Home Housing bust on the way. John’s builder had an amazing story to tell. 6-12 months ago he was doing record business. Half of his customers have put their project on hold. He’s working just as hard re-pricing projects and passing on the bad news to his buyers. Housing prices have blown through the affordability level and it’s quite possibly game over. The price of materials has gone parabolic. 

Used car prices have almost doubled in the past two years. Why? Easy money! When your Lexus

US Mint admits there’s a global silver shortage. How could this be? We’ll see exactly what that means. Coin dealers are charging outrageous premiums, is that a sign? Gold and silver prices should be going up. 


Rumor that Russia was going to announce a gold-linked ruble but the BIS talked Putin out of it. The results could be disasterous for Russia’s exports. Competitive devaluations have been the norm. 


Basel III is looming. Will it be watered down or postponed? When will the bullion banks die already? They’re still here today. Maybe Russia’s threat of a gold-backed ruble forced Basel III. 


Biden’s budget is immense $6 trillion and it’s been met with a big yawn. Governments have given up on any semblance of fiscal sanity. We’re getting closer to falling off the ultimate financial cliff. 

Digital euro taking shape


Digital currencies will foster in total control and tracking of every transaction. Is a dictatorship being implemented. 

Peruvian Government change, socialists look poised to win. Is it just a money grab or will it change the nature of mining in the country. 

Miami Crypto Conference deja’ All Over. Cryptos are an emerging asset class. What will they turn out to be and how will they be used. 

Record Consumer Credit Overall, total consumer credit rose at a 5.3% annual rate in April to a new all time high of $4.238 trillion. Don’t worry, there’s no limit to anything. Could be the blow-off stage of the biggest bubble(s) in history.

Direct download: John_Rubino_07.Jun.21.mp3
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Dudley believes that SPACs are on their way back. There’s a trillion dollars that’s been raised in this sector. For a while it was impossible to keep track of all the new issues in February. We never had a final capitulation. There was never a “V” bottom. Dudley says that 20-30 different SPAC’s will be completing their merger in June. The market will realize their value and prices should go up. Confidence will come back. It was clearly overdone. The Churchill Capital 4 will be merging with Lucid Motors and this one could be very big. It’s one of Dudley’s largest holding. He’s conviced it will work out. It will be a major factor in the return of the sector. When the bubble popped, Churchill was the one that brought it down. It’s still a great story. 

For gold it’s just a matter of when the advance resumes. Right now it’s pulling back slightly, the retracement has brought us back to the old support level, 1860-1870 range. When silver starts its rally, buckle your seatbelt. Who knows what the catalyst will be. Dudley says build a solid portfolio and be prepared for the inevitable rally. You need to onboard, buy things at a reasonable price and be ready. 

Direct download: Dudley_Baker_06.Jun.21.mp3
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Gold A very bullish pattern. People following it are already bullish. The US Dollar is ready to resume a strong upward rally. It will help them consolidate. We’re at resistance now. We could see 1950. Selling in the stock market initially causes selling in the metals. Silver has been  heading towards $30 but can’t make it. Once it does the sky’s the limit. 

Stocks we’re in a no man’s land right now. We’re getting a lot of signs towards a pullback consolidation,  but the market is still in a bull market. Inflows into the NYSE is showing that the FOMO trade is alive and well. Big money is selling into the buyers. We need a consolidation to flush out weak holders. Meme stocks are dead eventually. 

Bitcoin is bearish. Parabolic moves get slammed. Masses pile in and it’s done for now. It’s done this 6 times since 2010. This bullish move is over. Bull market has retraced 50 percent. A chart is a chart is a chart. 

Interest Rates Could very well to continue sideways. It could rocket higher or collapse. Whichever way it breaks there’s going to be huge. 

Oil could hit $88, Chris called it months ago that it would go to 62-64. Now he believes $78 and $88 are obtainable. Energy companies are on fire. If crude holds the breakout it could really surprise and go higher. 

Direct download: Chris_Vermeulen_03.Jun.21.mp3
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The changes in business brought that happened during the pandemic are here to stay. Just because the pandemic is over, curbside service, contact-free payment, off-hour services, are not going away. These changes are now permanent. Delivery services for food and other products are here to stay. Masks were a fad and will soon become novelty items. Perhaps given out as premiums. Retailers need to re-position and figure out what their business really is. Effectively, they’re consultants. Retailers need to up their game. Will people now desert Walmart and Target now that the pandemic is over? Perhaps. 

