One of our favorite things is brining you good news from a sponsor. And lately Doré Copper has had a lot of really good news. What you’re about to hear is hot off the press. Doré’s 2020 and recent 2021 drill programs have hit the mark. The plan was well thought-out and meticulously executed. CEO Ernie Mast believes he’s very near his goal of a 5 million ton resource, a whopping 65% increase over over Doré’s 2019 43-101 estimate. These results reinforce that Corner Bay is the cornerstone asset of Doré's holdings. Ernie is delivering exactly what he promised; the hub-and-spoke concept appears to be a winner both for Dore and its shareholders (including us).  (TSXV: DCMC – OTCQB:DRCMF)

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Alasdair Macleod writes, “Basel 3 is on course to regulate the LBMA out of existence. And with it will go all the associated arbitrage business and position-taking on Comex, because most bullion bank trading desks will cease to exist. The only supply to buy-side speculators of gold and silver contracts will be producer hedging.” In other words the gig is up and the Emperor has no Gold. You heard it here first.

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CEO Russell Starr is always in search of value, which explains why he’s been buying shares in his own company Trillium Gold (sponsor). He stated, “It doesn’t get much cheaper than Trillium.” In the longer term, he believes that value always wins out. 

At present the company has two drills turning and is in the process of adding a third. It’s awaiting the assay results from 5000 meters of core. Russell is frustrated by the assay lab backlog that has plagued the industry with lengthy delays. However, he expects the release of Trillium’s drill results to be imminent and that the stage is set for the Newman Todd Project to deliver some excellent numbers.. 

It is often said that management may have many reason to sell its shares, but it only has one reason for buying them. As shareholders we believe this will hold true for Trillium.  

Trillium Gold Mines (TSX.V:TGM — OTCQX:TGLDF)

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We’re heading towards a two tier system, the wealthy and the have nothings. The market will continue increasing because the Fed is buying everything. No one should be surprised by what’s happening. The worse the economic news is, the more gleeful the market gets. They know the Fed will keep upping their purchases. They’re creating artificial demand for housing by buying mortgage backed securities in the midst of booming housing demand.

You need to be in hard assets. Cryptos gold, etc. Buy the market. Large cap stocks that pay dividends. Yes cryptos can actually go down. Expect wild price action. Nobody can pick the top or bottom. Speculators can expect to see major volatility. Cryptos are going higher because of the Fed. You need to acquire alternative currency. Greg’s buying dash.

The average investor has absolutely no chance when dealing with the pros. They’re designed to separate the sheep from their wool. People are always going to fall for these traps. We’re seeing a takeover of the country and the destruction of the dollar.

What better way for central banks to finish their plan than introduce an “illness” and use it to shut down the global economy. Then they jumped into the mix and profitted handsomely. Nothing ever happens by accident. It’s all about control and more control. Especially after the dollar has been phased out. Everything will be tracked.

If you understand the game, there’s no limited to what you can achieve. We can’t stop the corruption but they’re so predictable and they can easily be anticipated.

It’s the creation of a slave society created by fear and the government.

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With the tax filing deadline looming online scammers have moved into high gear to try and steal your personal information. A whole series of tried and true scams are being directed at those who may not be paying attention as they race the May 15th deadline.

"This is prime time for scammers who use the confusion of the last week of getting your IRS info together and filed to initiate a slew of scams that end up costing you money or your personal information," says CEO of Cyber Security Giant FitechGelb Ian Marlow (see short bio below).
Some of the scams include threatening phishing emails and requests for personal information from from those posing as IRS representatives.

The IRS never initiates contact with taxpayers by email, text messages or social media channels to request personal or financial information. This includes requests for PIN numbers, passwords or similar access information for credit cards, banks or other financial accounts.
So how can you protect your personal information as you race to get your taxes filed?

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$1850 is the new line in the sand. Bullish declining wedges are very frustrating. Once it breaks out, then it will start moving. Short term metals are overbought. Mining Stocks are a screaming bargain. They’re drilling and derisking. It’s given investors time to do their investigation and line up prospects to add to their portfolio. It’s been a healthy correction with a nice double bottom. Once we have a close over $1850 it’s off to the races. That’s the sign for momentum investors to race in. 

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Noted capital gains tax expert Brett Swarts joined us to discuss the impending tax doom promised by the BIden tax plan. It’s not just for the so-called rich, if you get lucky and win the lottery one year, you’ll be taxed just like a billionaire. But Brett has solutions for people who expect to be selling businesses in the future. It all comes down to having a plan and for that Brett is the man. 

