard Turrin

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Teslas are amazing vehicles for a multitude of reasons, but today I talk about what I consider to be their top ten qualities. From the digital usability features to its efficiency, it is a top notch investment built for the future. Tune in to hear more.

-Today, I talk about why the Tesla is amazing on so many different levels
-It has every gadget that has been created for a car, and then some
-You can control you car with your phone, or with a programmed chip—there are no keys
-You can save video footage the vehicle takes in case you get in an accident
-The vehicle has an amazing sound system
-Never having to go to a gas station again is perhaps one of the best perks
-The ride is extremely quiet and vibration free
-it has smartphone integration, and the app is constantly updated
-You can virtually control every feature of your Tesla—through your phone or the panel
-There is an autopilot feature
-The only negative factor is that if you’re doing a longer trip, the battery doesn’t hold as long

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The Fed seems to be losing control of the inflation narrative. No one believes it's just temporary as the list of everyday things like gas and coffee that are soring in price gets longer. And fewer people think the Fed has any way of fixing things. 

The labor market is the tightest it's ever been, producing some scary/funny stories. 

US housing is officially a bubble. Now it's not just prices but behaviors that have become dangerous. 

This month's elections in VA and NJ imply big things for next year's Congressional midterms.

Thanksgiving dinner cost is hitting a record. If nothing else brought home the cost of inflation, this dinner will.

-Is the Fed losing control? They have always controlled the narrative, but now, not so much
-The narrative is everything in the currency world
-The Fed has gotten away with the story that the higher prices are transitory and that normality will return
-Financial markets are being affected—there are inflation hedges and gold and silver are starting to ramp up
-It looks as if people don’t believe the Fed anymore
-Inflation started getting closer to double digits in the 70s
-The Fed has made the decision to let the current inflation run for a while and do a tiny bit of tapering
-Inflation is forever now
-In a government bond, you would lose so much capital every year
-Thanksgiving dinner is up to as much as $100 a turkey
-This is a great time to be a debtor
-The complexion of the precious metals market has changed entirely over the last three weeks
-We’ve seen upside reversals

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We are continually presented with this notion of ‘transitory’ inflation, which is entirely inaccurate and misleading. I sit down with Michael Pento to discuss the real driving factors of the current monetary situation, and what this is going to look like as we enter the new year. Over the last couple of years we have seen $6 trillion handed out to increase consumption, but the balance increase is going to be $0 in 2022. Will the markets be able to survive in these conditions? Tune in to find out more.

-The notion of ‘transitory’ inflation is focus group driven and is not realistic
-Thanksgiving Turkey alone this year could be over $100 for ten people
-The central bank was finally able to launch modern monetary theory—borrowing money from the treasury, giving it to consumers, and printing it all
-Countries like Israel are experiencing hyper-inflation
-Next year, this will probably melt down
-We have a fiscal and monetary cliff heading into 2022
-There is going to be a crash in asset prices
-You may see a crash in real estate bonds outside of treasuries which could cause inflation to crash all at once
-In 2 years, $6 trillion was handed out to increase consumption, and the balance increase is going to be $0 in 2022
-The stock market will most likely look like it did in 2018, and crumble in a month or two
-2022 is going to look nothing like the previous two years
-Inflation is a monetary phenomenon—it’s not what happens as a result of shortages
-Is the Fed going to let all these markets collapse?
-We are probably headed towards a blockchain currency managed by the Fed—there wouldn’t even have to be a treasury
-Real interest rates are not going to go much higher
-Gold is going to trade much more towards the level of real interest rates
-China saved the global economy to a great extent in 2008 with construction projects, but they can’t do that again
-No one country will be able to save us from what’s happening in 2022

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