Direct download: Carl_Gould_03.Jun.21.mp3
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The money supply is expanding at a rapid rate. Commodity prices have blasted off with lumber, oil, copper and many other items going near parabolic. The list goes on and on. Patrick Yip says it’s inevitable that once monetary velocity increases, we’ll see inflation like we’ve never encountered before. The airline and cruise industries are rapidly picking up and groceries are taking off. Energy prices are increasing quickly as well. Historically people have always gone back to gold as an inflation hedge. Putting money into gold is part of a sound way of diversifying your portfolio. Gold has underperformed most other asset classes for the past decade. Will this decade be different? 

Direct download: Patrick_Yip_02.Jun.21.mp3
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Gold/Silver Eric’s last call was for a cycle high in late May and early June. There could be some additional upside the first 2 weeks of June. Primary price objective is 1920. It has traded in $80 ranges. 

Oil we’re coming into a cycle high in June. Look for a range of $56-$73. 

Interest Rates July 2020 was the peak for bonds and then sold off. Now Eric is looking for a lower peak in July 2021 and then rates will go higher for the next 12-18 months, perhaps on inflation fears. 

Dollar has been in a trading range for the past several years. It will bottom at around 88.50. Over the next several months. Same bottom as in 2/18. A flat correciton. 

Stock Market is peaking in June. Tech stocks have been leading the charge higher. Potentially multi-month or multi-quarter peak. They’ve been following a 16 month cycle. Then it’s down from there. 

Bitcoin Eric was calling for a $65k high and promptly retreated. It’s gone through 5 waves, textbook and could well retreat lower if it breaks $29k. Not a great deal of upside potential. $28 to $50k range. For the next 3-6 months for 6-12

Direct download: Eric_Hadik_02.Jun.21.mp3
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Bitcoin is getting close to bottoming

Bonds interest rates going down and prices are going to go up. 

Copper similar to lumber went straight up then the cycle topped. Copper cycle is close to topping. Will it hit $5? 

Stock market is making a longer time top. Fang and Nasdaq have made lower highers since March. 

Ag commodities are starting a new cycle this week. Corn went parabolic and then came down to earth and the up move should continue. 


Gold cycle top to gold coming next week. $2000 gold is coming. Some weakness followed by a new rise.


Silver looks a little better than gold, but has another week to go before cycle top. 


Oil is heading towards a top next week. 


Dollar bounce coming, at least a short term. 

Direct download: Charles_Nenner_01.Jun.21.mp3
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If there had been no cover-up of Robert Kennedy’s complicity in the murder of Marilyn Monroe in 1962 and he had been prosecuted based on compelling evidence at the time, the assassination of JFK by Bobby’s enemies would not have happened—changing the course of history and preventing the murder of media icon Dorothy Kilgallen.

In a breakthrough book that is sure to be relevant for years to come, bestselling author (The Reporter Who Knew Too Much) and distinguished historian Mark Shaw investigates the connection between the mysterious deaths of motion picture screen siren Marilyn Monroe, President John F. Kennedy, and What’s My Line? TV star and crack investigative reporter Dorothy Kilgallen. A former noted criminal defense attorney and network legal analyst, Shaw provides an illuminating perspective as to how Robert Kennedy’s abuse of power during the early 1960s resulted in the murders of Marilyn, JFK, and Dorothy.

Direct download: Mark_Shaw_01.Jun.21.mp3
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Stock markets mostly up again in May: Dow added 1.9% to 34529, S&P 500 up just .6%, Nasdaq was the outlier down 1.5%, Russell 2000 up a tiny .1%, TSX added 3.3% TSX.V up 1.5%. VIX down to 16.76. Dollar was down 1.6% to just under 89.84 and Euro up 1.9%. 10 Year yield headed down by another 3.7%. Bitcoin crashed 35.5%. Gold up another 7.9% to 1907. Silver up 8.7% to 28.05. Pt down .9%. Pd was off 4.1% for the month to 2727. Copper shot up another 3.0% to $4.61, hitting another 10 year high. WTI up 4.3% to 66.32. Brent up 5.8% to 69.63. Natgas shot up 2% to 2.99. Uranium rose 7.7% to $31.30. 
Direct download: Mickey_Fulp_01.Jun.21.mp3
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We've known James since we started in media. He's a forward thinker and all of his statements and opinions are always backed up with facts. We're a big fan of his work. You'll be shocked by the things he discusses in this interview. There's a certain segment of the ruling class that are planning for humanity to be superseded by  a new species that will be a combination of humans and AI based technology. Scary but very fascinating. 