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There’s something spectacular taking in the crypto space. Bob believes that behind the scenes a gold-backed crypto that will become the global reserve currency. Goldman has now come up with a crypto trading desk. This is a repeat of Goldman’s 1929 fund that was set up to invest in trusts. This is typical of a bubble coming to the end. Gamestop was just another step in the bubble markets. In November we saw margin debt hit a cycle high. The collapse or decline usually happens 6 months later. And here we are. New highs in copper will lead to major declines in prices. It’s RSI is matching 2007-08. Time to bail? Corn likewise is also hitting another peak. Bob says we’re in the super-cycle for financial assets. Once the financial mania is over, everything deflates or at least it has for the past 5 cycles. Dollar shorts are going to get burnt as usual. Most debts are made in dollars and must be paid back in dollars. 

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When you’re developing a financial plan you need to determine your underlying why. You need to live in the present and prepare for the future. Technical things are important. Markets will crash and life is of course very unpredictable and uncertain. Your plan has to be updated regularly and realistically. He looks for tax efficiency and low cost. Jim is also looking towards Bitcoin, and advises clients to 3-20% in Bitcoin. Jim is not a Dogecoin believer. 

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The Great Dogecoin Scam, but Ethereum is the real deal. It’s the sign of a bubble when random assets blast off, which otherwise have no value. It’s just like Gamestop and NFT’s. It’s not much different from Bitcoin. 

Inflation in Iron Ore and Copper

Vanity Fair vax article masks forever

"To The Moon", Literally: SpaceX Says It'll Accept Dogecoin As Payment For Lunar Mission

Major Pipeline Hack

GOP Governors cutting off supplemental unemployment insurance

Brooklyn Borough President and mayoral candidate Eric Adams, a former NYPD captain, imagine a dem running on a law and order platform, what’s the world coming to? 

Vaxx is going well, Covid rates are dropping almost everywhere but India…

Chipolte embraces the fight for $15. 

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On FSN we love entrepreneurs. I am personally 4th generation entrepreneur. My great-grandfather started the family tradition when upon arrival to the US, he acquired a push-cart and started peddling various goods on Orchard Street in New York City. Rachel Brown is a world-renowned jewelry designer and you'll regularly see here works adorning celebrities such as Madonna, Ashton Kutcher and many others. Her creations are centered upon the Kabbalah, an esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought in Jewish mysticism. Her inspirations come for other levels and worlds but they are quite unique and some believe have mystical powers. Find her at Rachel Brown Jewelry.

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Fintech - financial technology is all the rage these days. Dr. Taylor is head of the Fintech department at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Fintech has become a buzz word lately, but it has become far more sweeping. It has effectively eliminated the back office of the entire finance industry. The technology is increasing at such a rate that it’s becoming difficult to know where it’s heading. Will there be a fully automated financial system with little or no human input? Dr. Taylor believes that there will still be a need for humans in the system, but perhaps not so much. Dr. Taylor’s goal is teaching his students programming so that they can create prototype systems and solve problems. 

Since 2008-09 Dr. Taylor believes that risk has gotten more spread out and distributed, which is a net positive. We also discussed the use to Fintech and the Flash Boys and got into a general discussion about where our finest minds are spending their careers. Interesting food for thought. 

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Shinobu Hindert offers a proven strategy for investing confidently and building wealth in her upcoming book, Investing Is Your Superpower. (May 17th) Hindert proves that investing doesn't have to be intimidating, by breaking down budgeting, automating debt repayment, and optimizing investment decisions that build wealth.

Spending the first half of her career managing portfolios of up to $10M for the likes of Smith Barney and Fidelity Investments, Shinobu is a money expert and wants to see ALL women take control of their financial future. 

Empowered Academy

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Unionization suffered a stunning defeat in Alabama in their efforts to unionize an Amazon warehouse. What is going to happen next for organized labor in the United States? Today, 27 states have right to work laws in place. These laws prevent unions from forcing people to join their organization. The Biden administration is trying to stop and even rollback these protections. However based upon the Amazon results they are facing an uphill battle. Mark Mix is President of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. He also serves as President of the National Right to Work Committee, a 2.8 million member public policy organization.

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CDC Says Fully Vaccinated Americans Can Go Without Masks Outdoors - Will Some Have 'Reluctant Reentry' Syndrome?

Federal health officials said Tuesday that fully vaccinated Americans can go without masks outdoors when walking, jogging or biking outdoors, or dining with friends at outdoor restaurants.