Direct download: James_Corbett_26.May.21.mp3
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Fury Gold Mines just released significant drill results. It drilled a top five intercept to date - 23.27 g/t gold over 7.09 meters outside the defined resource at Eau Claire. The last time we spoke with CEO Mike Timmins, he assured us the pace of results was quickening, and clearly he has over-delivered. He and Michael Henrichsen (Exploration SVP) came on to discuss the impact of the latest news. 

Results have been coming in at a rapid rate. It was just a week ago when the company announced it found more high-grade gold in the adjoining Snake Lake structure. In addition it identified a new mineralized horizon between the Eau Claire and Snake Lake structures. 

Timmins expressed the belief that Snake Lake could have the same size potential as Eau Claire, which would greatly increase the scale of the project. He commented, “This is the kind of project that everyone is looking for… We’re just getting started, 7 months in.”

As noted mining analyst and newsletter writer David Erfle recently observed, “[The] Junior Gold Stock Fire sale is probably over…” And as the market recognizes the great potential of Fury, the recent rise in its share price is further evidence in support of that view. If things continue on the way they have, there could be a big payday ahead for Fury’s shareholders. 

Website: www.FureyGold.com   Ticker on TSX/NYSE: FURY

Direct download: 023_Fury_Gold_FSN.mp3
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By all appearances the Covid-19 pandemic appears to be winding down. After the great disruptions and chaos of the past year, people are now wondering how to resume their normal lives. Many of you are suffering from PTSD. Some people just can stand the idea of giving up their masks in public. Then there's the issue of re-starting your social life. And what about those who have4 suffered grave economic injury, how do you put it all in the past and move? Noted clinical psychologist Dr. John Huber gives some solid easy steps you can take to create a new normal that's even better than the old one. 

Direct download: Dr_John_Huber_26.May.21.mp3
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The Fed is telling you that the current bout of inflation is just a temporary phenomena. But is it? Noted financial advisor Gil Baumgarten thinks otherwise, it could very well be here to stay. We discuss what will happen to bonds, stocks and real estate in this new economic environment. And don't forget about gold and silver either.

Direct download: Gil_Baumgarten_26.May.21.mp3
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When we last spoke with Torq Resource’s Executive Chairman Shawn Wallace (sponsor), he hinted that another major acquisition was on the way; in little more than a month, he’s delivered. Torq has optioned the Andrea Copper Porphyry Project, providing the company with an excellent opportunity to discover a world-class copper porphyry system. Its on the ground geologist network has done it again. And Wallace indicates that further acquisitions should be expected. At the rate he’s been going, Torq has a great future prospects. With the recent surge in copper prices, the company is uniquely situated to build a portfolio of top-tier copper projects.

Company website: www.TorqResources.com Tickers: OTCQX: TRBMF - TSX.V: TORQ

Direct download: 022_Torq_Resources_FSN.mp3
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The real story on Transitory Inflation. No one is focusing on why they’re saying it. It’s all about yield curve control. The US cannot afford higher interest rates. The Fed is controlling yields and real interest rates. Interest on treasury debt cannot exceed 2 percent or we're all scr-wed. It’s a case of Fed jawboning to shape perception and reality. After this fails, they'll have go to policy pronouncements. And when that fails, then they will actually have to do something. The biggest question is, who will buy US government debt when it’s yielding less then inflation? Answer: the Fed. Repo madness strikes again. Reverse repos are hitting record levels, spiking. Banks are over-stuffed with reserves. Lots of interesting stuff going on, setting us up for an interesting month of June. 3 weeks to the next FOMC meeting.

Direct download: Craig_Hemke_25.May.21.mp3
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According to Dean Fanelli, PHD, the vaccine implementation has been a great achievement. It’s time to look back and get a better understanding of where the government, the CDC and Dr. Fauci went wront. We’ve received conflicting signals about lockdowns, masks and social distancing. The CDC went from all masks all the time to no more masks necessary. Perhaps now they’ve gotten it right. School closings were also way off the mark. 

We also talked about the admin’s desire to give away the vaccine IP to all takers. Probably not a good idea. There’s a complex web of patents and the ability to manufacture the vaccines make such a giveaway difficult and not effective. 