Dr. Lieberman, who has been helping us survive psychologically throughout the pandemic, has now compiled a list of 10 symptoms of what she calls ‘Reluctant Reentry Syndrome’:

1. Vague discomfort about discovering what the ’new normal’ will turn out to be.

2. Dreading the pressure of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) - as more things open up.

3. Reluctance to get out of your comfy pajamas.

4. Not wanting to face the world after you’ve let yourself get fat and furry.

5. Agoraphobia - fear of being in crowds.

6. Fear of catching Covid19 because of new strains.

7. Dreading the awkwardness of reconnecting with friends, family and colleagues.

8. No longer having the excuse of lockdown to explain why you don’t have a partner.

9. Guilt over releasing your kids back into the scary world.

10. Realizing you don’t want to go back to your old life, but not knowing how to re-invent yourself.

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The markets are taking a hit thanks in part to Treasury Secretary Yellen’s comments about rising rates. Crypto has been embraced by the younger generation as an inflation hedge. Now with the rise of Ethereum. Will it displace Bitcoin as the leading the crypto. Dogecoin is an indicator by the younger generation is looking at “defi” to diversify away from centralized financial control. What’s happening now is that people are doing transactions outside the exchange leading to a shortage on the exchanges. Ripple could be a good play too. It’s being used more around the globe. Used cars have are nearly unobtainable. 

A look at Tesla’s earnings. Buffet and Munger are from a lost generation, when “Made In America” really meant something. So they can judge all you want. Mish believes in risk management and doesn’t buy falling knives. What will happen in the market going forward, we could very well see a major correction. Amazon and Apple had great earnings and then market turned a deaf ear. Is it time to short? Hedge? Look to the VIX, it’s now heading higher. Will it continue? If so, Nasdaq could be the ideal short. Watch bonds as well. 

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Are we really giving informed consent in an era when a doctor visit lasts little more than 7 minutes. Has technology really helped the practice of medicine? Conveyor belt medicine doesn’t work. Hands-on medicine is still works best and is crucial for the patient's well-being. Telemedicine isn’t medicine. It’s a prescription factory. They’re too busy writing a script to be concerned with your underlying health and getting to the real root of the problem. Follow the money. We’re starting to find out the truth about the Covid measures that were taken. Believe it or not. the vaccines have not been FDA approved. What does that tell you? 

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Warren Buffet is seeing lots of inflation out there, the lumber problem. He has a ot of homebuilder assets. To him it’s a real thing. People will listen? Will they sell bonds and jump into real assets?

Supply chain ailments. If you’re building a house lumber has tripled and you can’t just go and buy a new stove or washer. They’re 6 months backordered. 

Charlie Munger hates cryptos. The currency of “Kidnappers and Terrorists.” And he’s very respected among the mainstream and deep state. 

Gold’s upcoming breakout. If real inflation really is taking off in a way that the government can’t deny and they crackdown on cryptos, then gold and silver are going to be beneficiaries. And the chart patterns are extremely bullish. No one cares about gold and silver anymore, or so they say. Silver is more likely to go parabolic than gold, but they both could. 

Big gold miners reporting earnings, production is up slightly, free cash-flow is extremely good. Which means increased M&A with majors buying up juniors. Agnico Eagle revenues were up 39.1% year over year.

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After my last discussion with Trillion (sponsor) CEO Art Halleran, I concluded that TCFF is the most undervalued stock in which I’ve invested in for the past 40 years. While the stock price has recently gone up nicely, I’m of the opinion that things are only just getting started. Art has masterfully negotiated a $17.5 financing facility that provides for an overiding royalty and a lending component, of which a small part is convertible into company shares. Thus he has avoided the major pitfall of so many junior resource stocks, destructive dilution. And Art had good reason, for the past four years he has taken his compensation in the form of shares. He’s a major holder of the stock, that’s how much he believes in Trillion. Now that the finance package will soon be closed on, Art is focusing on getting the drills in place to spud several new wells in the coveted SASB Gas Field. This will lead to major production and substantial cash flow. Let me repeat what I said before, “Trillion Energy is the best value play I have ever seen!” Tickers OTC: TCFF - CSE: TCF

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After my last discussion with Trillion (sponsor) CEO Art Halleran, I concluded that TCFF  is the most undervalued stock in which I’ve invested in for the past 40 years. While the stock price has recently gone up nicely, I’m of the opinion that things are only just getting started. Art has masterfully negotiated a $17.5 financing facility that provides for an overiding royalty and a lending component, of which a small part is convertible into company shares. Thus he has avoided the major pitfall of so many junior resource stocks, destructive dilution. And Art had good reason, for the past four years he has taken his compensation in the form of shares. He’s a major holder of the stock, that’s how much he believes in Trillion. 

Now that the finance package will soon be closed on, Art is focusing on getting the drills in place to spud several new wells in the coveted SASB Gas Field. This will lead to major production and substantial cash flow. 

Let me repeat what I said before, “Trillion Energy is the best value play I have ever seen!”

Tickers OTC: TCFF - CSE: TCF

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The Fed its foot in their mouth by reassuring the markets that rates wouldn’t go higher until 2023. Now they’re in a bind, how can they insure rates won’t go higher when they might need to change things. The real question is, is this inflation, temporary or permanent. Lumber and copper are rocketing higher. Are they temporary, as the Fed says or will we go back to normal? They’re hoping against all hope that they’re right. It’s unprecedented, we’ve never before shut down the economy before. No one knows what the results might be. They’re waiting as long as possible before they tighten. If they do tighten, it might be inclined to slow down QE. Vacation travel is picking up dramatically and thus raising FL’s Covid rate. Where does the massive tilt to socialism end? It’s just a matter of time till the have nots vote to take everything from the haves. 

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Orefinders and Mistango Resources just announced a strategic partnership with major producer Kirkland Lake Gold that should propel the shares of both companies forward. Stephen Stewart, CEO of our sponsor Orefinders Resources and Chairman of Mistango River Resources joined us to explain the significance of the event. We were quite interested considering we’re an Orefinders shareholder. Stephen was excited to discuss the new JV agreement, option and equity investment that he believes is a transformational event for the companies. They’ve now got $15 million in cash along with a major technical boost from Kirkland’s renowned team which ideally situates them to make significant discovers.


While Stephen admits some of the potential upside was relinquished in the deal, he believes the benefits far out way the costs. We all know that mining is a very risky business and he views this transaction as a de-risking event.

Much of the Orefinders/Mistango projects adjoin Kirkland’s Flag Ship Macassa Mine, one of the highest-grade mines in the word, so the synergies are quite apparent. The earn-in aspect of the deal could see Kirkland owning up to 75% of both companies and insures that things will move forward to the benefit of all. Definitely exciting times for all three companies.

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Noted tax expert and all around good guy is sounding the alarm on the insane tax increase being proposed by the Biden Admin. It will destroy incentives to works and send the US further down the socialist rate hole. No one should be surprised as this is what he ran on. But you can expect that taxes are going to go up not just for the rich, but for the middle class as well. It always works this way because there just aren’t enough rich people to tax. Get ready for rough times ahead. 

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Jamie Keech is Founder of Resource Insider and a Partner at Inventa Capital. We sat down with him to get his latest take on resource investing. He is a copper super-bull.

Last time we spoke Jamie said to keep an eye on copper and here we are at 10 year highs. $6 copper is coming. Some analysts believe that it could go to $8-10 range. We have massively diminshed global supply and haven’t reinvested nearly enough. We’re going through the green revolution. The powers that be have made the decision to move towards green energy and away from petroleum. These transitions have taken place throughout history. They’ve always moved from less dense energy sources to more dense. Until now, we’re moving to a less dense form of energy. They’re not easy to store or transport.

You can’t  have any green transition without major increases in mining for the commodities. BC has a lot of copper. These mines are hydro-powered. Surge copper could be highly desirable, clean production, and will go for a premium.

Jamie recently joined Inventa Capital, which is designed to incubate new mining companies. It’s an extension to what he had been doing at Resource Insider, helping retail investors get into the game earlier. Platinum has been a very difficult play because the mines aren’t in particularly desireable areas of the world. These factors could be the very reasons that platinum continues its recent rise.

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Bitcoin-volatility up down and up again. Turkish crypto exchanges turn out to be scams and blow up. Coinbase hacked! Where are the good guys? Exchanges melting down is like nuclear power plants melting down. Challenges ahead. Earnings week, TSLA to the moon. Story stock. Fed Week FOMC meets tomorrow. Everything is happening this week. Big tech is announcing this week. Great earnings reports ahead. Everyone is expecting it. Tax Increases and capital gains taxes - the one percent didn’t take of the peasants and this is what happens. What does it do to financial markets? Nothing in the short run. Long term if they continue it will put pressure on the markets. Precious metals are holding their own and copper hitting 10 year highs.

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