Direct download: Dr._Dean_Fanelli_25.May.21.mp3
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Cryptos of course are plunging. Surprise! You were warned many times on this show. 

Shortages are popping up everywhere. From today's DC links list:

— Companies are panic-buying as supplies run short Tried buying a refrigerator lately? 

— Ag’s latest headache: a shortage of pallets for shipping produce. How much is that pallet in the window?  

— Chick-fil-A suffers sauce shortage amid industry-wide supply chain issues perhaps they can borrow it from McDonalds. 

Social Media Censorship Slammed After Fauci Admits Possibility Of Wuhan Lab Leak we are shocked and saddened. 

Tesla Found Guilty Of Throttling Charging Speed And Battery Capacity In Norway

Michigan Gov. Whitmer Comes Clean After Photograph Showed Her Breaking Her Own Rules

—CLO’s flying off the shelf. Sub-prime corporate debt repackaged and sold as Triple A debt. Where have we heard this before? We're at the peak of a bubble. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_24.May.21.mp3
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What’s the secret to driving demand, and generating leads and revenue online? What’s a digital transformation, and why do some companies succeed while others fail? And how do you stage a winning digital pivot?In his book, Eric Schwartzman, bestselling author explains what successful digital marketers do differently.

This is the inside track on how to pivot to digital marketing in four easy steps, so you can earn more and work less.We are living through a time of unprecedented migration, from analog to digital business practices.

Find out what it takes to stake your own claim online, so you can participate in the ever-growing digital economy, and get your share of the profits.

Through real world stories and numerous examples of digital marketing pivots told in easy-to-follow, nontechnical language, you’ll learn the secrets of what it really takes to be competitive online, so you can increase revenue, decrease costs, and control your future.


Direct download: Eric_Schwarzman_24.May.21.mp3
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Perth Mint’s unallocated, pooled account program appears to be in trouble. People seeking delivery or allocated metals have been complaining about major delays or even a failure to delivery. In their recent annual report, they indirectly admit that they don’t have the metal. It’s been re-hypothocated to the moon. Advice, especially now, never, ever buy unallocated anything. Andy says that Perth has been a great supplier of physical silver to his company. Beware of counter-party risk. It’s evidenced by the recent run on Comex. Beware of SLV and GLD. Inflation and interest rates have been heading higher and have no where to go but up. Money printing is completely out of control. Inflation is running 3-4 times higher than the nominal interest rate being paid on treasuries. It’s a very precarious position. They can’t raise rates to attack inflation. Until you see rates rise above the rate of inflation, there’s plenty of room to go higher in the gold and silver market. Basel 3 June 28 of this year the new net stabilization rules go into effect. The mandate will increase 85 percent collateral in metlas markets, up from nearly zero now. More on that later.

Direct download: Andy_Schectman_23.May21.mp3
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We spoke with Ivan Bebek Co-Founder/Co-Chair/Director and Peter Dembicki President/CEO of Tier One Silver, particularly about it’s impending listing on the TSX-V. (TSLV).  It could come as soon as this Thursday. US Investors will be able to purchase shares through brokers that allow purchase of Canadian stocks, such as TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, Interactive Investors and others. The US listing will come within a matter of weeks. 

Originally Bebek was planning for a February listing. The Venture Exchange has been backlogged with numerous mining companies who are working through the listing process. Delays are frustrating, but here it will eventually work to Tier One investors’ advantage.  Once the drill starts turning and results follow, few will have any memory of the delay. 

More importantly, while pursuing the listing, management has been extremely active. A major acquisition was consumated and more studies of the Curibaya Project were conducted in an effort to develop new targets. Additional samples were done and robust numbers returned. Bebek says that the company is now in a very strong position to develop multiple projects.

CEO Dembicki observed that permits are in place and drilling will start in just a few short weeks. Peruvian assay times are relatively rapid, so expect results and news-flow to come fast and furious. And companies are once again getting paid a big premium for major discoveries. That could mean huge outsized returns for shareholders, such as yours truly. 

 www.TierOneSilver.com Reserved ticker TSX.V - TSLV

Direct download: 021_Tier_One_Silver_FSN.mp3
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Trilogy Metals (sponsor) has been ceaselessly working to develop Alaska’s Ambler mining district, which has a huge high grade copper deposit of over 4%, along with large amounts of gold, silver, lead and zinc. They’re benefitting greatly from record high copper prices. The company is extremely well capitalized, with over $80mm in liquidity and a major joint venture partner - South 32. We got an update from President/CEO Tony Giardini. He’s planned 15000 meters of drilling for this year, financed by a huge $27mm budget. 

Tony explained the highly positive affects that high copper and gold prices have had on the latest FS (feasibility study). He indicated that the project's NPV (net present value) had nearly doubled to $2 billion and that it’s IRR (internal rate of return) was now over 40%. 


We also got a status update on the connector road that will link the company’s projects to the famed Dawson Highway. It’s all systems go. The appropriate state agencies have budgeted funds, along with Trilogy, to commence work and all interested parties are working hard behind the scenes to make this project a reality. TMQ’s share price has responded accordingly, recently making new 52 week highs, nearly double it’s 52 week low. 

While this is a longer term project, its success is greatly enhanced by the world’s insatiable demand for copper. In the transition to an electrified future, Trilogy will play a vital role. 

www.trilogymetals.com  Tickers - TSX/NYSE-MKT: TMQ 

Direct download: 020_Trilogy_Metals_FSN.mp3
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Master Prepper Dunagan Kaiser discusses Financial Prepping and why you need to get started now, if you haven’t already. It all comes down to the individual, you can’t expect the government to suddenly come to its senses and start doing the right thing. They’ve forgotten the fact that they are public servants and there to further the common good. The Marxist Agenda is alive and well. Vast numbers of people have become wards of the state. We just went through Tax Day, we’ve become indentured servants of the state. Anything we can do individually to reduce our tax burden and the power of our leaders. People are continuing to vote with their feet. Andy Schectman, Lobo Tigre and many other that we know are fleeing these progressive jurisdictions. Freedom loving states are changing things for the better. Make the decision to stand up for your freedoms and if that means moving, so be it.

Direct download: Dunagun_Kaiser_19.May.21.mp3
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First on the agenda, are cryptos a magical creation exempt from all the known market forces? David believes that Fibonacci will have his revenge. A major retracement is inevitable. Then we discussed his open letter to Elon Musk, urging him to buy silver. Our solar clean energy future depends upon it. There’s not enough silver in the world to switch over to solar and green, but that won’t stop the dreamers. Solar panels only last for 10 years and then need to be replaced. Windmills aren’t lasting the 20 years as expected. Social media has distorted reality and brainwashed the masses. Everything nowadays is based upon emotion. Under the current technological conditions our green energy future isn’t going to happen now or in the future. Just wait for precious metals to realize their true value. 

Direct download: David_Morgan_18.May.21.mp3
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Musk's crypto conflicts, don’t fall in love with a 9 year old, Elon Musk. Did Tesla sell its Bitcoin? Is this insider trading? What does it mean for cryptos? Hot money likes it and will leave as quick as it came. This is what happens in a bubble. Time to stop HODLING? 

Michael Burry reveals a huge short in Tesla. Sam Zell is also on the same side of trade. 

Gold likes Basel III, is it the death knell of the LBMA. The big banks have been able to lie about the value of the futures contracts on their books, which means they’re worth nothing. The big bullion banks are threatening to leave the paper market. This would lead to physical valuation rather than paper valuation. 

The World Economic Forum has cancelled its 2021 annual meeting scheduled for Singapore in three months time, the Swiss-based organisation said on Monday. The next annual meeting will instead take place in the first half of 2022. ...

Speculative assets falling out of favor  SPACS, NFTs, Reddit stocks, cryptos  while money flows into safe havens like precious metals ... They’ve all failed. This is how bubbles work? Will big Tech stocks be next?

Remember the 1990’s when the land under the Imperial Palace in Japan was worth than all of Manhattan’s Real Estate. 

Covid is now almost officially gone. It’s under 5% of deaths which means it’s no longer considered an epidemic. And against all odds, masks are starting to fade into memory, at least in some places like Florida and Texas. 

Direct download: John_Rubino_17.May.21.mp3
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The 1970’s Are Back, With Inflation, Gas Lines, And Presidential Fiddling

Inflation in April accelerated at its fastest pace in more than 12 years as the U.S. economic recovery kicked into gear and energy prices jumped higher, the Labor Department reported Wednesday.

The Consumer Price Index, which measures a basket of goods as well as energy and housing costs, rose 4.2% from a year earlier. A Dow Jones survey had expected a 3.6% increase. The month-to-month gain was 0.8%, against the expected 0.2%. 

Direct download: Dr._Michael_Busler_17.May.21.mp3
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